How To Fix Green Mountain Grill Thermal Sensor Problems?

Green Mountain Grill Thermal Sensor Problems
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Green Mountain Grills are excellent and dependable grills that are used for a huge range of people, but like anything in life, you’re going to come across some problems with various parts of the grill, including Green Mountain grill thermal sensor problems.

Understanding the thermal sensor problems, you may come across and how to handle them quickly will ensure that your grilling isn’t interrupted for long and that you can make sure that known issues don’t come up in the first place.

You may encounter various sensor problems such as SEN error, temperature readout jumping up And down, grill isn’t heating evenly, faulty thermal sensor, inaccurate temperature readings after replacing thermal sensor.

Typically keeping your grill clean after every use is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t run into Green Mountain grill thermal sensor problems.

Fixing Green Mountain Grill Thermal Sensor Problems

Your Digital Display Is Indicating A “SEN” Error

One of the most common Green Mountain grill thermal sensor problems you’ll encounter is that your digital display is showing “SEN” which indicates a problem with the thermal sensor that you need to resolve before continuing.

Typically, this is related to grease buildup, or something may be blocking the sensor, so you need to investigate the sensor.

Solution 1

Check around the sensor and make sure there isn’t some type of debris or other material that is blocking the sensor.

If you find something, simply get it out of the way and then restart your grill to see if the error code has gone.

Solution 2

Clean the thermal sensor and the area around it if there is heavy grease buildup. You can use soapy water or grill cleaner to get the job done quickly; the water will drain through the bottom hole.

Solution 3

You can also turn your grill up to 550 degrees and let it run hot for an hour, which will typically burn anything off, though if your thermal sensor isn’t working, you may need to clean the sensor before a burn-off cleaning.

Temperature Readout Is Jumping Up And Down

When you fire up your grill, check the temperature readout on your digital display, it should be close to room temperature as it hasn’t had a chance to heat up yet.

If your readout jumps quickly from 200 to 400 or jumps down from 400 to 200, it could be another one of the common Green Mountain grill thermal sensor problems that should be easy to fix.

Solution 1

If you use tinfoil or something else on the grease tray to make your cleanup easier, it could be that the tinfoil is blocking the sensor.

Pull the grease tray out and ensure that your tinfoil is wrapped tightly around the grease tray, with none left hanging out and blocking the thermal sensor.

Solution 2

Your grease tray may be improperly installed, and this will be more likely if you recently pulled it out to clean and now, you’re seeing thermal sensor issues.

Try pulling it out and repositioning it again into the Green Mountain grill.

You may also need to review the Green Mountain instruction manual to ensure that you’re positioning the grease tray correctly, as this is another common problem; it needs to be inserted in a specific way; otherwise, you will be blocking the sensor or potentially installing it upside down.

Solution 3

Your grease tray has holes that can be opened and closed; it’s known and documented that leaving these holes open during the initial heating of your grill will result in inaccurate temperature readings, so ensure that your grease holes are closed while your grill is heating up.

Grill Isn’t Heating Evenly

If you’re finding that your grill isn’t heating evenly, it may be due to your heat shield being incorrectly positioned and blocking accurate readings for the thermal sensor.

This type of problem shouldn’t be ongoing but is another one of the common Green Mountain grill thermal sensor problems that new owners need to figure out and correct.

Solution 1

Move your heat shield to the warmer side of the grill ¼ of an inch at a time until the cooler side starts to warm up and you get even temperatures across both sides.

Once you’ve determined the correct positioning, you should mark or remember where the heat shield needs to go and place it there each time so that your thermal sensor can get the most accurate readings at all times.

Your Thermal Sensor Is Faulty

One of the Green Mountain grill thermal sensor problems that you can’t instantly fix is when the thermal sensor breaks or is faulty.

This may present as inaccurate temperature readings, and you’ve tried all of the options above, and you may even find that the temperature never changes or stays at 0 degrees.


Your first option is to contact Green Mountain support to see whether there are any other potential issues that could be causing problems with the thermal sensor.

If you’re still under warranty and agree that it’s likely a thermal sensor issue, they will send you a new thermal sensor that you’ll need to replace.

If you’re not under warranty, you’ll need to find a replacement Green Mountain grill thermal sensor; typically, this can be found on Amazon, and they’ll ship out to you quickly.

Steps to replace your Green Mountain Grill thermal sensor 

1.Unplug the grill.

2. Empty your pellet box.

3. Undo the four bolts that hold the hopper assembly in place.

4. Use a high bucket or something similar to lay the hopper on so that you don’t need to undo everything.

5. Use a wrench to turn your thermal sensor a half-turn and then unscrew the entire thing.

6. Disconnect your old thermal sensor.

7. Connect your new thermal sensor.

8. When placing your thermal sensor back in, make sure there are two thermal washers on each side of the metal.

9. Put the thermal sensor bolt back on and once hand tight, use your wrench to fully tighten the bolt.

10. Put your hopper back in place and tighten up the four bolts to secure your hopper.

Temperature Readings Are Inaccurate After Replacing Your Thermal Sensor

If you’ve recently replaced your thermal sensor and readings have changed but are still wildly inaccurate or are fluctuating too much, it may be that you missed a core step or warning in the replacement process.

One common Green Mountain grill thermal sensor problem is that after a thermal sensor replacement, you forget the thermal washers or only put one on each side; this is a warning in the replacement instructions and must be followed for accurate readings.


Go through the process to replace your thermal sensor again, removing the hopper and checking that you’ve put two thermal washers on each side of the metal.

If you find a thermal washer is missing, you will need to take the thermal sensor out and put the required number of thermal washers on.

How Do You Calibrate The Green Mountain Grill Temperature?

Your Green Mountain Grill can be calibrated for more accurate temperature readings; this is done through the mobile app that can be downloaded from the app store.

You can perform this calibration from time to time to ensure that you’re getting the exact temperature you want.

1.Set your temperature and let the grill reach the temperature as indicated by your digital display.

2. Insert thermometers into the front and back of the grill on either side; if you only have one, then check temperatures for each section one at a time.

3. Determine how accurate the set temperature is on your digital display to what is being reported by the thermometers.

4. Use your mobile app to adjust the temperature for the right and left side so that it matches what the third-party thermometer readings are showing.

The mobile app will let you set temperatures for the grill readings or the temperature probe readings for the left and right sides.

How Do You Reset A Green Mountain Grill?

Depending on your issue and why you want to reset your green mountain grill, sometimes the simplest option is to unplug your grill from the wall and leave it for a few minutes before plugging it back in.

For a full reset of your green mountain grill, you can follow these steps:

1. Unplug your grill from the wall.

2. Press the food button and hold.

3. Plug your grill back in and turn on.

4. Keep holding the food button for 15 seconds after being turned on.

Your grill, including the WiFi, should now be reset and ready to start again.

Related Questions

What does NFD mean on Green Mountain Grill?

Your Green Mountain Grill sometimes highlight the NFD. It Simply means No Food.

GMG shows NFD error code means the grill fails to detect any food.

Because the meat probe isn’t securely inserted into the control board.

Another reason for this error is a defective meat probe.

For solving this error, make sure you insert the meat probe into the control panel without kinks in the wire.

Even if it shows the same error, you need to replace the meat probe with a new one.

What does EO1 mean on Green Mountain Grill?

If your Green Mountain Grill shows EO1, it means the fan motor overload.

For resolving the issue, inspect the wires and wire connection of the combustion fan.

If you find that they get damaged, replace them with a new one




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