Masterbuilt Smokehouse Won’t Smoke Wood Chips at 225 Degrees? -Here’re 6 Easy Fixes!

Masterbuilt Smokehouse Won’t Smoke Wood Chips at 225 Degrees
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Any BBQ person knows how important an excellent smokey flavor is for the BBQ.

Nothing beats a nice, even smokey flavor on your meat.

That is why it is essential to make sure your Masterbuilt Smokehouse is smoking everything properly.

If your Masterbuilt smokehouse doesn’t smoke wood chips at 225 degrees, multiple causes can be behind it.

Usually, the main reason behind this problem is a misplaced burner tray, but there can be other causes too.

Preheating issues, chip problems– even airflow problems can cause your chips to act up and not smoke appropriately at 225 degrees.

So, how do you fix it?

Like every other problem, there’s a solution to your smokehouse, not smoking wood chips.

Here’s our guide to solving this problem; buckle up!

Masterbuilt Smokehouse Won’t Smoke Wood Chips at 225 Degrees?- Here’s Why It Happens

Your smokehouse can act up like this for multiple reasons.

And you can’t fix this problem unless you know exactly what is causing it.

So here is a list of why your smokehouse may not be smoking wood chips properly.

Misplaced Smoke Tray

It is the most common cause of smoking problems.

If your tray isn’t positioned correctly, your chips won’t touch the burner, and you won’t get enough smoke from your wood chips.

Your chip tray has to be directly in contact with the burner to smoke the chips properly.

If the tray somehow gets misplaced, your smoker will act up and stop smoking the chips at 225 degrees.

The box can be misplaced if it gets knocked down somehow or because of the burner bracket.

The bracket is used to hold the burner down, but if it clamps down on it, the burner will fall below its level.

The extra distance means the chips will get less heat, so that they won’t smoke properly.

You can check if your chip tray is correctly placed once the smoker has cooled down.

Take out the chip tray, and you’ll know how to find the burner in no time.

Preheating Issues

A little less common, but it happens anyways.

In some smokehouse units, you’ll have to preheat the smoker before putting the wood chips in.

It is kind of like giving the smoker a little warm-up run.

Note that this issue doesn’t happen for every single smokehouse.

It sometimes happens when the smoker can’t hold in the heat.

Since there’s no heat, the chips won’t burn, and you won’t get any smoke.

This issue is more common in older smokers, the ones you’ve been using for a long time.


There’s a misconception among most people that air will stop you from getting a good smoke. It is the opposite.

If your burner lacks Airflow, your chips will never produce enough smoke.

Definitely not at 225 degrees like you want.

Every machine is built with a way of air ventilation built into it.

As you’ve learned in middle school chemistry class, you need oxygen to burn anything.

Airflow supplies that oxygen to your smoker.

But too much air can also cause problems that will stop the fire from spreading among the chips.

You’ll have to check if the lid is working correctly.

Your chips won’t smoke properly if the incoming and exhausting oxygen flow isn’t balanced.

Unfortunately, there is no way of determining if this is the problem causing you stress.

You’ll have to tweak around your lids and ventilation compartment a lot to confirm this problem.

Chip Problems

Probably not something you want to hear, but it is true.

Your wood chips can also be a problem and the reason behind your smoker not working correctly.

It can be because of wood variety or moisture levels.

Another reason your wood chips are not smoking correctly can be the soaking issue.

Sometimes if you switch to a different blend of wood chips, your smoker can take time to get used to the mix.

In the meantime, it may not smoke the chips properly at 225 degrees.

Transition aside, it is also possible that the chip blend isn’t suitable for your smoker, so that they won’t smoke properly.

If your wood chips have moisture imbalance, that could be why you aren’t getting any smoke.

Wood chips have to maintain the perfect moisture balance for a good smoke.

Too much moisture won’t light up; too little humidity, and they’ll burn too fast.

Check your chips’ packaging to see if they have the proper moisture level for wood chips.

Then there is the issue of smoking.

Most electric smokers recommend not soaking the wood chips in water.

The smokehouse doesn’t outright forbid it, but they strongly recommend not soaking your chips for more than 30 minutes.

If you soak them longer or they don’t dry properly before you put them on the tray, chances are you won’t be getting a good smoke.

Unit Issues

As painful as it is, sometimes the smoking issues start because the unit develops some problems.

It could be anything, a broken part or an expired wire.

But one of the reasons why you won’t get any smoke at 225 can be the unit’s manufacturing issues.

If everything else fails, you’ll have to assume this is the reason behind your smoke problem.

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What Should You Do When a Masterbuilt Smokehouse Doesn’t Smoke Wood Chips at 225 Degrees?

Every problem has a solution, and so does this one.

The answers are different depending on what is causing the issue.

Here is a list of things you can do to fix your smokehouse’s problem.

Ensure Airflow

Airflow is one of the main reasons for bad and uneven smoke.

If you aren’t getting proper smoke, start with the Airflow of your smoker.

Find the lid/cover and check if it is open or closed all the way.

You’ll need proper Airflow to make sure your chips are smoking smoothly.

So, tweak around a little and find the perfect balance between the incoming and outgoing flow.

Usually, opening the lid halfway or entirely does the job.

Preheat Your Smoker

Sometimes the old buddy needs a little push to get things going.

It could be because of the heat retention or because your specific brand of wood chips requires preheating.

Either way, this seems to be a solution in some cases.

Turn off your smoker and wait a few minutes.

Please turn it on and preheat it to full power.

Load the chip tray, crank the power down, and smoke like you regularly would.

If this doesn’t work, move to the next steps.

Use a Propane Torch

Sometimes the wood chips take a long time to come in contact with the bottom chips, so the smoke doesn’t generate evenly.

One way you can solve this problem is with a propane torch.

Load your chips on the tray.

Shake them nicely and light them up with a propane torch.

Once you see the fire spreading, dump them all in and put the tray back.

It usually solves the problem if a misplaced tray causes it.

But this is a temporary solution.

Get Your Tray Fixed

If a misplaced tray causes the problem, you’ll have to fix it from the root.

A propane torch is a solution, but that is a temporary one.

Get your smoker to cool down.

Once it is chilled, take the chip tray and look for the burner.

Check the bracket and ensure it holds your burner up instead of down.

Check the springs, too; if they look loosened up, you’ll have to replace them.

Get Quality Wood Chips

Quality matters a lot when it comes to wood chips.

Make sure you’re getting your wood chips from a trusted manufacturer.

If the blend isn’t working, try switching between them.

Dry your wood chips properly and if nothing works, consider switching to pellets.

If the problem was your wood chips, pellets should work just fine for you.

Change the Unit

It is very much the last resort.

If nothing else works for your smokehouse, the smoke issue is because of a factory defect.

If you feel like that’s the case, contact your supplier and get a new smokehouse unit.

Final Thoughts

What should you do if your Masterbuilt smokehouse won’t smoke wood chips at 225 degrees?

Well, now you know the answer.

Ensure you’re tweaking everything after the unit has chilled down, or you’ll have a big chance of injuring yourself.




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