How Much Lump Charcoal for Kamado Joe? – Use it or Dump it!

How Much Lump Charcoal for Kamado Joe
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After trying out the ever-popular and modern grill Kamado Joe, there might be a few tweaks necessary for better grilling.

The Kamado Joe optimizes fuel – in this case, charcoal – to produce tasty meals.

On how much lump charcoal for Kamado Joe it all boils down to what you are cooking.

The best approach would be to consider the results.

It means quantity should be adjusted based on low and slow cooking or high and fast.

Most Kamado Joe grills can be used to grill, sear, and roast among other cooking styles.

This grill works much like classic charcoal grills, with a touch of modernization for optimum cooking results.

How Much Lump Charcoal to Use in Kamado Joe?

As mentioned earlier, it all comes down to preferred cooking styles and ultimately, the results sought.

It means as one prepares to grill, perhaps roast, or maybe slowly cook veggies, adjustments are necessary.

The Kamado Joe works wonders if used properly.

This includes knowing how much lump coal to use in Kamado Joe, as well as which starters to incorporate – or not.

One approach to knowing how much lump coal to use in Kamado Joe is gauging using the smaller Joe.

If indeed you are using the larger versions, use the same quantity you would in a smaller grill.

Knowing how much lump coal to use in Kamado Joe is simple.

Remember to load up the grill with enough coal to reach about a quarter of the way between the bottom and where the divide and conquer sits.

1.Begin with large lumps of charcoal at the bottom and fill 1/4 through, leaving enough space for the air holes to breathe.

These holes allow oxygen in and out, meaning they will fuel the fire.

2. Use only large lumps of coal at the bottom and add smaller pieces on top.

The amount of coal should leave space for one or two starters or wood chips.

Leave a couple of inches between the topmost pieces of charcoal and where the ceramic stones will sit.

3. The amount of lump coal to be used depends greatly on the type of cooking you wish to enjoy.

As you create a smaller fire with less coal, it takes longer and food cooks slowly.

This gives you evenly cooked.

4. Once you fire up the wood chips and starters, give it about eight to ten minutes for the fire to catch up and the coal to get heated.

Knowing how much lump coal to use in Kamado Joe also helps you spend more time cooking rather than adjusting heat using the vents.

As you use more coal, thus you will need to play with top and bottom vents more.

How Much Coal Do I Need for 225 Degrees?

Getting temperatures to 225 degrees involves more than just the right amount of coal.

The most important bit to remember is the use of vents which comes after lighting the fire.

The amount of coal needs to be placed in a minion setup.

This means starting with lit coal at the bottom, preferably large lumps of coal, and starting the fire.

Once the fire is lit, one can add small unlit pieces to increase the temperature.

Remember that starting full speed ahead with lots of coal requires more work.

On how much lump coal to use in Kamado Joe it is better to start with less.

It is also advised to use less moving forward.

This helps you control temperatures to the desired optimal temperature.

If you start with a raging fire it becomes increasingly harder to bring temperatures down.

Additionally, the minion method lets you use chimneys to control temperatures.

All you need is to ensure the fire is well lit, and then use the smaller chambers to control temperatures.

Spread the unlit coals evenly above the lit ones and add other lit pieces of coal on the sides.

Once you replace the lid, temperatures will remain high and you can cook evenly for longer hours.

How to Add Charcoal to Kamado Joe?

This is the trickiest bit when it comes to operating the Kamado Joe.

Knowing how much lump coal to use in Kamado Joe is one thing.

The next challenge is how to add charcoal to your Kamado Joe without affecting temperatures too much.

Also, it might be that you need to cook high and fast as opposed to low and slow.

In this case, there are specific approaches to adding charcoal to Kamado Joe.

1.Beginning with larger lumps at the bottom and smaller pieces on top, the Kamado Joe will pick up heat quickly.

This gets you grilling much faster especially if you use smaller amounts of large lump coal.

2. As the heat rises, you might prefer lower heat and slower cooking methods.

Add smaller amounts of unlit coal to the top of the lit ones.

The idea is to let the unlit coal light up slowly while reducing temperatures within the chamber.

If temperatures soar too high, you will need to adjust vents and control temperatures from there.

3. Always add charcoal with vents and the lid completely open.

Also, the ceramic stones should not be restricting airflow at this point.

Once the fire is well-lit and grilling is ongoing, adding coal unnecessarily can reduce heat while creating lots of smoke.

While this might help with smoking fish, it won’t do much good when grilling slow and low is what we need.

4. Adding coal should be done safely too.

Throwing pieces of coal into the dome can spell disaster.

As unlit charcoal hits the lit pieces there is a chance of hot coal pieces flying toward you.

Add charcoal to Kamado Joe carefully to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Best Lump Charcoal for Kamado Joe

The best lump charcoal for Kamado Joe needs to be dry, for starters.

Before diving into the best brands, the most affordable or even the easiest to get, it is important to get dry charcoal.

Anything damp lengthens the lighting process.

You will spend more time trying to get the fire lit instead of enjoying grilling per se, and eating.

As you prepare the best lump charcoal for Kamado Joe, be sure to use Kamado Joe fire starters to help get the fire lit ASAP.

Kamado Joe Charcoal

Kamado Joe Charcoal could one of the best options for lump charcoal for Kamado Joe.

It is easy to purchase the same on the brand’s website and is one hundred percent natural.

The Kamado Joe charcoal is hardwood and used with fire starters of the same brand, they can and will light up a decent fire.

The beauty of this product is it burns cleaner leaving less ash and clearer smoke.

It also allows you to cook longer without burning out quickly and lets you cook at much higher temperatures.

Jealous Devil

This brand of lump charcoal is a tad expensive for those who might be budget-oriented.

However, it could be the best lump charcoal for Kamado Joe for those summer barbeques.

The jealous devil comes in neat packaging which helps keep it dry.

This is important when lighting and running a fire.

The flavor this coal offers is also smooth and not too strong.

The best part of the Jealous Devil lump charcoal is it stays lit consistently and is easy to light up.

It hails from South America and is one hundred percent hardwood.

Royal Oak

This Royal Oak hardwood alternative is relatively inexpensive.

It has also been rated as the perfect lump coal for newbies.

If you are still teething regarding grilling and which coal to use, this charcoal is easy to use.

Aside from being relatively affordable, Royal Oak is a product of American Oak, minus unpleasant smells.

It also consists of hickory hardwood and is available in 15 and a half pound bags.

Incidentally, this brand creates more smoke than its competitors, but works perfect for experienced grilled.

On finding the best lump charcoal for Kamado Joe it is important to focus on dry lump coal that is easy to work with.

Affordability is important too, but some brands are known to have metal and rock pieces in their bags.

How Does Kamado Joe Basket Work?

This basket sits between your coal and the divide-and-conquer system.

It is the perfect contraption for leftover coal, which can be separated to make way for the next grilling session.

Once the coal has been set up and lit, the basket can easily be pulled out to add more coal or clean the unit entirely.

1. This stainless steel basket filters smaller bits and pieces of charcoal while facilitating better airflow.

The result is a cleaner burn and less unpleasantness when it comes to smells on food.

2. The basket links to the lower part of the Divide-and-conquer system.

This makes it easy to lift and remove while separating ashes from usable leftover coal.

3. If one needs to use the heat deflectors in the lowest setting, it is necessary to modify or adjust the basket slightly.

This takes a few minutes though, meaning the grilling session will not be hindered.

Bottom Line

The Kamado Joe needs ample amounts of coal for optimal grilling and cooking results.

However, with some tweaking on the bottom and top vents, it all works out well for amateurs and professionals alike.

Happy Grilling!!!




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