How To Fix A Green Mountain Grill Fan Not Working?

Green Mountain Grill Fan Not Working
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Are you facing the issue with your Green Mountain grill fan?

If your Green Mountain grill fan not working, it happens because of a number of issues; essentially, you won’t get good airflow that is required to burn your pellets, and the smoke won’t circulate effectively, which can result in limited smokey flavor on your foods and temperatures not going up.

The biggest issues you’ll face with your Green Mountain grill fan is lack of maintenance, so ensuring you keep your grill covered and clean it often with good yearly maintenance will ensure that it lasts a long time before you need to replace the fan.

Let’s dive into detail.

Reasons For A Green Mountain Grill Fan Not Working

Turning Your Green Mountain Grill on And Off Too Often

If you’ve gotten into the habit of turning your grill on and off too often for some reason during a cook, potentially if the temperatures fluctuate too wildly and you’re trying to manually control them, this can damage the fan motor.

If you’re cooking daily and turning your GMG on and off once per day, that’s not a problem, it’s the constant on and off during a cook that will result in your Green Mountain Grill fan not working.

Wires Are Blocking The Fan

Your combustion fan is located under the auger, and it’s connected to the control panel close by with a range of other wires near the fan.

If you’ve recently replaced any parts or had to remove the controller, you may have snipped the cable ties that keep all the wires in place.

You may have wires that are now stuck in the fan, which results in your Green Mountain grill fan not working.

In most cases, you can easily see this, and you’ll know if you’ve recently cut any cable ties, which is a big indicator of the problem.

The Fan or Wires Are Corroded

If your Green Mountain grill is sitting outside in the elements, it may have become corroded; either the fan itself or the wires that connect it may now be broken, disconnected, or simply not doing their job anymore.

This Green Mountain grill fan not working issue is a more common if you have heavy rain that is likely to be hitting the underside of your grill over a longer period of time.

It can be especially bad if you’ve been taking your grill away from home to beaches and other areas with a high amount of salt.

The Green Mountain Grill Hasn’t Been Used Lately

A common issue that causes the problem of the Green Mountain Grill fan not working that many people experience is due to lack of use.

The fan can seize if you’ve put your grill away for a long winter or haven’t used it for many months.

It’s a common issue reported online by many users of the Green Mountain grills and other pellet grills that rely on a combustion fan.

The Fan Has Become Dirty From Grease Or Mold

A dirty fan is a less common Green Mountain grill fan not working problem as the fan doesn’t come into direct contact with grease, but if your grill is older and doesn’t get cleaned often, it’s still possible for your fan to be gunked up with grease which stops it turning.

You are more likely to have issues with dirt becoming stuck in the fan or mold growing on the fan. This is especially common in dirtier or wetter environments where the grill is left outside for many years without protection.

The Fan Is Faulty

In some cases, your fan may have just died or is faulty; this can happen due to age, elemental issues, or even direct damage that may be caused by kids playing, animals, or even rough moving of the grill to different locations.

If you’re experiencing a Green Mountain Grill fan not working and you’ve tested out the other causes and fixes, it’s likely that your fan has failed.

Failure of your fan is most typical in older grills or if you’re moving your grill often to different locations.

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Fixes For A Green Mountain Grill Fan Not Working

Insulate Your Grill

If you’ve been turning your fan on and off too often and now your fan isn’t working, you’ll likely need to replace the fan which we detail below.

However, you need to review the issues around why you’re doing that and correct them for your new fan.

Both of these options address the issue of fluctuating temperatures that cause most people to turn their grills on and off too often.

Clear Wires From Fan And Cable Tie Them Back

Visually inspect the fan and see whether there are any wires currently stuck in the fan and remove them as needed.

You can also check to see if any loose cables could reach the fan as they may not be stuck at the moment.

You’ll want to use cable ties to pull back and restrain any wires from being able to reach the fan. Once you’ve secured the cables, your Green Mountain grill fan not working issues should be resolved.

Remove Corrosion And Add Silicon Lubricant

If your fan is corroded along with the wires, the best solution to fix your Green Mountain grill fan not working woes is to replace the grill fan that we detail in No. #6.

If you need immediate use of your grill, you can attempt to clean the corrosion off the wires and fan with a mixture of water and baking soda, gently rubbed against everything, and dried.

You should also spray some silicone lubricate such as WD-40 onto the fan to help ease it back into operation while you wait for a new fan to arrive.

Spray a little and manually rotate the fan to work the lubricant in.

Going forward, your Green Mountain grill should have a heavy-duty cover to protect it from the elements that have likely caused the corrosion over time.

Make sure you check your model against the grill cover that you want so that it fits correctly.

Kick Start Your Fan and Lubricate

Help your fan with a manual kick start by flicking the fan back into operation.

Long periods of not being used can often stall the fan, and just pushing it along helps it get started again.

Next, spray a small amount of WD-40 towards the fan motor in the center.

Going forward, you should be performing yearly maintenance on your grill so that you don’t experience Green Mountain grill fan not working problems or other issues caused by lack of use.

The top tips for keeping your fan working are to store your grill under a heavy-duty cover and hopefully inside the garage or other area, clean your grill thoroughly before putting it away, and spray all fans and motors with WD-40 before putting away and when you bring it back out for use.

Clean Your Fan Of Dirt And Debris

If your fan is visibly dirty with gunk, grease, or even debris, you should be clearing all debris from the fan and cleaning the fan blades thoroughly with standard soap and water or grill cleaner if it appears to be grease.

It’s important not to soak or oversaturate your fan and only clean or wipe the fan blades, don’t allow water to get into the motor of the fan; otherwise, you may have a permanent Green Mountain grill fan not working problem.

Your final step after cleaning and drying the fan is to spray a small amount of WD-40 or other silicone lubricant and manually spin the fan to work the lubricant in.

Replace Your Combustion Fan

If you’ve tried everything else on this list and your Green Mountain grill fan not working issue persists, it’s time to replace the fan; you can get a new fan under warranty from Green Mountain or buy a Green Mountain grill fan from Amazon.

Make sure you get the right fan for the model of Green Mountain grill that you have to ensure a proper fit of the fan into the housing.

1.Unplug your Green Mountain grill

2. Locate your fan, likely under the auger.

3. Unscrew the fan and unplug the wires.

4. Plug your new fan into the grill using the same plugs, take a photo if needed.

5. Screw your fan back into place

You can plug your grill back in and fire it up to make sure that the fan is now working properly.

If that is the case, consider why the fan failed in the first place, if it’s from lack of maintenance, then implement some of the options listed above for yearly maintenance and ongoing care of your grill.

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Do you have to use Green Mountain Grill pellets for Green Mountain grill?

No, it’s not necessary that you have to use Green Mountain grill pellets.

But Green Mountain Grill recommends you to start with GMG pellets not just because they’re great pellets but they’re also great value.

You can get them packed in 12.7kg/28lb bags, which is 40% more than most other pellets.

Most of GMG users stick with GMG pellets or return to the GMG range of pellets.

If using other brands, it is essential to check their moisture, ash, and fines content.

If they’re composed of wood which burns at lower temperatures, monitor the cleanliness of your fire pot.

Don’t use heating or softwood pellets for GMG as these are not intended to be used for cooking food and may be harmful to your health.

What foods can you cook on a Green Mountain Grill pellet grill?

You can cook variety of food on Green Mountain grill.

You can cook meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, pizza, casseroles, bread, even chocolate chip cookies easily on your grill.




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