Is Your Pit Boss Pellet Grill Paint Peeling? Here’s How To Make It Look New Again!

Pit Boss paint peeling
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Nothing is meant to last forever.

The finish on your grill will deteriorate too.

If you leave it out in the sun for too long, your Pit Boss grill will begin to peel.

These grills also weather away in harsh conditions.

This is why you might need to spruce it up.

So, is your Pit Boss paint peeling? What can you do about it?

You can give it a fresh coat of paint. Or, you might need to give it a good clean.

However, the first step is to determine whether your grill needs to be repainted or not.

What’s Causing Your Pit Boss Pellet Grill Paint to Peel?

Many things can lead to your Pit Boss paint peeling.

It might be due to its age, the weather, marinades, or poor sanitation.

Let’s take a look at the potential causes.

Grease and vapor made it to the grill lid

If you see your grill lid is peeling or flaking paint, don’t paint it.

The high heat of your grill will cause these deposits to harden on the lid. The paint then flakes off.

This peeling substance is carbonized grease. They’re different in texture.

Also, they aren’t toxic. That doesn’t mean you want it on your meals.

All it requires is a little maintenance.

You’ll find these dangling in the center of the lid.

Brush them off lightly and sweep them onto a pan.

It’s probably oxidized

You’ll be surprised to learn the number one enemy of painted grills isn’t rust.

It’s oxidation. See if your grill is oxidized.

Does it have a dull, ashy look?

Then the paint isn’t the problem.

You don’t even need to repaint the grill.

All you have to do is give your grill a thorough washing.

Use kitchen detergent and warm water to get the job done. Also, use a soft cloth.

Anything abrasive will scratch the paint.

Then you have to repaint the entire thing. Nobody wants that!

Moisture went under the paint

People keep their grills on the patio without a cover.

There’s a high possibility of water seeping under the paint during the rainy weather.

This will not only ruin the paint but will clog the auger too.

The cold weather can deteriorate the grill

If you leave your pellet grill out in the cold, it will deteriorate over time.

You need to clean it and remove the grates.

Most importantly, you need to keep it in a sheltered space.

If moisture seeps in, there’s a likely chance the paint will begin to chip.

Remove the drip tray and grease cup.

Wide down the inside and side of the grill after every use.

Coat the grates with cooking oil to prevent moisture from entering.

This prevents rusting too. Finally, keep the grill in a dry space!

The grill was exposed to high temperatures

High heat can cause the water in the paint to evaporate.

The paint no longer stays properly. This will cause the paint to chip.

The process will continue until you get a paint job done.

Leftover dirt and grease ruined the surface

The Pit Boss Pellet Grill is made from cast aluminum. They won’t rust as easily.

However, the smokers are steel, and they will rust if there’s a chip.

The rust will eat through the metal, causing the paint to crack.

That’s why you need to clean regularly.

One such product you can use is the Goo Gone Grill Grate Cleaner.

You can call it the great grate cleaner.

This gel reduces the possibilities of flare-ups as it’s made from biodegradable products.

Quick Fixes to Your Pit Boss Pellet Grill Paint Peeling

Is your Pit Boss paint peeling, and you’re trying to find ways to fix it?

Well, here are some solutions for you.

Do a thorough cleaning first

Sometimes, you don’t need a paint job.

All you need to do is clean your Pit Boss Pellet Grill.

Use an oven cleaner to get rid of the grease.

This step is also important for the painting process, if the paint won’t set properly if you don’t get rid of the grime.

Also, you can do a thorough cleaning by disassembling your pellet grill.

This will not only help you clean but also paint better.

You don’t have to paint the interior. In fact, avoid it entirely.

You don’t want the paint to get inside your burners.

Scrub the surface clean

The marinade you put on your proteins leads to the slimy feel on the grills.

That’s why you need a ball of steel wool to scrub down the surface.

Once that’s clean, use sandpaper to remove the rusted areas.

You need to get down to the base metal. This will alleviate the problem.

You won’t have to get rid of the paint entirely.

Just make sure the surface is clean and smooth.

The steel wool will help you get that desired surface.

Use a stainless steel brush to get rid of deposits

Get a stainless steel bristle brush to get rid of all the paint peels.

Use a back and forth motion to remove the paint.

This will help you clean away all the deposits.

The key to painting is cleaning.

That’s why you need to get rid of the dirt accumulation.

A grill grate cleaner will break down the remaining grease in moments.

The Stainless Steel Brush by GrillArt is a great pick for this.

Wipe it down with a damp towel.

Your grill will appear spotless and shiny for painting.

Bring out the machines

Are you too lazy to deal with your Pit Boss paint peeling?

Why don’t you let the machine take control of the first problem?

The Grill Cleaning Robot by GrillBot gets rid of the most stubborn greases.

It comes with a brush and scraper and a multitude of other tools for cleaning.

This machine is the first robot cleaner for grills with lids.

It’s fully automated and does all the hard work for you.

You don’t have to spend hours scrubbing or scraping your grill clean.

Degrease everything

Some stains are here to stay. However, you can’t paint over them.

It’ll just rust underneath the paint.

That’s why you need to degrease everything using strong grill cleaners.

They help you get rid of the grease from your grill with ease.

You can also use the Easy Off Spray. This product is ideal for heavy spills.

You spray the material on the stains and leave it for three minutes.

Once that’s done, get a scrub or cloth to rub the surface clean.

Now you’re all prepped for painting!

Paint with patience

Are you ready to hear how to deal with your Pit Boss paint peeling?

Firstly, you need to remember that painting your grill isn’t easy.

You can’t get away with one thick paint. You need to apply a couple of thin coats.

There’s a good reason behind this. Multiple thin coats will look better.

They will also last longer.

This process takes a lot of time because the paint takes time to dry.

Once it’s dried, crank up your Pit Boss Pellet Grill to a high temperature.

It’s a crucial step because it will cure the point.

Now, remember, the Pit Boss paint peeling is inevitable.

However, if you do this repeatedly over the years, your grill will be impervious to rust.

You won’t have to spend huge amounts cleaning and painting your grill.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

If you want to Paint your Pit boss grill, make sure the paint is heat resistant and capable of withstanding temperatures above 500 F/260 C.

Some folks use engine paint on their grills, but you can easily find paint specifically made for grills.

When the paint starts flaking off from your grill, the iron of the grill is exposed and makes it more prone to rusting.

If you want to touch up your grill, you can use Rust-Oleum High Heat Primer. 

This is high heat primer spray paint is intended for use on metal surfaces.

This oil based paint with Stops Rust formula provides rust resistant base coat to your pellet grill.

This spray paint allows outstanding heat resistance for metal surfaces up to 2000°F.

You can spray your grill in any direction with its any angle spray technology which makes it easy to use.

How Do I Stop Pit Boss Pellet Grills from Rusting?

Here are some of the best practices to stop your pellet grills from rusting.

Let’s take a look.

Clean the grill after use

Cleaning your Pit boss Grill after every use is essential.

Get rid of all the good residue.

Not only does it cause grease fires, but it also allows moisture to seep in.

For this Pit Boss shut down cycle plays a vital role. It helps to keep the grill clean after every cook.

It also helps get rid of any food residue left behind, which can cause grease fires.

You should also clean the grill manually by using a grill brush to clean grill grates and exterior with soap and water.

Keep all the parts dry

Use towels to wipe out any spills or stains.

This is essential because inside the grill has various electrical parts such as RTD temperature probe, fire pot, auger, etc.

All the electrical components in the grill are susceptible to rust if come into contact with water.

Get a grill cover

It’s okay if your grill is in the backyard. Make sure it’s covered!

When you store your Pit Boss grill outside in the wet weather, there is a high possibility that rain will get inside the pellet hopper and ruin the pellets.

A good grill cover will protect your pellet grill from the rain, sun, snow, or other outside elements.

So, a grill cover is an affordable item and can prevent rusting as well as keep your pellets dry.

Coat the cleaned areas with cooking oil

This step ensures the surface is sealed.

Pitmasters always recommends rubbing vegetable oil on grill grates after cleaning.

Vegetable oil is food safe, affordable, and environment friendly, and most important fact it does its job really well.

It will coat the areas with some protective layers and prevent rusting.

So, grab a rag and apply some vegetable oil. You can also do it with a gentle brush.

Your grill is now back in peak condition!

 Keep the grill in an enclosed space

Most pellet grills come with wheels. So, moving them isn’t difficult.

At least you can choose a safe place to store your grill to from prevents weather conditions.

If your grill stays in too humid condition, it will create a rust issue sooner.

So, Keep your grill away from temperamental weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to tackle your Pit Boss paint peeling.

Always remember to paint the entire body of the grill.

But first, you have to get it cleaned.

Use steel wool or a good stainless wire brush to get rid of the grime.

You can even use sandpaper too.

The paint you select must be heat resistant too.

The Pit Boss Pellet Grill can reach incredibly high temperatures.

So, make sure you get the paint specifically built for grills.

Take care of your Pit Boss grills, and it will serve you for the longest time.




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