Cold Smoke Attachment For Masterbuilt Smokers: How To Use It?

Cold Smoke Attachment For Masterbuilt Smokers
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As you experience your Masterbuilt smoker, you’ll likely start looking online for what else you can smoke to get the most out of your smoker and enjoy some new foods, which is where you may stumble upon using it to cold smoke certain food.

Masterbuilt smokers aren’t typically designed to cold smoke, but you can buy a cold smoke attachment for Masterbuilt smokers and install them reasonably easily.

Can I Cold Smoke With A Masterbuilt Smoker?

A Masterbuilt smoker is not designed explicitly for cold smoking, which is why you need to purchase a cold smoke attachment for Masterbuilt smokers.

However, the design of the Masterbuilt smoker is perfect for cold smoking; it works in exactly the same way as hot smoking, except you don’t turn on your smoker and just use it to hold the meat, cheese, or other food, and contain the smoke your cold smoke attachment is creating.

Cold Smoke vs. Hot Smoke Wood Fuel

One big aspect to consider when switching from hot smoke to cold smoke with a Masterbuilt smoker is the fuel source.

You want to produce enough smoke to get great flavor, but you don’t want to produce too much heat from a fast and hot burning wood.

Wood pellets or wood dust are the best options to use when cold smoking with your Masterbuilt smoker.

They will smolder at low temperatures and last much longer than wood chips which burn too hot to be effective with cold smoking.

When you’re moving from hot smoking to cold smoking, the type of wood is often the biggest challenge or change that you need to figure out so that your food doesn’t cook.

How Do You Use A Masterbuilt Cold Smoker Attachment?

Each cold smoke attachment for Masterbuilt smokers are used slightly differently.

Some are simply placed into your Masterbuilt smoker, while others attach to the outside of your smoker through the woodchip loading tray.

In all situations, you only ignite the wood chips in the cold smoker attachment; you do not turn on your smoker; otherwise, the minimum heat of the actual smoker will stop cold smoking and turn it into a hot smoking environment.

For digital cold smoker attachments, you load the wood chips or pellets and turn on the electric cold smoker.

It will start to produce smoke and pump it into your Masterbuilt smoker, and then you simply wait.

For manual cold smoker attachments, you load the wood chips or pellets, set them on fire and wait a short period of time and then blow the flame out.

The wood chips or pellets should continue to smolder and produce smoke; you leave the smoker attachment inside the Masterbuilt smoker.

If your cold smoke timing on your food is longer than the maximum smoke time on your attachment, you will need to refill the wood pellets to ensure you get the extra smoke you want.

Best Cold Smoke Attachment For Masterbuilt Smoker

Masterbuilt Slow Smoker Attachment

The Masterbuilt cold smoke attachment for Masterbuilt smokers is the top choice and easily attaches to your digital electric smoker.

Its purpose-built for Masterbuilt smokers, so there is no customization or fiddling around required; it simply plugs in and starts working.

With a 6 hour smoking time, it’s effective but does require refilling with wood for longer cold smokes, though at 6 hours, it’s one of the longest cold smoking options on the market outside of passive smokers that simply burn wood.


  • Plug and play installation for your Masterbuilt electric smoker
  • Works with any type of wood fuel
  • Easy wood chip feeding system to keep burning and replacing wood chips


  • Only designed for Masterbuilt electric smokers
  • It will only run for 6 hours, which is too short for many cold smoking tasks
  • It relies on electricity to operate

Smoke Daddy 8 Inch Cold Smoker Generator

The Smoke Daddy can work as a cold smoke attachment for Materbuilt smokers; the process to install it simply requires a small hole to be drilled into your smoker and the piping attached and secured.

It has a flexible smoke output for your smoker, so you can adjust depending on your requirements or the food inside.

However, you will need to keep refilling the wood after each hour that you require smoke.

Because this cold smoke attachment is on the outside, you don’t need to worry about losing smoke or flavor by opening it when you refuel, and it can take most types of wood, so you won’t need to buy anything special, as some cold smoke attachments require.


  • Flexible smoke production
  • High smoke output
  • It can be used for hot or cold smoking
  • Flexible on the wood type (pellet, chip, etc.)


  • Short smoking time of 1 hour
  • Must drill a hole into your smoker

Realcook Cold Smoke Generator

The Realcook cold smoke generator is a low-cost but effective cold smoke attachment for Masterbuilt smokers.

It requires you light it and then place it inside your Masterbuilt smoker, but the upside is that it will produce smoke for 18-24 hours, so it is perfect for long cold smoke requirements when you don’t want to keep watch.

One of the big issues that people face with this cold smoker generator is that it may go out; it’s important only to use fine dry sawdust and not to pack it too tightly.

If the sawdust isn’t fine or is damp, it may go out and cause problems.

Otherwise, it’s a superior cold smoker when you need to smoke something for a long time.

Most of the electric or external cold smokers have a limited smoking time that requires you babysit them.


  • Low cost
  • Easily removable and stored when not in use
  • 18-24 Hours of cold smoking, which is much higher than many of the expensive options


  • Large and takes up space in your smoker
  • Must use fine dry sawdust as a fuel source

Smokehouse Cold Smoke Generator

The Smokehouse cold smoke generator is a small and easy-to-use cold smoke attachment for all Masterbuilt smokers and any other grill or smoker you care to use it on.

It’s ideal for shorter cold smoking periods as it will consistently last for 3 hours before you need to refuel it with wood pellets.

It does produce a high amount of smoke for people that really want a strong smokey flavor with their cold smoking.

The only real downsides are that it requires cleaning after each use, or the smoke pipe can clog up.

It doesn’t have adjustable smoke output, so if you only like light smokey flavor, this isn’t a good option for you.


  • Portable and can be used on any type of grill or smoker
  • Easily mountable to the side of the smoker or to a wall nearby
  • High smoke output
  • Consistent timing on length of cold smoking


  • 3 hours of cold smoking before you need to replace wood pellets
  • Electricity required to operate
  • Requires cleaning after each use or may clog up

A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker

The A-MAZE-N pellet smoker is a low-cost but extremely effective cold smoke attachment for Masterbuilt smokers.

You only need to fill it with wood dust or pellets, light it up, and place it inside your Masterbuilt smoker, and you’ve got up to 11 hours of smoke before you’ll need to replace it.


One thing to note is that the type of wood pellets or wood dust may burn faster, so keep an eye on how long smoke is produced the first time you use a new fuel source.


  • Long burning time of 11+ hours for longer cold smoking
  • Low-cost alternative to try out cold smoking
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Portable


  • Must be placed inside your smoker, which can be problematic for flavor on longer cold smokes due to creosote formation.
  • Can’t increase or reduce the amount of smoke produced
  • It takes up space in your smoker
  • It only produces smoke but doesn’t distribute or blow it around the smoker

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to use the cold smoke attachments for Masterbuilt smoker. 

There are cold smoker attachments that are best suitable to your Masterbuilt smoker.

So that you can cold smoke to get the most out of your smoker and enjoy some new foods.

This will take your smoking experience to the next level with your smoker.

Happy Smoking!!!


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