Green Mountain Grill Heat Shield Modification: (Step By Step Guide)

Green Mountain Grill Heat Shield Modification
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The Green Mountain grill is a fantastic pellet grill that is adjustable, long-lasting, and provides great grilled meats.

However, because the grill lasts so long, there are often replacement parts or upgrades that happen to later models that owners of older grills may want as well.

One of the more popular and easier upgrades is the Green Mountain grill heat shield mod, though, in fact, there are a couple of heat shield mods that improve heat loss and adjustability of your heat shield.

A quick Green Mountain grill heat shield mod is to upgrade to the newer heat shield that comes in one piece rather than 2 or 3 pieces in the older models; all reports indicate that it’s a fantastic upgrade with considerable improvements in heat loss prevention.

Why Is My Green Mountain Grill Losing Heat?

There are a range of reasons your Green Mountain grill is losing heat, but your heat shield is one of the biggest potential issues that you’ll face with heat loss or uneven heating in your grill, and the Green Mountain grill heat shield mod can help you combat these issues.

Heat Shield Isn’t Inserted Correctly

Your first issue is that the heat shield hasn’t been inserted correctly; the V on the heat shield should be centered over the firebox; if it’s not, then you’re having to have issues getting your grill to heat up to the desired temperature.

The quick fix is to simply insert the heat shield correctly and see if that solves your problem.

Your Older Heat Shield Is Warped

Your second issue is that your grill is older and has one of the multi-piece heat shields, and these can warp over time which causes heat loss and severe heat distribution issues.

Your Heat Shield Needs To be Adjusted

Your third issue is that your heat shield is blocking heat distribution, so you have a hot side of the grill and a cold side of the grill, which ultimately causes lower heat overall inside.

This is often where the Green Mountain grill heat shield mod for older grills really shines and makes things easier and faster for you.

How Do You Adjust The Heat Shield On Green Mountain Grill?

If you’ve found that one side of your Green Mountain grill is much cooler than the other side, you can adjust the heat shield and move it from the cooler side closer to the hotter side.

For newer grills, you’ll have an external rod on the side of your grill that lets you move the heat shield.

For older grills, you’ll need to wait for the grill to cool down and then open it up and manually move the heat shield ¼ inch to the hotter side.

  1. Turn off the grill and wait to cool down.
  2. Open the grill and remove any racks and trays.
  3. Position the heat shield at the inside bottom of the girl from left to right.

Typically, ¼ for a 50-degree temperature change is all that’s required, so calculate and move the heat shield.

Once you find the best position, you should etch markings in so that you can put it back after each cleaning.

It’s easy to see that a Green Mountain grill heat shield mod that lets you move the heat shield externally while the grill is still hot can have big benefits and just make life easier for you.

Green Mountain grill thought so and made the heat shield mod part of the standard design around 2020.

Green Mountain Grill Heat Shield Modification

There are two Green Mountain grill heat shield mod options; one is a simple replacement of the heat shield for models purchased before 2020.

The other Green Mountain grill heat shield mod requires some drilling and real modification to make your heat shield adjustable.

Replace Your Heat Shield

The first Green Mountain grill heat shield mod is the newer single-piece heat shield that you can buy easily from Amazon.

The older version of the heat shield came in multiple pieces and was prone to warp, especially after years of use.

It also provided much poorer heat loss prevention than the newer single-piece heat shield.

The newer heat shield can be retrofitted into any of the older models; it provides a more robust heat shield that won’t warp and cause heat loss.

It does require that you upgrade to the latest firmware as it’s designed to be used with how the fan pulses in later firmware.

Make Your Heat Shield Externally Adjustable

The second Green Mountain grill heat shield mod is adding an adjustable external rod to your heat shield.

This mod allows you to adjust it without getting inside the grill and moving things around; it also makes it possible to adjust the heatshield while you’re grilling, which can be helpful on older models that have higher heat fluctuations or changes.

This mod was incorporated into the newer Green Mountain grill designs, making it standard on more recent models after 2020.

Parts needed for the Green Mountain grill heat shield mod are below; they should all be stainless steel.


Steps to add the Green Mountain grill heat shield mod are:

1.Drill a hole in the side of your cook chamber and slide in the brad hole T nut.

2. Mark each tiny hike in the brad hole T nut and drill those holes on either side of the larger hole

3. Put the T nut back in and secure out with the #4 bolts, washers, and nuts.

4. Assemble the all thread by starting on one end with the acorn nut.

5. Slide on the gate handle.

6. Slide on the wing nut.

7. Thread into the T nut until almost all the way in.

8. Drill a hole in the heat shield that matches where the all thread comes into the chamber.

9. Assemble the other parts and then lock them together with the all thread.

Now you can use the gate handle on the outside of your grill to adjust the heat shield from left to right without removing anything while the grill is running or hot.

Related Questions

Where are Green Mountain Grills made?

Green Mountain Grills are high-quality pellet grills which can smoke and grill, efficiently.

The Green Mountain Grill company was founded in 2006 by Jason Baker.

The most of the grills and accessories of GMG are manufactured in China. Green Mountain Grills are sold across USA through a network of authorized dealers.

What size & weight are these grills?

The smallest of the Prime line of Green Mountain Grill is the Davy Crockett grill.

It weighs about 67 pounds and comprises of 219 square inches of cooking space.

The Daniel Boone grills weigh about 177 pounds and comprises of 458 square inches of cooking space.

The Jim Bowie grill weighs about 208 pounds and comes with a grill space of 658 square inches.

Do Green Mountain Grills come with a warranty?

Yes, Green Mountain Grills come up with a warranty.

All Green Mountain Grills covered with a limited 3-year warranty from its first retail purchase.

During these three years, they will replace or repair defective grills or grill parts.

The Green Mountain Grill should be returned to an authorized dealer by the original owner.




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