Nexgrill Thermometer Not Working?: Your Guide to Accurate Readings!

Nexgrill Thermometer Not Working
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When a temperature gauge or thermometer stops working on your grill, you could have problems knowing when things are too hot.

It means you might be overcooking food but to no fault of your own.

When the built-in gauge stops working properly, some grill owners use wireless thermometers and their variations.

While these might work temporarily, they cannot give you exact readings of what’s happening inside your grill.  

If you are experiencing a Nexgrill thermometer not working, it could be time for a new one, or wear and tear is the problem.

Either way, there are ways to tell if you need a new one or if some basic cleaning is in order.

Nexgrill Thermometer Not Working? – Reasons


Check for condensation inside the temperature gauge. This is enough to set off different readings that are either too high or too low.

This happens when moisture enters the gauge due to cleaning whereby too much water is poured over the grill, and some water enters the gauge.

It is a simple enough problem to fix even for the novice.

Also, it is easy to spot when a thermometer has condensation thus it should not become a major problem.


The gauge or hand, if we may call it that, might be loose.

This can occur during rough moving of the unit, or perhaps if the gauge was replaced at some point.

Buying a second-hand unit might lead to such problems too.

Additionally, if ever you replaced the gauge with a generic one, such cases might occur.

A loose gauge or temperature ‘hand’ will undoubtedly give bogus results.


A temperature gauge will age like any other component on an appliance.

With time, even the best maintenance procedures and plans can still result in dead components.

Wear and tear of a temperature gauge might be due to full appreciation of your grill, meaning it is used constantly.

This is not a bad thing. It simply means it is due for replacements.


When grills are moved or work is done to the unit, some things get moved off place.

The temperature gauge works only as when its positioning right.

With the Nexgrill thermometer not working, cleaning the inside of the unit or fixing some parts of the grill could lead to inadvertently loosening the gauge.

This is aside from the temperature gauge in itself.

It is the entire thermometer moving out of its secured housing and thus, not reading the correct temperature.

Nexgrill Thermometer Not Working? – Solutions

There are some easy fixes to a Nexgrill thermometer not working.

These solutions are DIY tasks that may not require too many tools, or expertise.


Chances are the condensation inside the thermometer was a result of excess water.

Thus, cleaning the gauge should be done with a cloth, in an attempt to remove condensation.

The idea is to dry out the gauge and not leave any moisture, or water in it.

Using a dry cloth, unscrew the dial or gauge from the grill and clean it carefully.

It is well-advised to let it sit in the sun for a while before securing it tightly back onto the grill.

Gauge Fitting

Open the thermometer and tighten the gauge.

In some instances, it may need to be calibrated which requires experts.

A simple tightening of the thermometer gauge or ‘hand’ that shows the temperature should suffice though.

This should give more adequate readings of the meat and other stuff inside your grill.

If the readings still feel off, you might need to buy a new gauge.

However, a professional should be sought to identify the real problem, e.g. calibration.


Tighten the thermometer as a whole if it is loose.

This is in no way connected to the temperature hand.

It is the whole unit, which might be off-place after moving or maintenance.

If the thermometer is all over the place, chances are its readings will be lower than the actual temperature inside the grill.

This can be done with simple tools like a wrench, or simply turning the gauge clockwise until it locks firmly.

Wireless gauge

Try a temporary gauge like a wireless one, or whatever other options are available.

If the readings are indeed off, you might need to buy a new thermometer.

If the readings are not vastly different from the built-in gauge, the standard gauge might just need recalibrating.


The thermometer may need calibrating, and this can be performed with some easy and professional steps.

Built-in and standard thermometers are factory calibrated but with time they could become less useful.

This calibration process resets them so to speak, in which case their readings should fall in a certain range to be working optimally.

Nexgrill Thermometer Calibration

So, water boils at around 212 degrees Fahrenheit depending on sea level.

This should be an approximate reading on most temperature gauges.

Using either the ice or hot water method, one can calibrate their Nexgrill thermometer.

1.Boil water in a pan and place the thermometer at an angle; not entirely in.

2. Check the readings and if they are way off, turn the nut or screw behind the thermometer to adjust the readings.

3. Continue to play around with the settings until you get as close to 212 degrees Fahrenheit as possible.

Using the ice method is considered better than the hot water method.

To apply this method, place some ice in a glass and add some water.

Place the thermometer inside the glass and let it sit for approximately thirty seconds.

If the readings show 32 degrees Fahrenheit your thermometer is performing optimally.

Related Questions

Can I use a Nexgrill thermometer for different types of meat?

Yes, you can use a Nexgrill thermometer for various types of meat.

Many models featured with preset temperature settings for various kinds meats like beef, poultry, pork, and fish.

You can also set custom temperature alerts as per your preferred doneness level.

Make sure thermometer is properly cleaned between uses to avoid any cross-contamination.

 How do I clean my Nexgrill thermometer probe?

You need to clean Nexgrill thermometer probe after each use.

You can clean the thermometer probe with warm water and mild detergent.

Then rinse and dry it thoroughly.

Fold the probe into the thermometer housing.

Don’t submerge the gauge housing under water. It will keep getting water inside the gauge.

Regular maintenance of thermometer ensures precise readings and prevents the buildup of grime and residue.

You should not use this thermometer to test objects that exceed temperatures of 572F (300°C).

Can I use the Nexgrill thermometer on my smoker or oven?

Yes, Nexgrill thermometer suitable for use with smokers and ovens

You should check with manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure the thermometer’s temperature range accommodates your desired cooking method.

The probe should be compatible with high-temperature cooking if using it in a smoker or oven.

Does the Nexgrill thermometer come with an app?

Some Nexgrill thermometers featured with a dedicated app, while others may not.

The app allows you to monitor grill temperatures remotely.

You can also set custom temperature alerts, and access additional features.

You can check the product specifications to see if the thermometer you purchased includes an app.

How do I replace the battery in my Nexgrill thermometer?

To replace the battery in your Nexgrill thermometer, you need to remove the battery cover.

Usually it is located on the back of the gauge.

Take out the old battery from thermoemeter and insert a new one.

Making sure it matches the polarity correctly.

Use the right battery type as specified in the product manual.

How long does the Nexgrill instant-read thermometer take to display the temperature?

The Nexgrill instant-read thermometer provides you quick temperature readings. It gives you reading typically within a few seconds.

Its fast response time allows you to check the doneness of your food rapidly.

It helps you for fast-paced grilling or cooking sessions.

Bottom Line

Never underestimate the usefulness of a good grill thermometer.

It could mean the difference between hearty meals between friends and family, and disgruntled wives and disappointed guests.

However, with basic calibration or replacements, you may never experience such disappointments.

It is also well-advised to have a digital thermometer handy in case your in-built gauge starts acting up.

It could save you the embarrassment, plus it is cheap.


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