Using a Kamado Joe Water Pan – How’s it Panning Out?

Kamado Joe Water Pan
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 The Kamado Joe water pan seems not to be a necessary accessory according to experts.

Part of the reason grill men use a Kamado Joe water pan is a need to retain or create more humidity.

It is not a necessary accessory due to the build quality and design of the Kamado Joe.

When using a Kamado Joe water pan there are a few things worth considering, including whether it is adding value or not.

Technically, a few people find it necessary to use a water pan on a Kamado.

It boils down to a need basis, rather than necessity.

Be sure to ask why you require a water pan before investing in one or taking the extra effort and time to use one.

Why Do You Put a Pan of Water in a Grill?

There are several reasons people prefer the humidity brought about by a water pan.

Skin Gets Rubbery

Some grills do not retain moisture, as well as a Kamado Joe, might.

The idea is that a pan creates a more humid environment.

For seasoned grill men, the water pan helps create and retain moisture within a grill.

This moisture is meant to facilitate a certain quality of cooking.

For instance, chicken becomes rubber.

Faster Cooking

Humidity helps food cook faster and heat penetrates the meat better.

This heat along with smoke penetrates the meat for enhanced cooking experiences.

However, this is not necessary for a Kamado Joe.

Anyone who’s used a Kamado will notice moisture coming out of the vents.

The water pan usage stems from a need to have better cooking environments and less dryness.

With the Kamado Joe being airtight it is not necessary to use a water pan.

However, not all grills have an almost airtight design thus the need to have a water pan.

Many grills are not created with ceramic insulation. Rather, they use a material that does not retain heat.

These are the main reasons people use water pans in a grill, but they don’t apply as much when using the Kamado grill.

However, it doesn’t hurt to try a water pan because experiments will reveal something new.

Can You Use Water Pan in Kamado Joe?

As mentioned above, it is not necessary to use a water pan in a Kamado Joe.

However, some grill men still apply this accessory for their reasons.

The Kamado is a ceramic-based unit, unlike a wooden or metal grill.

This design retains heat and moisture well enough for there to be no need for a water pan.

Some owners use a water pan to catch the drippings of the meat.

This is not to produce moisture or anything of the sort.

The drippings can be reused as a sauce to tenderize the meat as it continues cooking.

Again, there is probably no impending need to have a water pan but some grill men find it useful.

To properly set up the water pan, place it above the heat deflectors.

Next, ensure it is large enough to sit on one end and reach the other.

Next, you will add water using a hose or from a basic jug or similar container.

The idea is to ensure the water pan is not overflowing.

With temperatures reaching upwards of 250 or 270 degrees Fahrenheit, it will get pretty heated.

This should create additional moisture within the dome.

Once you have the fire set up, you can close the dome and wait for temperatures to reach optimal readings.

Again, this all depends on your cooking needs about moisture, smoke, and heat penetrating your meat. It also helps with softening bark.

To answer the question of whether one can use a water pan in a Kamado Joe the answer would be yes.

Furthermore, it might help with softening meat and adding a rubbery feeling to meat.

However, and more importantly is whether it is indeed necessary.

The answer would be no due to the nature of the dome.

Its ceramic quality assures grill men of a humid cooking environment and sustained moisture within the dome.

Using a water pan is entirely subjective and could be for more specific reasons.

Do I Need Drip Pan for Kamado Joe?

There is no impending need to have a drip pan on a Kamado Joe.

This pan is used to hold on to drippings from meat and such to be used during the grilling process and as a sauce.

A drip pan can be of more use in a Kamado Joe than a water pan.

The drip pan collects these drippings while helping to prevent burnt meat.

Also, the drip pan helps eliminate the chances of burnt fat resulting in unpleasant aromas.

So how does one use a drip pan?

How to Use Drip Pan on Kamado Joe?

The pan is used to eliminate bad flavors.

To ensure you don’t end up with burnt fat and even worse a burning foil pan, add water or juice every few hours.

Add herbs onions and other aroma-filled food stuff for flavor.

These can be added to the drip pan along with evaporating wines or water and juice.

The idea is to have the drip pan offer flavor to the meat.

Lest we forget, the drippings on the drip pan can be applied to meat as a sauce for added flavor.

Lastly, the humidity from the drip pan helps with smoke penetrating the meat.

So, to eliminate the flavor of burnt meat on your foods and to add moisture and softness to meat, be sure to add a drip pan as part of accessorizing.

Kamado Joe Drip Pan Sizes

Before diving into possible drip pan sizes for that Kamado Joe grill, there are also variations in the material used.

For instance, one might decide to purchase a heavy-duty steel drip pan over the internet.

This works just as well but still requires knowledge of its application.

On the other hand, one can choose to make a drip pan from foil.

Using an affordable aluminum pan is another alternative.

These are used to serve hot meals especially meats smoked on a Kamado Joe.

The material used to make the drip pan may not be as important as its application.

However, drip pan sizes can be found in different dimensions.

1.The most popular drip pan size is eleven inches by one inch.

This sits smack on top of the grates and fits perfectly around the fire.

2. While some prefer a twelve-inch sized drip pan the size might restrict airflow around the sides. It is important to have something that fits less than snugly.

It should not perfectly cover the grates and ceramic stones or deflectors.

3. It seems the most popular drip pan is 36 CMS in diameter, and 6 CMS deep.

It holds enough dripping while allowing moisture and smoke to permeate the sides.

Perfect Drip Pan for Kamado Joe Classic

Stainless Steel Drip Pan

If you are looking for stainless steel drip pan for kamado joe then Lxkj stainless steel drip pan is worth to consider.

Its Stainless steel material is durable and strong heat resistance that won’t scratch.

It comes with provide long lasting aesthetic appearance.

The material of pan is rust proof, long life, won’t break.

It can withstand rain and snow, so you can cook in all-weather without any hassle.

But keep in mind that it must have 13 inches of usable interior diameter. If not, this pan will not work for you.

Disposable Drip Pans

If you are looking for disposable drip pans for Kamado joe classic, then the Premium Products Corp. Disposable Drip Pans Works great.

You don’t need to do cleaning after cooking, so your grilling sessions would be hassle-free with these pans.

It keeps your grill and smoker clean and grease free.

It is round drip pan having dimension 11+ Inches By 1+ Inches.

Though it is lightweight drip pan yet sturdy enough to be used as a water/liquid pan.

These foil drip pans are perfect option for Beer Can Chicken Holders.


Use a drip pan to heighten flavors and increase the tenderness of your meat.

Although the Kamado Joe comes equipped with sturdiness and an effective ceramic build, a drip pan will still do it some justice.

The drip pan can be purchased online or found at a local grocery store.

Incidentally, there is the likelihood that you have one in your home already; using an aluminum pan or something cheaper from the local store.




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