Charbroil Grill Knobs Melted? – 4 Main Reasons and 4 Solutions!

Charbroil Grill Knobs Melted
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 Your fancy Charbroil grill has experienced a few years of fancy home barbequing and finally began to wear thin.

Perhaps it is not aging and rather, there is a bit of misuse at play.

Whether the grill has had a long-running streak or the knobs could not stand the heat, there are explanations and solutions.

If Charbroil grill knobs melted chances are the heat became too much for them to handle.

With time, these knobs inevitably wear out, or it could be a result of cheap replacement parts, or heat permeating where it should not.

Either way, solutions are available to avoid future personal injury.

Whatever the case might be, these knobs need to be replaced and should not be used any further.

Attempting to switch on melted knobs could lead to personal injury.

How Does Gas Grill Knob Works?

The gas to the grill supplied from propane tank or natural gas pipeline and oxygen comes from air.

But you might be thinking that, where does spark come from to ignite the gas grill?

The spark is supplied from grill igniter.

This is a rotating knob which creates a spark of electricity to ignite the gas grill.

The igniter uses piezoelectricity to generate a good spark that light your gas grill.

The igniter on the grill uses a knob that you turn to trip the hammer.

Turning the grill knob leads to the spark to jump between the two electrodes.

Char-Broil Grill Knobs Melted – Causes

With Charbroil grill knobs melted you might have to step aside and check the causes before sourcing new parts.

The causes are not always apparent which is why the most important reasons are listed below.

It is not only crucial that these are handled instantly; they need to be resolved professionally.

Checking for causes might be deemed dangerous but anything involving propane gas needs to be handled professionally.

Always seek professional advice and technicians for follow-ups and repairs.

Returning Heat

When gas passes through hoses, it is meant to go straight to burners.

Anytime there is a failure in the flow of gas through pipes, the heat might not be emitted properly.

The returning or backing-up heat thus finds its way to the burners.

This might go unnoticed and unsolved until the owner notices that the Charbroil grill knobs melted but it’s all fixable.  

Gas leaves the tanks, passes through the valves and into the venturi tubes.

These tubes should effortlessly carry the gas to the burner.

When this does not happen, heat backs up into the knobs.

Control Panel

This is simply the panel holding the control knobs.

If for some reason the panel isn’t fixed properly, perhaps after replacements or service, there could be heat leaking.

Although highly unlikely that this is the cause, spot checks are highly advised before grilling.

Ensure that flames set to high do not permeate or leak outward as opposed to upward.

Remember that flames leaking toward the front of the grill are targeting you.

Fake Parts

When control knobs become old and worn out, they need to be replaced.

There is always the likelihood that owners resort to buying cheaper replacement parts from local vendors.

This is an ill-advised practice. Chances of Charbroil grill knobs melted become much higher.

These cheaper knobs will boast of cheaper and easily burnt material.

Such plastic or fabricated material is bound to allow more heat than should be allowed through them, thus the knobs end up melted.

Prolonged Usage

If the Charbroil grill knobs melted and there is no leakage it could be an issue of overcooking.

While having many barbeques is not a problem, even the heat-resistant material used gives in eventually.

Every new-age Charbroil grill boasts heat-resistant material, especially between the control panel and the burners.

This material should not wear out during the lifetime of the warranty, or the grill.

However, exceptions due arise, and replacing knobs becomes necessary.

Char-Broil Grill Knobs Melted – Fixes

Fixing these issues should not be a factor.

Rather, owners should use preventative methods to avoid such issues henceforth.

These measures include ensuring that no heat is passing through or under the panel.

Also, check for temperatures and avoid overheating or overcooking on the grill.

However, being on this post means you do have char broil grill knobs melted and seek fixes, not prevention.


Seek better parts or OEM parts from credible sources.

On that note, be sure to seek advice and installation help from expert technicians.

These OEM parts are made from heat-resistant material, giving them a longer lifespan and fewer chances of melting knobs again.

Examine Tubing

Check tubes and hoses for leakage or backup heat.

As mentioned earlier, the venturi tubes might be bringing the heat back to the knobs as opposed to the burners.

This problem might be easy to fix, but it will be easy enough to spot.

Once the problems have been verified, or the tubes identified as needing replacement, a technician should be found.

Once again, these replacement steps should be carried out professionally.


Some of the heat backing up could be due to dirty burners.

These cause less heat to reach the burners and food, instead backing it up to the knobs.

When food, grease, and other stuff get stuck on burners and heat cannot get through it eventually leads to less-strong flames and hotter knobs.

Clean out grime and dirt from your burners regularly to avoid such nuisances.

Replace Grill

This should not be a solution unless they sold you a faulty grill.

For example, your grill might be barely a few years old.

If that is the case, and the problem persists for example after one replacement, return the unit.

It might be a bigger problem than you need to be exposed to.

Other factors like valves could be a hindrance to gas propulsion.

These might need to be replaced along with hoses and other elements within the unit.

How Do You Remove Char Broil Gas Grill Knobs?

Before going to start, close the propane tank valve.

Turn the propane tank volve clockwise and then remove the regulator from the propane tank.

You should also detach the natural gas line, before starting any grill repairs.

Using the 5/64 Allen Wrench release the screw that holds the knob.

Valve stem holds the gas grill control knob.

Reassemble the gas grill as per instructions in manual in reverse order.

Before using grill, perform a gas leak test mentioned instructions in the Manual.


Visiting credible websites to find the right parts is not the real solution.

The major objective of all owners should be to avoid such problems, to begin with.

Find and use the user’s manual when necessary and pay attention to maintenance approaches.

Keeping the grill clean is as essential as keeping hoses tightly clamped onto valves.

When the need arises, for example when Charbroil grill knobs melted, seek professionals to replace the parts.

When suggestions to purchase new parts arise, be sure to visit credible websites too.

It is better to have melted cheese on beef burgers than melted knobs.

Happy grilling with Charbroil gas grills!!




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