What Masterbuilt Dual Fuel Smoker Modifications Can Be Done?:10 Most Useful Modifications!

Masterbuilt Dual Fuel Smoker Modifications
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Masterbuilt smokers are excellent entry-level smokers because they work extremely well for lower prices.

However, once you’ve been using your Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker for a while, you’ll want to look at adding Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications to get even better performance out of your smoker without upgrading or breaking the bank on custom kits.

By making a few minor modifications to your Masterbuilt smoker, you can get superior smoking for your meats, and we’ve detailed the most popular, easiest to do, and more useful Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications below.

Most Useful Masterbuilt Dual Fuel Smoker Modifications

Dedicated Temperature Probe Inserts

When you’re keeping an eye on the temperature of your meat, you should be using a temperature probe; one of the issues you’ll face is that the Masterbuilt smoker has no entry points for a probe aside from doors.

When you put your wires through the doors, you break the seal, and you can damage your wires over the life of your temperature probe.

So, if it’s an expensive probe, you’re limiting its life and costing yourself money.

Adding some high-temperature grommets or other access points is one of the best Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications you can make.

It allows you to keep your seals tight and smoke in the smoker, and it keeps your temperature probes running for longer.

It’s a quick and easy installation by drilling a 1.25” hole for the grommet.

You can install multiple grommets in different locations to use various temperature probes in different meats as needed.

Add A Shelf For Loading Meat & Holding Equipment

One of the quickest and easiest Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications is to add a folding shelf to the side of your smoker.

When you’re trying to load multiple trays of meat and organize where everything is going, you need a place to hold everything to maneuver the meat around inside the smoker.

You’ll also find that for your equipment, including your meat probe controllers that it’s better to have them lying on or attached to the shelf rather than on the ground or side of the smoker.

It can make them last longer with fewer issues from escalating smoke and heat.

You can repurpose one of the folding shelves off Amazon, or Masterbuilt sells a folding shelf kit directly from their website.

Typically, these are for electric smokers, but you can easily modify and use them on your Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker.

Add High-Temperature Gaskets To Seal In Smoke

One of the big problems with Masterbuilt smokers is the escaping smoke, so one of the Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications you can do, which is quick, easy, and cheap, is to add high-temperature gaskets around the doors of your Masterbuilt smoker.

Your best option is to add something like the lavalock high temp gasket, which is self-adhesive and will handle the heat coming from your Masterbuilt smoker without having to damage or reapply anything constantly to seal the smoke in.

If you’re constantly losing smoke, you’re not going to be getting the flavors and smokiness you may want.

Releasing smoke should be something you control, not just done randomly by escaping through leaks in the door.

Add A Smokestack To Your Masterbuilt Smoker

Masterbuilt dual fuel smokers don’t come with a smokestack in general to save costs, and the smoke is released through a hole in the top.

The biggest issue you’ll face with that is the mess on your smoker and surrounding equipment, which can include your controllers and temperature probes.

One of your first Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications should be to install a smokestack to your Masterbuilt smoker.

This allows you to redirect the smoke away from your smoker and equipment and have more control over the release of the smoke.

You can install a standard smoke stack just to push the smoke away and give yourself better control over the temperature and smoke release.

You can also add some ducting to the smokestack so you can add it to the top of an enclosure or move the smoke further away.

Install A Charcoal Smoker Fan For Improved Temperature Control

If accurate temperatures and the ability to modify smoke flow while you’re not around is important, then one of the better Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications is to install a charcoal smoker fan which will allow you to wirelessly control and check the smoke flow from your charcoal chamber.

This means you don’t need to sit around and keep manually modifying the smoke flow as your temperature goes up and down or to modify when you release more smoke.

You’ll have access to a phone app that lets you monitor the flow of the smoke from your charcoal chamber and set the speed on the fan.

It’s a great way to upgrade your Masterbuilt smoker, especially if you want to control everything from your phone.

Mount Casters On The Legs Of Your Masterbuilt Smoker

Some people build enclosures for your Masterbuilt smokers, while others lug the smoker in and out of the garage when they want to use it.

Either way, leaving your Masterbuilt smoker outside to the elements is going to reduce the lifespan of your smoker.

One of the easier Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications to move your smoker around is by adding casters to the legs of your smoker.

Some Masterbuilt dual fuel smokers come with casters on 2 of the wheels, but that still requires some effort to move, and those casters may not be adequate for your environment.

If you have an especially heavy smoker or you need to drag it for longer distances or over grass or gravel, then replacing the casters with better heavy-duty casters will be a great modification to make your life easier.

Add Insulation To Your Masterbuilt Smoker

If your Masterbuilt smoker is left outside and you’re working with a single-walled smoker, then colder temperatures can cause issues with getting your smoker up to higher temperatures.

Some people may add a water pan with heated water to help with this, but that can lead to corrosion on your smoker.

One of the better Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications is to add external insulation to your smoker.

This is a simple mod of buying and cutting some hardibacker board with an insulation barrier to ensure the heat and cold stay away from your smoking process.

Ensure that whatever material you use for insulation can handle temperatures up to at least the max temp for your Masterbuilt smoker.

Add A Needle Valve To Your Masterbuilt Smoker To Adjust Flame

The Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker comes with a knob on the front, which allows you to adjust the propane flow and flame when cooking meats; however, it’s not ideal or as accurate as you may want if you’re looking to get exact temperatures on your smoking process.

One of the super easy Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications is to add a propane needle valve between your propane tank and your burner.

This allows you to have much more control over the flame and temperature of your smoking process.

Replace Your Chip Holder With a Cast Iron Skillet Pan

One of the issues that many people face with their Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker is the wood chip pan allowing too much heat and fire coming up from the propane burner, which can cause a fire or just generally poorer quality smoke.

You can replace the standard tray with a cast iron skillet pan, and your wood chips will be safe from actually catching fire, and the heat will cause them to smoke rather than the fire.

You’ll want to buy a dedicated cast iron skillet rather than using one from the kitchen, as it could ruin the pan, but at $25, it should last you a long time as a dedicated chip burner.

Upgrade Your Temperature Probes

If you’re serious about keeping your meat at exact temperatures and pulling everything out when it’s perfect, then you should be looking for one of the easier Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker modifications.

By upgrading your temperature probes, you can wirelessly check your meat without constantly going outside, and the temperature is more accurate than the cheaper temperature probes you get.

You can get a range of temperature probes at different prices, but $25 is around the minimum you’ll pay for a wireless temperature probe.

If you combine this with the high-temperature grommet modification, then your probe will last a lot longer.

Related Questions

Can you use lump charcoal in Masterbuilt Dual Fuel smoker?

Yes, you can use lump charcoal in Masterbuilt Dual Fuel smoker.

 Masterbuilt 40 in. Dual Fuel Propane Gas and Charcoal Smoker accommodate a full slab of baby back ribs without cutting them shorter?

Yes , the Masterbuilt 40 in dual fuel smoker can accommodate a full slab of baby back ribs without cutting them.

The meat will also shrink as it cooks.

How many pounds of charcoal will the wood chip tray hold in Masterbuilt 40 in. Dual Fuel Smoker?

 About 1-3 handfuls of charcoal will the wood tray hold depend on what your cooking. A bigger pan would not fit without set the whole thing on fire because of too much heat.

It could probably hold 25 briquettes in there.

 Can Masterbuilt Dual Fuel smoker be left outside if it has a cover on it?

 Yes, Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker can be left outside covered when not used

Can you also use wood in Masterbuilt Dual fuel smoker?

Yes, you can use wood chips in Masterbuilt dual fuel smoker.You can use the packaged wood chips soaked in water.

Some of Masterbuilt users use propane for heat and add wood chunks over the burner for great smoky flavor.







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