Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Leaking?: Fixes For Smoke And Water Leakage!

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Leaking
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If you are a fan of smoked food but, at the same time, you do not feel comfortable using gas or coal, getting an electric smoker will be a great idea.

Congratulations if you gave in to the hype and purchased a Masterbuilt electric smoker.

This Smoker is among the best and most straightforward to operate for smoking cheeses and meats.

Also, you will be in love with smoked vegetables after smoking them using it.

However, like any other form of technology, there are some concerns.

A common question among users is, “Is the Masterbuilt electric smoker leaking?” The short answer to this query is yes, but there is more.

So let us take a closer look at the matter.

Concerns About Masterbuilt Electric Smokers

Even though Masterbuilt smokers are recommended to buy, people still raise two concerns frequently.

The primary concern is about smoke leaking.

Some other people are concerned about the water leaking.

It is usual for people to raise concerns, and we will explain the reasons behind both types of leaking.

However, if some people have faced specific issues with the Masterbuilt electric smoker, no matter which one, it does not mean that these smokers are not performing well or that it will affect the taste of your food.

Causes Behind Water Leakage in Masterbuilt Electric Smokers

A few users may have observed water pooling around the Smoker’s front feet.

Actually, there is a built-in water pan at the bottom of “Masterbuilt” electric smokers that you may use during cooking.

The water in the cooker will evaporate as the meat is smoked, producing steam.

The evaporated water might condense on the glass pane, run down to the bottom, and then drip out as in MES40.

It’s crucial to keep your water pan empty before putting the meat on the Smoker.

If you did, the water would vibrate and cause a technical issue in addition to the leak.

Another concern some users raised is that the door may leak small amounts of dark water.

This problem occurs when you do not correctly close your smoker door.

Here the vibrated water will mix with the smoke creating these dark color drops.

Sometimes it happens when you smoke a large amount of food (like meat, fish, etc.) at once.

Another possibility is that you didn’t use your drip pan or put it correctly.

Solutions for the Masterbuilt Smoker Water Leakage Problem

Suppose you are concerned about water leaking from the bottom of the Smoker or the smoker door.

Here is some advice you can follow to get rid of this problem.

The easiest thing to do is to make the front of the Smoker somewhat taller than the back.

We recommended leveling your Smoker.

Ensuring that you positioned the tray at the bottom at an angle toward the back is fundamental.

This tip will prevent your water from leaking.

Somehow the condensed water will be directed to the wood chips, then vibrated again and released through the dampers.

Another strategy is to try to minimize the amount of condensed water.

You may achieve this by adding some sand to your water pan.

The sand will help to reduce humidity.

If you tried this method, you could check its result through the glass pane; you can see if the density of condensed water has decreased.

If this is the case, your issue has been resolved.

A minority of people recommend cleaning the glass with a piece of cloth is advised to reduce the quantity of condensed water.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is Leaking Smoke?: Causes

When talking about smoke leaking, we should pay attention to the leaking smoke density.

Although it may sound frightening, it is usual for electric smokers to leak some smoke.

Actually, it will most likely leak some smoke.

It is natural for your new Smoker to leak some smoke because it has not yet established a carbon coating on the surface.

The carbon coating is set after using your Smoker several times.

This coating of carbon functions as a seal to keep smoke out.

As a result, new smokers may expel smoke more quickly than old smokers.

Another reason is that you might not adjust your dampers.

The dampers are responsible for circulating the air inside the Smoker and releasing the extra smoke.

If the dampers were closed, the smoke would find its own way to escape and the door or the lid of your electric Smoker is the only way it has.

However, if there is black smoke or high-density smoke, there are two possible reasons.

Initially, your wood chips might be flaring.

Flaring wood causes black smoke.

This smoke gives an unpleasant taste to the food if you do not manage it quickly.

The chamber for the electric Smoker features well-fitting doors constructed of highly insulating materials.

As a result, smoke and heat are trapped inside during the smoking process.

In case of heavy smoke, the doors might not be closed properly.

It is necessary to check them.

Limiting Masterbuilt Smoke Leakage Might be Easier Than You Think!

Apart from the water leaking problem, the smoke leaking might be the more significant concern for the users.

However, many users do not know that limiting smoke leakage is simple.

Here are some practical solutions.

Your Smoker Dampers are the Key

Each Masterbuilt electric Smoker has dampers, which have been placed to help you regulate the temperature, smoke, and humidity inside your Smoker.

Adjusting the dampers will help you reduce the quantity of smoke that escapes from your Smoker.

Only the top damper should be open for most smoking activities.

When the top and bottom dampers are opened, smoke will escape via both air vents. Keeping the bottom damper closed prevents smoke from escaping through the top, which is required to maintain fresh air flowing.

Maintenance Might be Needed in Some Cases

If you bought your Masterbuilt electric Smoker long ago and felt its doors were not closing correctly.

One of the solutions is to tighten the door joints well.

Others also suggest that you contact one of the Masterbuilt authorized agents to replace the parts that may have caused the leakage problem.

Prevention Tips For Masterbuilt Leakage Problem

If you want to prevent Masterbuilt leakage issue, it is important to take the following steps:

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of your Masterbuilt Smoker is essential to prevent any problems in future.

You should clean the smoker thoroughly after each use to prevent the build-up of grease and debris.

Store your smoker properly

You should store the smoker in moisture free area So, store the smoker in a dry, protected area when not in use.

This will prevent damage from rain and harsh weather conditions.

Keep your smoker always dry

You should wipe off any excess moisture from the surface of the smoker.

It will protect your smoker from  rust and corrosion.

The Best Way To Solve Any Problem is to Know How to Use Your Masterbuilt Smoker Properly!

Actually, the best solution is to prevent the problem itself from existing.

Therefore we will probably tell you how to use your Masterbuilt electric Smoker so you will face no issues in the future.

First, ensure that everything you need for smoking is in the right place.

Check the water pan to make sure it is empty.

Second, turn on the electric Smoker by plugging it into an electrical outlet, then click the power button and set the timer to 3 hours (the setting should be 275F).

Third, In the last 45 minutes, add half a cup of wood chips to the tray to complete the pre-seasoning of the Smoker.

At this point, you should turn off the Smoker and let it cool down.

It is essential if you did not use it for a long time or the first time.

While it is cooling, prepare your meat.

When the meat is ready, add a cup of wood chips to preheat the Smoker.

Put the meat inside, level your tray to the back, and fill up your water pan.

Check on it every 45 minutes, and we assure you no leaking will happen.

A Final Word

It is usual for Masterbuilt electric smokers to leak some smoke, but it is not normal to leak water.

However, any type of leaking is a minor issue that can be fixed and does not have significant effects on your food cooking progress.


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