Nexgrill Regulator Problems? – A Pro-Pain!

Nexgrill Regulator Problems
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The Nexgrill group of grills works well under all conditions.

They are meant for camping trips, tailgate conveniences, and home grilling too.

When regulator problems arise, it may take a simple DIY step to fix.

However, unless you know the main problem, it could mean running to the store.

A Nexgrill regulator problem could be as simple as a stuck piece or grand enough to need replacing.

Whichever problem you are facing, a regulator problem needs resolutions or one might face gas leakage, or worse.

Even as you attempt to check the regulator for problems, be keen in ensuring gas leakage is not a problem too.  

Nexgrill Regulator Problems

Stuck regulator

A stuck regulator will not allow any gas to flow through it.

A completely stuck regulator will create problems when you need to replace the gas tank with a new one.

This happens with regulators that have not been removed or shut and opened in a while.

Stuck regulators can be the result of extended periods without removal but also due to gunk, from cooking grease and dirt from wherever the grill has been sitting.

Low Flame

If the flame on your burners is lower than expected, there could be an issue with the regulator.

This occurs if the regulator is not fitted properly, or there is leakage between this unit, the hoses, and the gas tank.

This is a very serious problem but with very easy fixes.

It is serious because gas leaks are hazardous and could be fatal.

It is simple to fix because you simply need to check for leakage or breakage and apply the necessary solutions.

Yellow flame

If the flame turns yellowish, something has come between the regulator and hoses.

It means there is not enough gas flowing through the pipes to the burners.

This could be a small obstruction within the regulator or pipes.

Again, such matters need to be resolved quickly and safely.

They should also be fixed with the gas supply turned completely off.

Unusual sounds….

When your grill starts making hissing noises, the pipes or regulator could be leaking.

This is the case every time there is leakage.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, once you hear the hissing sound, there is a problem.

In this case, the hoses or the regulator have saved you from further problems.

However, it might take longer for you to note the noises.

It is important to perform checks regularly to avoid such hazards.

Inconsistent temps

When your grill seems to have fluctuating temperatures, it might be a problem with the regulator.

This occurs as the regulator gets old or filled with dirt.

The dirt, or grime, and more cause blockage.

This means it cannot handle pressure from the gas tank like it could previously.

Solutions to this problem are easy and quite affordable.

Nexgrill Regulator Problems – Solutions

Unstuck the Regulator

Clean the regulator if possible, using soap and water.

There is no professional advice on how to clean it, but it makes sense not to dip it into water.

Simply remove any dirt and grime that might be obstructing the smooth flow of gas through this unit.

Once the regulator is dry, if one used water, you can attempt to use the regulator again, keeping in mind to check for leakages too.

Fix Yellow Flames

Check the connections between the regulator and the hoses.

If there are cracks or loose connections, fix them immediately.

The regulator may not perform well if the hoses are loose.

Also, using clips to tighten the hose on the regulator is counterproductive.

Remove the clip holding the hose and regulator together completely.

Attach the hose directly onto the regulator and if it fits, do not replace the clips.

Ensure that the hose is not over-tightened on the other end either.


Turn off the gas from the supply to prevent further leakage.

Remove the hoses from the regulator and let it idle for a while.

Reconnect the regulator to the grill.

Try releasing gas slowly to the grill, if your regulator has provisions for such increment adjustments.

Otherwise, simply release gas into the grill and it should work normally.

Non-Genuine Parts

It could be that you have a non-genuine part.

If that’s the case, maybe you bought a replacement part and went through the wrong channels.

Perhaps the grill itself is new but they caught you off guard on the regulator.

Simply return the regulator before any warranties run out.

They should provide you with a genuine and recommended piece moving forward.

Be sure to follow the right steps in attaching the regulator.

Buy a New Piece

Aside from warranties and replacements, you could simply buy a new regulator.

Most gas regulators are not expensive and rather than attempting to repair one, it is easier to buy a new one.

New regulators will come with guarantees too.

Trying to fix a regulator could cause it to work at less than optimal levels.

It could lead to worse situations than you were experiencing before.

How do I know if My Grill Regulator is bad?

The first step to knowing your regulator is bad involves hissing sounds.

If these sounds emit from the regulator and not anywhere else around the grill, the regulator needs replacing.

There are several signs and symptoms that your grill regulator may be faulty.

1. Flames are either low or yellowish or they keep fluctuating in terms of heat.

2. You notice flames at the intake level, not the burner itself.

3. If it has become increasingly harder to turn the regulator on and off, or to attach it to the gas tank, your regulator has an issue.

4. If the grill is not receiving any gas, let alone yellowish flames, chances are the regulator is not working or there is leakage.

How Do I Reset My Nexgrill Regulator?

1.Turn off all burners.

2. Turn off the control valve/knob allowing gas through the regulator.

3. Remove the regulator from the gas tank.

4. Let the regulator sit off the grill for a few seconds – or a minute.

5. Reconnect the regulator and let gas flow into the grill slowly. It means releasing gas slowly by opening the valve or knob slowly.

Bottom Line

Resetting regulators along with replacing them is easy enough, but safety comes first.

Always perform due maintenance checks on your grill.

To avoid Nexgrill regulator problems, check the valves and hoses regularly as you replace gas tanks.



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