Rec Tec WiFi Controller Upgrade for a Futuristic Grill!: (Step By Step Process)

Rec Tec WiFi Controller Upgrade
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Ever thought about how a Rec Tec Wi-Fi controller upgrade could be an ‘out-of-the-future’ solution to cooking over your grill with remote control?

If you haven’t, you should try out yourself instead of hearing someone else’s experience.

To try out this new feature, you need to install it over your Rec Tec grill.

That is exactly why we are here.

This article will completely cover everything you need to know about the Rec Tec Wi-Fi controller upgrade.

Why Rec Tec Wi-Fi Controller Has Stopped Working?

While adding the Wi-Fi controller to the Rec Tec pellet grills, there are several problems that you will be facing.

Since the newly upgraded Rec Tec grilling machine is configured using a system controlled via a Wi-Fi connection, any problem with the Wi-Fi controller could bring about disastrous results.

Below we have compiled a few issues that could cause your Rec Tec Wi-Fi controller to stop working.

For a Rec Tec Wi-Fi controller upgrade to work, it is important that you identify the main issues and then solve them accordingly.

The controller is not connecting

There are plenty of reasons that could cause the controller to stop working.

While a more formidable reason behind this could be faulty wiring, it could also be due to mismatched cables, glitches, or the controller itself being broken.

Check whether you are using the right USB cable to connect the Wi-Fi controller to the Rec Tec grilling machine.

If you decide to use a different USB for the connection, the right amount of current might not pass through and power up the controller.

Most of the time, the complimentary USB that comes with the controller tends to be certified and is meant to be worked with that exact device.

Not enough coverage

The best thing about using a Wi-Fi controller is grilling the meat remotely without directly being in front of it.

However, it should be known that these controllers have their own coverage distance or radius.

If you are too far away from that radius, the controller will lose connection, and you won’t be able to control the heat anymore.

The controller is too far away from the receiver or machine is a major problem behind devices that run remotely.

In such cases, you must make sure that you do not go too far away from the grill to lose network.

You should also check the coverage of the Wi-Fi controller beforehand before you decide to buy it.

Power failure

Power failures or outages are a massive danger to all-electric devices.

Suppose your grill is connected to the electric socket, which it probably is.

In that case, there is a high probability that it would experience a short circuit each time it experiences a power outage.

This is because voltage tends to fluctuate all the time.

A sudden power outage could cause the voltage to peak out for a few milliseconds.

These milliseconds are more than enough to cause a short circuit.

With the internal circuit of the grill burning out, the controller will not be able to connect with it successfully.

This is a more technical problem, and if you do not have experience in fixing electronics, you should hire a specialist to do it.

Signal loss or interference

Just like how being too far away from the receiver could cause the signal to be weakened so much that you would eventually lose connection, there are many more reasons behind a weak or even loss in connection.

Interferences like pillars or large bodies between the receiver and controller would cause the signals not to be sent on time.

As the signals are delayed, this results in a sudden loss in connection, either momentarily or permanently.

To avoid this situation, always control the grill from a single position without any objects interfering in the path of the signals in between.

How to Tell If The Rec Tec Controller is Bad?

While there could be plenty of issues that might cause the Rec Tec controller to malfunction, you must be able to find whether it is malfunctioning or not before you can find the reason behind it.

Most of these controllers come together with a troubleshooting program.

To troubleshoot Rec Tec controller, the step by step procedures are as follows:

1. First, make sure to update the application or system.

Often, the system used as the interface between the controller and user could malfunction due to being too outdated.

An update might be an early answer to fixing the problem.

2. Check if you are receiving signals from everywhere.

Keep changing the position of the controller from the device constantly till you can find the point where the signal starts to weaken.

3. Unplug the power cord and wait for a few seconds, typically 10-20 seconds, before plugging it in.

Take note of the lights that flash and whether there are any patterns out of the ordinary.

4. Check for any wireless interference that could be used to interrupt the communication signals.

Avoid using the controller around large metallic bodies or pillars since they could disrupt the normal signal flow.

5. Check for any faulty, torn or damaged wires.

Replace them to avoid future problems, including overheating, sparks, and even damaging the grill by power failures.

Guidelines and Safety Measures Before Setting Up WiFi Controller

Before you can set up the Wi-Fi controller into the grilling machine, there are some guidelines and safety measures that you must ensure.

  • When you work with circuit boards you should use nitrile gloves for safety purpose.
  • Make sure that the airflow around the device is unrestricted.
  • Humidity around the setting should not exceed 95 percent.
  • Do not operate in any area that exceeds 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Take note not to operate in a cold area as the wires could freeze.
  • Use the front LED panels to read the operating temperatures.
  • The cable lengths should not exceed 328 feet (100 meters).
  • Ensure there are no foreign objects in the hopper or auger
    feed system.

How to Replace/ Install a Wi-Fi controller on a REC TEC Pellet Grill?

If you are going to install a new Wi-Fi controller into your device, first, you must ensure to do so in the right environment.

Take care so that the surrounding temperature is at room temperature and is moist.

While most people tend to set it up outside, avoid doing this if the weather is too cold.

The wires within the hopper can freeze.

The following steps can be followed through to set up the Wi-Fi controller:

Step 1

Before going to install a new controller you need to unplug your Rec Tec grill.

Step 2

If there is an existing Wi-Fi controller, first screw it down and remove the old one.

Remove the bottom half of controller shelf by removing 4 black Philip screw driver.

Remove wires using a piler. Unscrew old controller from grill shelf by using 8mm socket wrench.

Ensure not to strip the hopper access panel screws while removing the controller.

Step 3

Remove the new connector from the packaging. Remove film from that new controller.

Step 4

Connect WiFi antenna to the WiFi module if its not connected prior.

Align new controller with holes. Connect the ground wire to mounting bolt.

Tighten the nuts for controller. The Controller should sit firmly into position.

Step 6

Expose adhesive side on WiFi antenna and stick it next to controller on shelf.

Then tighten bolts of controller precisely.

Step 7

Now it’s time for plug in wires properly. So, here is the key:

Double white wire – COM

Double black wire – HOT

Red wire – IGN

Yellow wire – AUG

Purple wire – FAN

Two RTD wires – RTD Pt1000

No wires should be exposed through the front of the hopper.

Fold the wires inside so as not to trip on them later on.

Step 8

Reattach the access panel and hardware of your grill.

Step 9

Download the ‘REC TEC Grills’ app from the manual on your phone and connect it to the device using Bluetooth.

You can download app from Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices, and follow the directions on app.

Make sure to enter your Wi-Fi credentials before using the system.

Additional Tips for Rec Tec Controller Installation

If you are going to install Rec Tec controller, here are a few essential that helps you for easy installation.

1.The most common issue while rec Tec controller installation, users are trying to connect while on a 5Ghz wifi network.

But you simply need to logged into your router and disabled the 5Ghz wireless network.

Once the app is connected to the WiFi controller, then re-enabled the 5Ghz network.

2. Another problem is usually owners download the Rec Tec app (android/apple) then try to login using their Rec Tec store login.

But the app and Rec Tec grill store account are not the same.

You have to create a new account for the mobile app.

3. Use some tape to hold the panel screws in place while you are connecting ground wire and starting nuts.

4. You can relocate WiFi antenna. Routed through front side slot in black housing and attached to inside of Stainless steel shelf for getting better WiFi signal.

5. After signing on to WiFi and connecting with app on iPhone, turn off the grill and close app on phone and restart both.

Let’s say, if you see the set point is 350, the grill temp probe said 350 but an independent sensor was over 460 and climbing, so shut it down.

After complete shutdown, cooling off and restart, now everything will worked perfectly.

Related Questions

Do you need to remove the stainless steel shelf it’s mounted to while installing controller?

No, you don’t need to remove the shelf, you can just work from underneath of it and install your controller.

Why do you need to remove the mother board entirely if the connector port is exposed once you remove the cover?

Here the part you are trying to replace is the controller of your grill.

The mother board is the part that needs to be taken out and replaced while replacing controller.

Is there any difference in performance using Wifi antenna and thin strip stick near mother board of Rec Tec grill?

The new grills on have external WiFi antenna on the controllers.

Some old models does not have this external antenna.

Instead, there is a thin strip with adhesive to stick near the board.

But it does not make any difference in grill performance.

It is simply a stylistic choice that Rec Tec made in changing up the design of the controller.

The range & the function of WiFi are still the same.

Final Thoughts

The Rec Tec Wi-Fi controller upgrade is a great futuristic tool that could be used to gain remote control of the grill.

So, if you are thinking of sitting down on the side sofa while controlling the heat temperature with ease, this controller would be very useful.

Now you know how to upgrade the Rec Tec WiFi controller, so that now you can install it without any hassle.



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