George Foreman Grill Light Not Working?- Solutions Inside!

George Foreman Grill Light Not Working
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After purchasing a new indoor grill there are a few glitches you may encounter.

These are not necessarily death sentences for your grill.

If anything, they simply point toward a need for maintenance, replacements, and perhaps better usage.

With your George Foreman grill light not working there could be a few simple problems at play.

Most issues center on electrical cords, power outlets, fuses, connections, and such electrical matters.

All the aforementioned causes of the George Foreman grill light not working are easy to fix.

The solutions might involve a little know-how related to electrical appliances.

If indeed the tasks get overwhelming, ensure that you seek consultation from experts in the field.

George Foreman Grill Light- Meaning

With the George Foreman grill coming in different shapes and sizes, most of the grills boast one light. Other models of the Foreman grill boast two lights.

Red Light

The red light signifies that the grill is in preheat mode.

This means the grill man can wait for the grill to reach optimal temperatures before setting his meats and veggies on the plates.

Placing meat or veggies for cooking while the light is still red could lead to uncooked meals.

Green Light

The green light on a George Foreman grill implies that the grill is ready to cook.

One can now set their meats, veggies, and bread on the plates and enjoy a grilling session.

When the grill is maintaining a consistent temperature, the light may switch between being on and off.

Additionally, some owners experience or witness an amber light as opposed to a red.

This is normal as it maintains adequate temperatures for cooking.

Although some manuals do not state anything regarding an amber light, many owners find their grills work fine in amber light.

George Foreman Grill Light Not Working? – Solutions

Check wires

At times the wires may be frayed due to constant movement or wear and tear.

This tearing occurs due to several reasons including storage in the wrong areas and environment.

Check the wires to see that they are indeed not cut off or frayed anywhere.

Frayed wires could also lead to the electrocution of the grill man.

It is important to check the integrity of these wires while the appliance is completely turned off.

In case any part of the wires is frayed, replace the entire cable and avoid sealing it with basic electrical tape.


Again, check wires but pay attention to loose wires.

Sometimes, wires get loose due to movement or maintenance.

Perhaps a particular part needed replacement and afterward, wires were not fitted properly.

These connections could lead to the George Foreman grill light not working, and incidences of short-circuits.

Ensure that loose wires are tightened with adequate tools like pliers and screwdrivers.

Simply using a knife to tighten wires may not be the best approach.

Thermal fuse

If your thermal fuse blows the lights will not come on at all.

This is true for the green and red lights too. Replacing the regular fuses found within the plugs and extension cables will not suffice.

This is because a thermal fuse is preventing any further damage to the appliance.

It also signifies that something went wrong as far as the power supply is concerned.

If the lights are not illuminating, the thermal fuse needs to be replaced.

This is normally located next to or around the live wire within the George Foreman grill.

Power outlet

The power outlet may be damaged or the cord isn’t connecting properly.

This means your appliance is not receiving the electricity supply it needs.

In this case, the light will not work even if fuses and other components are in order.

Depending on your country, the power supply may be too low or too high for your Foreman grill too.

Check that the outlet or supply is not over the recommended range.

For instance, USA outlets should provide up to 120 Volts, while other countries will supply more power.

Bulb issues

As opposed to simply checking the power supply, one might consider checking the bulbs too.

These illuminate in red or green and they could be damaged.

If the George Foreman grill light is not working and the grill still heats up, it means the bulbs are damaged.

A quick test of the wiring using a multimeter should confirm if indeed the grill is receiving adequate power supply.

Power supply

If your circuit breaker is down the George Foreman grill light will not work.

This happens when power surges cause the breakers to trip.

Check the appropriate breaker inside your house and ensure that it is indeed on.

With the breaker down, there will be no lights turning on, or heat supplied to the grill.

A tripped circuit breaker could be a signal for the homeowner to revisit their power supply.

Chances are the circuit breaker may trip once again, hindering more grilling sessions.

George Foreman Grill Green light Not Coming on?


If there is an overload with the appliances in your home the light may not come on.

It signifies that there is an overload due to excess appliances operating concurrently.

It is best to reduce the number of appliances running at any given time.

It might be well-advised to use the grill when other appliances are not needed.

This may include not using the microwave, blenders, or pressure cookers at the same time.

Replace parts

Have a service technician go through the George Foreman grill to check for faults.

These faults may include frayed wires but particularly, blown thermal fuses and dead bulbs.

It could be simple components that need replacing.

Whatever the case, it is better to have a consultant service any electrical problems than troubleshoot them yourself.

How Do I Adjust the Temperature on My George Foreman Grill?

1.Plug your foreman grill into the power outlet. The grill will preheat to optimal temperatures.

2. Using the – and + signs you can add or reduce temperatures accordingly.

3. The George Foreman grill adjusts temperatures in twenty-five-degree increments.

4. Grill men are advised to wait five minutes for the George Foreman grill to adjust to preferred temperatures.

5. While using the George Foreman Evolve, you can press the SEAR button to increase temperatures temporarily.

This will raise temperatures to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, this high temperature only lasts ninety seconds.

At this point, the grill will reduce temperatures back to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reviving Your George Foreman Grill After a Blown Fuse

A malfunctioning in George Foreman grill occurs due to a blown fuse which doesn’t need to put your grilling objectives on hold.

Here’s a simple steps to get your grill back in action without any unnecessary fluff.

Unplug and Examine

The first step is to make sure your grill is unplugged from any power source.

Carefully examine the fuse area to confirm if it’s indeed blown.

Unscrew with Care

Having the right tools handy is essential for a seamless process.

Take a regular screwdriver that fits the fuse screws.

Unscrew the blown fuse by using screwdriver carefully.

Be cautious not to damage the fuse or its settings.

Remove the Fuse

Once the screws are off, carefully take out the blown fuse.

Handle it with care to avoid any extra damage.

Find a Replacement

Reach out to a local electrician or an electronic parts store to get a suitable replacement fuse.

Ensure you have the right specifications to match the old fuse.

Install the New Fuse

Replace the new fuse into the slot from which you removed the old one.

Make sure it’s securely in place.

Fix it Back

Fasten the new fuse using same screwdriver. Make sure they’re tightened properly, but avoid over-tightening.

By following these steps, you can quickly troubleshoot a blown fuse issue on your George Foreman grill.

Remember, safety first!

Bottom Line

The George Foreman grill light not working is not a stressful situation.

There are easy fixes to getting you grilling and happy again.

However, it is important to sort out any electrical issues with the help of an electrician.

Anything involving wiring and short circuits can be hazardous.


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