Does Traeger Pro 575 Have a Smoke Setting?

Traeger pro 575 smoke setting
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Traeger is known as the king of the pellet grill. It is the invention of Joe Traeger back in 1986.

Traeger is still the top-selling brand in the line of the pellet grill.

It manufactures wood pellet grills which are quite popular for their signature smoky flavor.

But if you have Traeger 575 pro grill, you don’t see the smoke setting anywhere on the readout. So, you may wonder does Traeger Pro 575 have a smoke setting?

what is the smoke setting on Traeger 575 pro?

Then my simple answer is, No, Traeger 575 pro has no smoking setting.

But you can apply different tricks to get more smoke from your Traeger.

You can smoke your meat at a lower temperature for getting more smoke from Traeger 575 pro series.

You should set the temperature from 170 to 180 to get more smoke and enhance the smoky flavor of the meat.

You can also use a smoker tube in your Traeger pellet grill. It can be used for cold as well as hot smoking that gives your meat wonderful flavor.

If you are not getting enough smoke using Traeger wood pellets, try out using the different wood pellet.

Here you’ll get to know more about the Traeger 575 pro smoke setting.

About Traeger 575 Pro Grill

Traeger 575 pro series pellet grill is an innovative mid-sized wifi-enabled smoker.

A few things impressed me about this grill.

The installation of the grill is quite easy as all pieces are well built and fit nicely together.

When it preheats, it emits an amazing smoky flavor.

The Traeger app has lots of recipes that explain each and every step of the process.

The best part I like that phone notification. It sends a notification when preheating process is done when the meat reaches its right temperature etc.

The most versatile grill than propane grill as you can bake, smoke roast, barbeque, grill with this pellet grill.

Most important part, if you have any issue with the grill, the Traeger has amazing customer support who will solve your problem quickly.

Overall Traeger 575 is worth investment for your buck!

Does Traeger Pro 575 Have Smoke Setting?

Traeger grills are well known for their delicious smoky flavor. It allows for a smoke setting for most of its grills.

But does Traeger Pro 575 have a smoke setting?

Then my answer is no.

Trager pro 575 doesn’t have a smoke setting.

Actually, the Traeger Pro 575 does not feature an actual Smoke Function as we see on Traeger Pro 22 and 34.

Surprisingly, their an absence of super smoke on this grill even if they have the exact same controller and drivetrain as the Ironwood and Timberline that comes with super smoke mode.

How to Smoke with a Traeger Pro 575?

The Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill doesn’t have a smoke setting.

But still, you don’t have to disappoint. You can still smoke nicely on this pellet grill.

Let’s get to know.

Set the temperature between 170 to 180

Pellet grills render indirect heat instead of direct heat to the food. Usually, grill users assume that a high temperature can give enough smoke to the grill.

If you own a traditional grill previously and now switched to your new Traeger pellet grill, you will go for a higher temperature for smoking.

But if you choose the higher temperature lower smoke you’ll get.

As per the pellet grill mechanism, more smoke is produced at a lower temperature.

When you cook your meat at a high temperature, you don’t get too much smoky taste and flavor.

So, for smoking the meat, slower is always better. So, you have to smoke your meat at a lower temperature.

If you want to smoke the meat, you have to set the grill between 170-180 to get more smoke.

But keep in mind you need to keep the temperature below 200 for smoking.

There is more smoke when you set the temperature lower because the grill is not heated too much and the meat stays longer time on the smoke-filled grill.

If you are suspicious that the meat in the grill loses moisture, then you can place a water pan in the grill.

You need to experiment a little bit here.

You should get to know how much extra time it will take to drop the temperature.

Don’t worry, you’ll learn soon how to get enough smoke from your Traeger.

Use a smoke generator tube

The smoke generator tube is also known as a smoker tube. You can use the smoker tube to get enough smoke from your Traeger 575 pro.

 You can place the smoker tube in your grill in any position you want.

When you keep the smoker tube in the grill, it will produce only smoke not gives additional heat.

So, you can grill your meat at your set high temperature and at the same time have all the smoke you want.

The smoker tube has little holes all over and one open end. These diffusion holes let the air come in and diffuse the smoke efficiently and evenly all over inside the grill.

Smoker tube enables you the cold as well as hot smoking with wonderful flavor to any type of food.

I found the LANNEY pellet smoker tube is a great addition to my Traeger 575 pro grill.

It comes with a perforated design and hexagon shape allow the pellets to stay lit the best and it allows for a full burn to provide constant smoke.

The length of the smoker tube is 12 inches which is quite large.

These tubes can hold a large number of wood pellets inside so that you can smoke with a smoker tube for continuously up to 5 hours.

Try different wood pellets

Most of the brands recommend using their own brand’s wood pellets for their pellet grill.

Trager is not an exception here.

Traeger also recommends using Traeger wood pellets in the Traeger pellet grill.

If you use a different brand’s wood pellets it voids the warranty.

But as far as my experience, you don’t need to religiously follow this.

I have never experienced any difficulty changing my wood pellets.

I found the Traeger pellets a little weak when it comes to producing smoke and potency of flavor.

So, don’t afraid of the Traeger claim and try hickory or oak.
You may find changing the pellet produce more smoke and flavor.

Final Thoughts

If you own a Traeger 575 pro and not finding the smoke setting.

Then don’t get disappointed!

You can still get the juicy and smoky flavor meat by using the above different tricks.

You have to set the lower temperature for getting more smoke from your Traeger.

Using a smoker tube and other brand’s wood pellet also works for getting more smoke and enhancing the smoky flavor of the meat.

So, apply these tricks for your Traeger 575 pro series grill and enjoy your delicious smoky ribs without any hurdle.



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