All ABout Green Mountain Grill Fan Mode!

Green Mountain Grill Fan Mode
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As the name indicates, Green Mountain Grills are especially designed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

Green Mountain Grill delivers great value for backyard chefs from its digital controls to efficient design.

There is one of the most important codes of grill is FAn. It means fan mode.

Fan mode is essential as it cools down the grill properly as well as blows ash out of the firebox for your next cook.

Here we’ll get into detail about the Fan mode of the Green Mountain grill.

Where is the Fan on a Green Mountain grill?

Green Mountain grill featured with Variable speed dual fan system.

It has two fans: a hopper fan and a combustion fan.

Hopper Fan

The hopper fan which is located inside the hopper maintains positive pressure so that it helps to prevent burn-back in the auger tube.

It is positioned under the hopper and blows air into the firebox.

This fan also turns off and on constantly to provide the right amount of oxygen to the fire to maintain the set temperature.

Combustion Fan

Another fan in Green Mountain Grill is a combustion fan.

The combustion fan is located under the belly of the grill, which can be accessed from the back.

The combustion fan angles up toward the firebox from underneath the grill.

A combustion fan provides oxygen to start the fire and keep it burning.

Combustion Fan maintains cooking temps in extreme weather and blows most of the ash out of the firebox so that less frequent cleaning will be needed.

The fan’s speed changes during normal operation to maintain an optimal flame.

What is Fan Mode on Green Mountain Grill?

Fan mode on a Green Mountain grill is significant as it cools down the grill and blows ash out of the firebox for the next cook.

1.To enter the fan mode, you need to use the down arrow button till the screen shows to lower the temperature to 150.

2. Release the button, and press it one more time. Then the screen will read “Fan”

3. Let the grill cool down for 15 minutes. Don’t unplug your grill or flip the power button while your grill is in ‘Fan’ mode.

4. Once fan mode is ended and the screen shows “off” where the grill is successfully powered down. Now you can flip the power switch off the grill.

Fixing Smoke Coming Out of the Hopper Of Green Mountain Grill

If the smoke is coming out of the hopper of the Green Mountain grill, then you need to make sure your burn pot inside the grill is empty of ash and pellets.

When you turn on the grill make sure the hopper lid stays closed.

You have to press down on each of the corners of the lid to ensure it is closed tight.

If a lid corner sits up even 1/8 inch while the lid is flat, then the issue is a warped hopper lid.

For testing this, you have to run 2 sheets of tin foil over your hopper then close the lid down on top of the foil which makes a temporary seal.

This will prevent smoke from traveling through your hopper.

Make sure that the combustion fan spins freely and is not damaged.

The pellet dump door should be closed tight.

Usually, it does not get pushed all the way down.

There is a gap to let out air pressure from the fan.

If it is not slid down completely, it may same effect as an open hopper lid.

It may also happen because of the gasket seal.

The square gasket seal between the hopper and auger may be the issue.

You can seal with high-temp silicone.

How to Fix Oil Leak from Auger/Combustion Fan Motor OF Green Mountain Grill?

If oil is leaking from your Green Mountain grill auger or combustion fan then don’t worry.

It happens once a rare, while the gearbox on the auger motor is overfilled with oil at the factory.

The excess oil will leak a bit for a while till the oil level gets down to where it should be.

It won’t harm the gearbox or motor.

What Is the Warranty on Green Mountain Grills?

Green Mountain Grill limited warranty covers faults in workmanship and materials for a time period of three years from the date of the first retail purchase.

During this warranty period, GMG Products, LLC is obliged to replace or repair, any faulty Green Mountain grill returned to them, to one of their dealers, by its original purchaser.

Any claims under this warranty should be received until the expiration of the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover issues that result from abuse, accident, misuse, or problems with electrical power.

This does not cover cosmetic elements and components, like paint and other finishes.

The warranty does not cover uses not in accord with the instruction manual.

Related Questions

Where to buy Green Mountain grills?

Green Mountain Grill entered the market in 2008.

Since then, the popularity of Green Mountain Grills has skyrocketed.

Thanx to their well-constructed, high-tech designs!

If you want to buy this grill, you can buy Green Mountain grills at many places, including grill stores, retail stores.

You can also buy Green Mountain grills at online retailers such as Amazon at discounted prices.

How hot can a Green Mountain Grill get?

Usually, a Green Mountain Grill gets the temp range from 150 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Green Mountain grill Davy Crockett model comes with a range from 150 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

It can be used for high temp cooking such as brisket, ribs, or a steak.


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