How to Fix Green Mountain Grill SUC and FAL Error Codes?

Green Mountain Grill SUC and FAL Error Codes
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When your Green Mountain Grill presents some error codes, you must peruse the user manual.

If not, one should at least have the crucial error codes memorized, or jotted down someplace.

When the SUC and FAL codes appear, it is usually a matter of updates.

With the Green Mountain Grill suc and Fal Error code, the grill might be warning you of a failure or successful update.

This normally occurs when you attempt to update the firmware.

There are of course reasons why the unit would experience a failure to update firmware.

Some of these reasons are easier to troubleshoot than others.

Let’s examine a few reasons for the Green Mountain Grill error codes appearing.

Green Mountain Grill SUC Code- Meaning

The SUC code on a Green Mountain Grill implies successful firmware updates on your favorite grill.

This is not an error code.

It does not imply that any parts are faulty nor does it require any technical support.

IOS systems can be used quite efficiently to update your grill’s software.

When learning about the different error codes, remember that Green Mountain Grill suc and Fal Error codes are based on firmware, while the FAL code alone could signify something else.

If the grill already has the latest firmware or software, it might initiate a different error code.

Green Mountain Grill SUC Code- Procedure

Because the SUC code is not an error code and rather signifies success, there are follow-through procedures and not solutions.

Manual toggling

Once the grill shows SUC, you need to manually turn on the grill.

This is to restart the unit and allow the grill to connect to the local network.

At this point, the software will be installed and the grill will at some point count upward to one hundred.

This is all part of the final process of installing updates.

Once the counter has reached one hundred, it is time to turn it off.

Toggling off

At this stage, you need to verify the version that your grill is running under.

Verification can only be done after toggling off the grill.

Next up, you need to press and hold the temperature up button while turning your grill back on.

While turning the grill back on, keep holding the power button for approximately ten seconds.

LCD Panel

After holding the power-up button for a while, the grill’s LCD panel will show you the version of firmware currently installed.

At this point, you can let go of any depressed buttons.

The grill is fully updated and you can continue using it to your heart’s delight.

The suc code is nothing short of a successful attempt to make your grill perform better.


So how does one get to update their software, and hopefully get the SUC code?

Using an iPhone, you can navigate to the Wi-Fi settings and pick out the GMG network.

Proceed to input any necessary passwords.

Thereafter, find your way to the GMG app on your phone.

After finding the grill update software, connect to the home Wi-Fi network and begin downloading updates.

Follow the procedures above for a SUC update.

A successful update should bring a smile to any grill owner.

It means many more happy grilling moments, with monitoring made possible from afar.

However, you may not always manage to update it and this is where the FAL error code comes in.

So, what does it mean and what are the solutions?

Green Mountain Grill FAL Error Code – Meaning

As you fire up your Green Mountain Grill there may be a few errors along the way.

These error codes may pertain to updates or indeed to firing up the grill.

When you experience a Green Mountain Grill SUC and FAIL error code, it may be due to update successes or failures.

There is indeed another reason for the FAL error code appearing.

Green Mountain Grill FAL Error Code – Solutions

Wi-Fi connections

If the Wi-Fi connection is weak or distorted, it can lead to a FAL code.

This happens when the grill attempts to update its software and the connections drop.

It is something very easy to fix and nothing to worry too much about.

When the FAL code appears, there may be no problem with the software in itself.

Rather, you may need to do a bit of adjusting on the part of the internet or local connection.

This requires resetting the internet and Wi-Fi connections and trying the updates one more time.

This should fix the problem.

No Need for updates

Sometimes, grills are set to update automatically.

If that’s not the case, the owner of the grill may forget that they performed an update previously.

This will prompt a FAL code because there is no update needed, or there are no newer versions of the firmware available.

It works similarly to a phone update, whereby a phone will notify you that there are no new updates available.

Fixing this issue simply requires your attention or keeping a diary of updates already performed.


When the igniter fails, the grill might send a FAL error code.

It means the igniter has issues and you need to seek other quick solutions.

This occurs for several reasons, including a firebox filled with cold pellets.

It requires other measures for you to be able to light up your grill.

Simply light up the grill using matches or a hand igniter.

This is also known as a ‘hot start’.

Software issues

If all the above don’t seem to factor in, there could be problems with the software or motherboard.

These issues may need to be resolved with an expert, or after thorough perusing of the user manual.

Remember that your Green Mountain Grill is a new-age barbequing grill.

There might be other factors not easily visible through basic checks or monitoring.

Take time to peruse the manual for any additional factors that might contribute to the FAL code appearing.

How Do I Reset My Green Mountain Grill?

Reset Green Mountain grill Davy Crockett

1.Pull the plug from the socket.

2. Press the ‘Food’ button on grill. Turn on the grill again while pressing the ‘Food’ button and after that set the button free 15 seconds.

3. The LCD display will begin counting from one to nine hundred ninety- nine.

Then wait for the display to show ‘Off’ on it.

4. Pull the plug from the socket once again and plug it back again to finish the reset of the board.

5. For rebooting the wireless chip, allow thirty seconds for a grill to do the same. Now your grill is ready to use.

Reset Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie

1.Toggle off the Grill.

2. Locate the food button on grill and hold the button down. Then toggle on the grill, while holding “FOOD” button for about 15 seconds

3. The LCD Panel will begin to count up from 1 to 999, then release the “Food” button. Wait for the Display to show “Off” on the LCD Panel on grill.

4. Toggle the Grill off then back on to finish the board reset.

5. Allow your grill about 30 seconds to reboot the wireless chip to start broadcasting the GMG Network back again.

Bottom Line

Most problems and error codes that arise on the Green Mountain Grill have easy fixes.

Whether your internet is bad or not, the Green Mountain Grill suc and fal error code might still appear.

Don’t panic; simply find professional help to get the situation resolved.


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