Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Modifications To Enhance Your Grill Experience!

Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Modifications
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A standard Davy Crockett Green Mountain grill is a fantastic option to introduce you to the world of grilling and smoking your meats and other food.

It’s easy to use, maintain, and results in beautifully cooked food for the entire family to enjoy.

Once you’ve started grilling and smoking, you may want to modify your Davy Crockett grill to enhance your grill experience or simply get different results that aren’t standard with the grill.

Detailed below are 10 of the most common and helpful GMG Davy Crockett mods for you to test out for your own grilling and smoking.

Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Modifications

Seal The Smoke Into The Grill

One of the most popular and easiest GMG Davy Crockett mods is to seal the lid of the grill with a high-heat grill gasket so that the smoke doesn’t escape as readily from your grill and you get a smokier flavor on your meats.

This can also be helpful if you’re in colder environments and need to keep more of the heat inside the grill or you’re trying to hit higher temperatures on the grill.

Most grill gasket is peel and stick, so line the underside of the grill door and make sure there are no gaps; if needed, you may need to add more or bend the door slightly to ensure a tight seal.

Get A Griddle For Your Grill

Another one of the helpful GMG Davy Crockett mods is to get a removable griddle for your grill so that when you’re camping or simply want to cook on a griddle, you can slide it into place and cook anything that isn’t easily done on the grill.

The griddle is often best used for breakfast and allows you to increase the foods you can have and cook with your grill, such as eggs or smash burgers, anything that would fall through the standard grills.

Increase Heat For Your Grill

If you’re in colder environments or need to cook certain foods at a higher temperature, one of the best GMG Davy Crockett mods is to get an insulation blanket so that you can easily add and remove it as needed rather than insulating your grill permanently.

A good insulation blanket can increase the temperature by around 50%, so it’s perfect if you’re camping in cold environments and finding the heat just doesn’t get up high enough to cook your food well.

Remove The Legs On Your Grill

Many people find that the legs on the Davy Crockett grill are too flimsy and unstable when on rough terrain, and the legs take up space when transporting the grill rather than leaving it in the backyard.

The typical GMG Davy Crockett mods to resolve this type of issue are to remove the legs, which is easily done, and then get a carry bag for your grill so that it’s much easier to transport and move around.

By default, the Davy Crockett grill isn’t the easiest to carry or move to different locations, especially when you’re by yourself, so a convenient career case with handles allows you to move the grill by yourself and without getting your clothes greasy.

Increase Your Cooking Space Inside The Grill

A Green Mountain Davy Crocket grill is a smaller and often portable grill, but the downside is that the available space is restrictive for bigger meals or more people, so it may not fit your needs, or you’re cooking longer.

One of the simplest GMG Davy Crocket mods for increasing your cooking space is to install an upper rack in the grill that doubles your cooking space without any significant modifications or skill required to do so.

Add A Pizza Oven To Your Grill

If you’re looking to cook pizzas, bread, or anything that requires much higher heat than your grill can produce, then install the GMG Davy Crocket pizza oven, as it’s another one of the easy and cheap GMG Davy Crocket mods.

The GMG pizza oven is specifically designed for the Davy Crocket, and it allows you to increase the internal temperature to 800 degrees.

So, if you’re looking to sear or cook anything at high heat, this is a great mod, and it can easily be added and removed as needed.

Mod A Trek Cart To Fit Your Grill

Green Mountain has a replacement grill for the Davy Crockett; it’s the Trek grill and has all the new accessories.

If you don’t want to upgrade your grill but want the newer GMG Trek cart, it’s possible to make GMG Davy Crocket mods to get your grill into the newer cart.

The GMG Trek cart provides a stable service for your grill, gives you a collapsible table, and removes the requirement to put your grill on tables that may overheat and melt.

Your only requirements to get the Davy Crocket installed into the Trek cart are to fully remove the legs and leg bolts on the side of the grill, and it should slide into the cart and fit snuggly without any further modifications.

Install A Front Shelf For More Prep Space

If you need more prep space with your Davy Crockett, you often need a cart or simply another table next to your grill; however, for one of the slightly trickier GMG Davy Crockett mods, you can install a collapsible front shelf on your Davy Crockett.

You’ll need to find a compatible universal front shelf or another brand that has the same dimensions as the Davy Crockett, and you’ll need to drill holes into the sides of the grill and attach the front shelf.

The front shell should come with bolts and a high-heat gasket to ensure there is no heat loss or smoke escape.

Increase Smoke Output With A Smoker Tube

If you find that your grill isn’t giving you enough smoke for your taste, one of the easy ways and cheapest GMG Davy Crockett mods is to get a thin smoker tube that can add additional smoke flavor to your grill.

The major benefit of the smoker tube is that it’s removable, so if you want more smoke, you simply add it in, and if your cook doesn’t require the extra smoke, you just leave it out.

The GMG smoker tube is expandable, so it can be used in your Davy Crocket or your regular BBQ; it will also burn for 50 hours, so you don’t need to worry about running out of pellets during a cook.

Install A Downdraft Hood For Higher Smoke

Another of the GMG Davy Crockett mods that handles smoke is installing a downdraft hood so that smoke can be trapped longer rather than escaping through the smoke stack.

A number of vendors provide Davy Crockett downdraft hoods that allow you to bolt the device into the existing holes.

The primary benefit is that you get a smokier flavor on your food, but you also have a lower pellet consumption which can save you money and allow your smoking to last for longer when you’re cooking lower-temperature meats.

Related Questions

Can you cold smoke on your green mountain grill?

Yes, you can cold smoke on the green mountain grill.

Though, in a few areas with 100 degrees, you need to add ice so that the temperatures goes down for cold smoking.

How long will Green Mountain Grill last?

Green mountain Grill is designed in such a way that it will last for years.

It comes with 2 years warranty. If you follow the manual instructions and takes care properly of your grill, it will even last longer.

How to smoke on a Green Mountain Grill?

For smoking on a green mountain grill, you require to get your grill fire up. Then the temperature to 225° Fahrenheit.

Allow the temperature to stay constant before getting your meat on the grill.




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