Kamado Joe Heat Deflector Broke?- 5 Primary Causes and 5 Quick Fixes!

Kamado Joe Heat Deflector Broke
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 The Kamado Joe grill boasts some neat features that allow for tasty meals to be created in the comfort of one’s backyard.

It also brings new and old styles of grills and grilling methods all into one package.

If the Kamado is used regularly, the chances of a few pieces coming apart or getting worn out are high.

If your unit is used regularly, some parts might need replacing soon.

If the Kamado Joe heat deflector broke there might be a misuse of the unit, or extreme temperature involved.

Other factors revolve around the quality of the deflector itself.

It doesn’t mean the grill has seen its last days, simply that upgrades or maintenance is required.

Whether your grill is smaller or one of the larger units, the maintenance protocols of all accessories remain the same.

What Does the Heat Deflector Do in the Kamado Joe?

The heat deflector in the Kamado Joe is responsible for several aspects of grilling, particularly heat control.

The deflectors are placed above the charcoal basket and below the top of the dome.

These deflectors are made from ceramic stone, meaning they rarely burn out or break because of heat.

The heat deflectors keep excess heat away from the meats on your grill.

They can be adjusted to let more heat pass through and permeate the heat, or can be closed altogether to retain heat.

These ceramic pieces also help with restricting the amount of smoke that reaches the food.

It can make a difference between unpleasant smells of food and cleaner burns.

Lastly, deflectors compliment the top and bottom vents.

Once they are placed closely together, they prevent oxygen from reaching fires.

The less airflow reaches meat from the bottom, the less quickly it cooks.

Deflectors help regulate heat along with vents to cook meat slow and low, or fast and quick.

Heat deflectors are easily replaceable if indeed you need a new one.

If the Kamado Joe heat deflector broke, there are a few causes worth checking out and fixing.

Kamado Joe Heat Deflector Broke? – Causes


Veteran grill men purchase high-end storage units to keep Kamado Joe accessories when not in use.

These storage cabinets are meant to safely store the accessories  away from pets, visitors, and weathering.

When the storage unit is accessible, pets and other activities can cause damage to deflectors.

Remember the deflectors are primarily made out of ceramic stone.

It is easy for them to get damaged and necessary that they are handled with care.

Placing them among other metal or stone objects, including tools, might not be the best approach.


Although it is unlikely that temperatures caused severe damage to the deflectors, it is possible.

When grilling at temperatures upward of 500 degrees anything is bound to experience some damage.

This wear and tear likely occur after years of heavy grilling.

With temperatures this high, not only does the deflector work harder to control heat, but it also works hard to retain its integrity.

Heat deflectors are built to sustain heat but they also have warranties.


When moving the grill for safekeeping it is possible to damage it inadvertently.

The ceramic make-up of these stones makes it particularly important to handle them with care.

During adverse weather, it might be necessary to move the grill quickly.

If the grill man decides to haphazardly move the unit, several parts can be damaged including of course the heat deflectors.

Being made out of ceramic stone makes them exceedingly more brittle than plastic or wood items.

It takes a little diligence to keep them sturdy and maintain integrity.

Temperature shock

Some grill users place the heat deflectors in when the heat is exceedingly high.

This causes the ceramic stones to experience a heat shock.

It means you have rapidly soaked the deflectors in heat and shocked them into cracking.

Again, this goes back to temperature control and knowing when to add coal, when to open vents and when to place the deflectors accordingly.


When grills get old and require repairs or replacements, some owners seek cheap alternatives.

If your Kamado Joe heat deflector broke it could be due to poor quality stones.

The best ceramic stones are meant to last a few years and with a warranty that goes for at least 3 years.

If yours broke for no fault of your own, it could be a problem of quality.

If the Kamado Joe heat deflector broke based on the causes above, then the solutions are easy.

Kamado Joe Heat Deflector Broke? – Solutions

Better Storage

A few solutions are offered to prevent another incident of broken heat deflectors or any for that matter.

Simply store the deflector in proper units with cushioning if possible.

It means placing these ceramic stones away from any falling debris, any workman tools that could be thrown in, and breaking the stones.

The best units can easily be purchased on the internet.

If costs are also being considered, make use of a storage cabinet with drawers.

These will help you isolate easily breakable stuff like the deflectors from much heavier tools and accessories.

It is also important to store them in a cabinet that keeps accessories away from rain, snow, or extreme heat.

Moving Procedures

Move the grill with accessories in mind and refrain from hauling it away.

Most Kamado Joe grills have wheels, meaning they can be pulled slowly to their intended destination.

It seems obvious that such stones will break if not handled with care.

However, we sometimes need to move our grills faster due to inclement weather.

Remove the deflectors first if time allows and place them in their storage cabinets.

Afterward, you can proceed to haul the grill whichever way you desire.

It is also important to move it slowly to avoid damaging the rest of the unit like the dome and top vents.

Timed Placement

It is best to place the heat deflectors when the heat is low to avoid shocking them.

Begin by placing them after about ten minutes of lighting the fire.

This gives the deflectors ample time to work in tandem with the rising temperatures.

Cold ceramic stones will inevitably experience cracks if they experience a sudden rush of heat, especially direct heat from coal in a Kamado Joe grill.

While it may not seem that serious when it comes to placement, the grill works perfectly with seamless procedures.

It is hard enough to control temperatures using vents and coal.

It becomes harder to ensure accessories remain strong if there is no synchronization.

If the temperatures are handled correctly, it is also right to make sure hardware is used suitably to avoid mishaps.

Temperature Control

It is not surprising to have cracked heat deflectors due to extreme temperatures.

Even after controlling temperatures at the onset and placing these stones at the right time, they can get cracked.

This is better prevented by controlling temperatures.

Use adequate coal and not too little to raise temperatures too high.

The stones work best for indirect cooking, using indirect heat.

Large lump coal at the bottom and smaller pieces surrounding these make way for indirect heat.

This is how people cook different types of food simultaneously.

Raising temperatures to close to 900 Fahrenheit is bound to cause cracking if not more damage.

OEM Products

When replacing parts on your Kamado Joe always ensure that you buy genuine products.

Several local hardware shops will sell you imitations at slightly lower prices.

These prices are meant to lead you to believe they are as close to the original as possible.

Visit credible online stores to purchase replacement heat deflectors.

Additionally, it is possible to get replacement parts from Kamado Joe at no cost.

It is however important to remember the causes.

The company will only replace them based on any damage that isn’t your fault.

Any misuse or abuse of these accessories voids the warranty.

There are plenty of forums offering advice or guides to the best suppliers of OEM products for your Kamado Joe grill.

Bottom Line

The Kamado Joe works perfectly when handled with care even as an amateur.

There is rarely any need to be conversant with user manuals or grilling styles and recipes.

Simply stick to basic usage and maintenance procedures to lengthen the lifespan of your grill.

Having to replace a piece if the Kamado Joe heat deflector broke can be time and money-consuming.

Prevention is better than seeking solutions.






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