Why Is My Z Grill Not Holding Temperature? Here’re Quick Fixes!

Z Grill Not Holding Temperature
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Let’s say you’ve given in to the pellet grill rage and gotten yourself one.

Everything was going smoothly until one day, and it wasn’t.

You start your z grill, but it keeps giving you error messages, to your surprise.

You deduce that the problem is your z grill not holding temperature.

But how did this happen, and why?

Z grill temperature problems can happen for multiple reasons.

Outside temperature, ash in the fire pot, controller issues, pellet problems, grill sensor problems are some of the common causes.

But how can you fix this? Keep reading to find out!

Why is the Z Grill Not Holding Temperature?

As mentioned earlier, there can be multiple possible reasons behind this issue.

Before jumping in, it is good to note that a normal and fully functioning z grill’s temperature can fluctuate from 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit.

If this is the range of your temperature fluctuation, you have nothing to worry about because this is entirely normal.

So, it would be better to make sure the fluctuation is different than normal before tinkering around with the grill.

Z Grill Not Holding Temperature: Causes

Outside temperature

We get it; you love a good barbeque all year-round.

It is possible to get the most use of your z grill by using it year-round, but unless you have the necessary protection, the outside temperature alone can cause you trouble.

If you’re using your grill in the middle of a scorching summer day, your temperature will not hold stable.

The inaccuracy of the temperature reading can be up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides this, windy weather or seasonal temperature drops can mess with your temperature readings.

How to detect this:

There isn’t any specific sign to be sure that the outside temperature is what’s causing the trouble, but precaution is always better.

You can wait to see if your grill has the same issues during a different time of the day or other weather.

If all seems to be okay in a different setting, it was probably the outside temperature.

Ash buildup

Ah yes, everyone’s common enemy, the ash buildup.

This happens because of a lack of cleanup.

You probably forgot to clean your grill after cooking and the ashes from your pellets stayed there.

While pellet grills don’t produce much ash, they can produce enough to temporarily block out the fan.

If the fan is blocked, there won’t be enough airflow to ignite the fire, and the temperature will keep dropping.

How to detect it:

The easiest way of detecting this is the error messages.

If your firepot is causing trouble, you’ll get a LEr error message.

If you get this error code, check the fire pot to be sure of the cause.

Controller issues

A loose wire connection from the controller to the grill can be another reason for fluctuating temperature.

The thermocouple and the control panel are connected via a pair of thin wires.

If these wires get loose or wet, the temperature will keep rising and show inaccurate readings.

The wire that goes to the control panel directly from the thermocouple can also be a problem.

A faulty or loose wire can cause temperature fluctuation.

A faulty thermocouple can also cause the same problem.

How to detect it:

This is pretty easy to detect. Check your temperature reader.

If the numbers keep increasing, it’s a control panel issue.

You will also get Er1 error code message for this issue.

Pellet problems

The pellets you use as fuels can also be the reason you are facing temperature issues.

If the pellets you’re using are moist/not completely dry, the temperature output from them will be lower than what you expect.

Using softwood pellets can also cause similar problems.

Softwood pellets generate more smoke and less heat and have a higher ash output.

Except for the already low temperature, the ash can block the fans ultimately leading to a possible fire out.

How to detect it:

The temperature will keep dropping, and you’ll get LEr errors.

Your temperature reading will also be different from the temperature setting.

To make sure it is a pellet issue, you can take the existing pellets out, load some new ones and run the grill again.

Temperature sensor problem

Sometimes the cause of temperature fluctuation can be the inaccurate reading of the temperature sensor or a problem in the probe.

If the temperature probe has been moved from its position, the readings will keep fluctuating and none of the readings will be accurate.

How to detect it:

You can place a different probe to see if the temperature readings become more accurate.

You’ll also notice frequent changes in temperature if the issue is stemming from the probe.

How Can I Fix the Z Grill Not Holding Temperature issue?

Once you’ve detected the root of your problem, you can start focusing on the repair of it.

Most of the solutions are easy fixes you can do by yourself, but some can include replacing a problematic part.

We’ll guide you through that too, don’t worry.

Let’s get to solving your problems now.

Use thermal blanket

This doesn’t include any major fix.

Make sure not to run your grill in the middle of a summer day, and if you do, make sure there is shade available for the grill.

Running the grill in winter may not be the best decision unless you own a thermal blanket to keep the temperature steady.

Caution is your best friend here.

You can also invest in an Z grill with upgraded control panel , one that performs better in cold weather.

To know how to do this, skip to the control issues section.

Clean the ash

One word: cleaning.

Don’t skip this and it will solve half of your z grill problems, you can take our word for it.

For a quicker fix, empty your fire hopper and load it with new pellets.

Make sure the pellets don’t contain any.

After this, run the grill to see if the problem has been solved.

For long-term fixes, make sure to clean your grill regularly.

If cleaning after cooking feels like a hassle, you can clean the grill before you start cooking every time.

Controller issue

It isn’t much you can do about controller issues.

If the problem is caused by the joint of the controller and thermocouple wires, you will have to take the control panel apart first.

If the wires are twisted, untwist them and then wipe them with a dry piece of cloth or just a paper towel.

If it is the central wire of the control panel, you will have to unplug your grill first and then take the control panel apart.

If the wire is loose or twisted, you can fix it.

If the central wire is faulty, you will have to replace the entire control panel.

Call Z grills and have the part delivered.

Switch your grill off, and disconnect the four connectors under the hopper.

Take off the screws in front of the hopper, and slowly pull the control panel out.

Put your new panel in, and close the thing up following the same instructions of opening it.

Get To Know Here in detail Z Grill PID Controller Upgrade

Invest in best quality pellets

If you find that the issue is arising because of wood pellets, then you need to invest in best pellets for Z grill.

Invest in hardwood pellets, and make sure you never let any sawdust in.
if you find that pellets are having moisture, then you need to dry them thoroughly.

You can also try sun-drying your moist pellets instead of throwing them away.

Thermal sensor issues

Check if the probe is loose or has other issues.

If it is loose, tighten it up.

If it is defective, order your new probe via z grills and set it up following their video tutorial.

Related Questions

Do Z grills have temperature probe?

Yes, Z grills have temperature probes.

The temperature probes assist to gauge the temperature inside the cooking chamber.

So, that you will get to know whether the food cooked perfectly or not.

What temperature can the Z grill heat up to?

The Z Grill has 160°F the Smoke setting and 450° is the High setting. So, it will operate from160°F to 450°.

The actual temperature of the grill can swing above or below set temperature, especially during the early heat up time.

It also swings when temperature settings are changed or if the lid is opened for a period of time.

Final Thoughts

Temperature issues are usually easy fixes, but in case the z grill not holding temperature issue is complicated, we suggest calling the z grills help center first.

These easy fixes help you to solve the issue and let you enjoy grilling on your favorite Z grill without any interruption.

If there is anything else you’ll like us to answer, feel free to ask.







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