Kamado Joe Temperature Guide – Sizzling Hot and Healthy!

Kamado Joe Temperature Guide
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 The Kamado Joe product is a modern-day product, with plenty of features to allow for better cooking standards.

Among these features is the control tower fitted atop the dome.

The dome holds a temperature gauge providing insight into how things are faring on the inside.

Your Kamado Joe temperature guide helps enhance cooking standards and results.

These requirements might include smoking meat, medium rare to well-done.

The temperature guide has some leeway but it is meant to provide a better approach to reaching your grilling requirements.

Create better meals using the Kamado Joe temperature guide for smoked fish, medium rare steaks, or well-done ribs.

What is the Correct Meat Temperature on a Kamado Joe?

Technically, there is no RIGHT temperature for meat on the Kamado.

Different grilling techniques and requirements along with varying results desired dictate different temperatures.

However, when searing, it is advisable to get temperatures between 500 and 700-degrees Fahrenheit. This mandates that the grill is lit well in advance.

There is more to the temperature guide for meat on a Kamado though.

Depending on whether you will be grilling, smoking, or roasting, different ranges will work.

Additionally, some meat tends to cook faster than others.

Roasting lamb or spare ribs is slightly different from beef or sirloin steaks.

The range can be depicted as follows.

For starters, smoking should linger around the 225 – 275 degrees Fahrenheit range.

This is much lower than the maxim temperatures because you don’t want it necessarily to be well-done.

Remember that the Kamado Joe temperature guide is not black and white.

Changes can be made for better results regardless of the guide.

Roasting meat should fall between 300 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

These temperatures are much higher than smoking temperatures for obvious reasons.

You want the juiciness of the meat to come out and possibly end up with a medium rare roast.

Because it is a much smaller type of grill, maintaining varying temperatures in different parts becomes impossible.

Adequate grilling temperatures are between 400 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is one of the highest readings on the Kamado Joe temperature guide.

Grilling is the most common goal of any Kamado Joe grill owner.

Grilling involves cooking the meat thoroughly without burning or leaving it barely done.

This temperature guide also assures one that meals turn out healthy.

How Do I Set the Temperature on My Kamado Joe?

Setting the temperature on your modern-day grill is not complicated.

It is, however, important to note the temperature guide to know which temperatures are fitting for specific meals.

Setting Up

Before jumping into how to get the right temperatures, begin by ensuring you have an ash basket, the grill inside the dome, and wood chips and coal nearby.

Also, you need a fire starter or a little fuel to help jump-start the fire.

These need to be placed moderately.

The best approach would be placing three pieces at 12, 3, and 9 o’clock.

Ensure that wood chips go in first and no more than six or eight pieces.

Thereafter, place your coal above and around these wood chips.

Fire it up

Fire up the coal using an igniter, match, or lighter by igniting the fire starters.

Once the fire is up and running, be sure to have your deflectors ready to reduce or increase heat and smoke coming up to the top of the dome.

Temperatures will barely be noticeable as the fire has just begun.

The deflectors help retain the heat and smoke.

Adjust Coal

Add or remove coal depending on how slow you require grilling or roasting to take place.

Adding too much coal mean it takes longer to achieve adequate heat, but the final temperatures will be higher.

Using the deflectors is crucial at this stage in controlling how much heat will be retained or will escape.

Optimal Levels

When temperatures reach adequate or required levels, maintain them.

Using a lid or grid cover, the pot can be covered to allow slow cooking when ready.

This stage involves slightly closing the deflectors to leave a small triangular-shaped opening.

Using a smoker drip pan, you can begin cooking slowly within a few minutes of lighting the fire.

These temperatures provide adequate heat for slow grilling.


Use the vents to control and set temperatures to optimal levels.

Applying the Kamado Joe temperature guide helps you determine how much of the vents should be open.

If you need optimal temperatures and fast grilling, open both the top and bottom vents completely.

This allows oxygen to flow freely from the bottom of the grill to the top vents.

As air flows through the dome, the coal lights up faster and more thoroughly.

Kamado Joe Max Temperature

The Kamado Joe grill typically boasts temperature ranges between 250 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, it is possible to reach temperatures of 600, 700, and up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is possible with a few tips and tricks on managing the Kamado Joe, maintenance, and follow-through during grilling sessions.

To achieve Kamado Joe maximum temperatures (over 700 degrees Fahrenheit) the following steps are suggested.

Use a Grate

The Kamado Joe boasts a standard grate with small holes.

This design lets pebbles of charcoal fall through.

This allowance of coal to fall through means air can freely flow through the dome.

It is one method of ensuring that oxygen helps keep temperatures at optimal levels.

Adjust Deflectors

These should not be placed too low within the dome.

Rather, it is better to have within the divide and conquer the area.

Placing the deflector too low restricts airflow to the coal and the rest of the dome.

As we are now aware, oxygen is tantamount to a raging fire.

As long as you keep oxygen flowing and temperatures are bound to remain in the upper figures.

Chunks VS Pebbles

For starters, charcoal should be fresh to ensure it burns better.

Nonetheless, adding small used bits helps the new coal pick up the heat too.

Additionally, chunks of coal typically restrict airflow within the grill.

It is better to have smaller pebbles which might burn quicker but adding more is always possible.

These are surefire ways of ensuring the Kamado Joe temperature guide is adhered to, and maximum temperatures are reached.

How Do You Keep a Kamado Grill at 225?

Typically, low and slow cooking requires temperatures of between 225 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Kamado Joe temperature guide adequately offers these ranges for slow cooking.

There are tried and proven methods of maintaining the ideal temperature; in this case 225.

Bottom Vent

The Kamado Joe temperature guide works wonders based on adjustments made to vents.

Typically, the bottom vent needs to be completely open for thorough circulation.

However, when setting temperatures to below 250, the bottom vent is closed slightly.

Ideally, the opening should be about an inch wide.

Top Vent

Once you’ve achieved the optimal temperatures the top vent should be completely closed.

At this stage, the daisy wheel is adjusted slightly to leave the holes slightly open.

Once 225 degrees have been attained, there will be less need to adjust the top, or bottom vents.

These strategies are enough to enjoy sumptuous meals with the Kamado Joe temperature guide, and control temperatures.

Kamado joe Temp For Pizza

For making delicious pizza on Kamado joe, you need to fire up the grill first.

Then it will need to preheat. For the best results, allow the pizza stone heat up with the grill while preheating.

Before you keeping your pizza dough and toppings on the pizza stone, check that your grill has reached the desired 500°F.

If the grill temperature is too low, the pizza will not cook fast enough.

If you find it too high, your pizza crust will burn surely.

So, we recommend investing in a Kamado Joe grill thermometer to get an precise temperature reading.


The Kamado Joe temperature guide along with settings is made to enhance the grilling experience.

Typically, grills tend to be modernized and the classic methods of grilling are non-existent.

With bottom and top vents along with coal, one can enjoy classic grilling along with new-age technology.






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