Masterbuilt Smoker Not Turning On?: Here’re The Easy Fixes!

Masterbuilt Smoker Not Turning On
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Even the best equipment can sometimes fail to run smoothly.

It is quite normal for electric smokers to show some difficulties, either because they haven’t been used for a while or due to a lack of knowledge about the system.

Are you struggling because your Masterbuilt smoker is not turning on?

Some of the common causes you should look into including main circuit failure, issues in the heating element and connector, thermostat, temperature settings, and damaged extension cord.

Your Masterbuilt smoker also not turning on may due to an issue with the controller and power light.

Don’t worry because this article will reflect on the reasons in detail why your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on and their fixes so that you can enjoy your BBQ without any interruptions.

So, if you’re having trouble with your smoker turning on, make sure to stick till the end.

Why Masterbuilt Smoker Won’t Turn On?- Causes

There could be several possible issues why your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on, depending on different external and internal faults.

Electric smokers from Masterbuilt don’t usually become too hot.

The average temperature ranges between 210- and 250-degrees Fahrenheit, so any fluctuations within this range are normal, and you shouldn’t worry about it.

Let’s take a look at them in detail.

The Issue With Main Circuit

Found at the back of the Masterbuilt smoker is the main circuit board responsible for power distribution throughout the smoker.

The board takes the AC power from your outlet and passes the electrical energy to the necessary components that require heat.

The compartment where the board rests is not moisture or greaseproof, so there is a chance that some amount of grease or moisture has accumulated over a period of time jamming the circuits.

The issue can be detected if you notice that your smoker hasn’t drained anything of the liquid after usage.

Where did all the grease and moisture get stored up?

You got it right!

Now, here is a common reason why your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on.

Heating Element Not Functioning

Check the heating element first before touching anything else to find out why your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on.

The heating element is what provides the energy for smoking and grilling your meat.

It converts the electrical energy received from the circuit and converts it to heat.

After a good amount of time and usage, there might be a short circuit in the plugging system or the heating element which disrupts the process of energy conversion.

To inspect the heating element, you need to remove the cover plate by unscrewing the corners and one standing support.

If there are no breaks or problems with the heating element, move onto the back panel where the connections of the heating element are found.

Due to heat and moisture, the copper connector connected to the heating element can corrode and the wires become loose.

This sort of problem usually arises due to inefficient cleaning or if the connector is of poor quality.

You will easily know any problem with the connections because there will be visible defects, such as charred, corroded wires, and loose connections that you might want a professional to take care of.

Faulty Thermostat

Masterbuilt smoker comes with an in-built thermostat and usually shuts off when there is an electrical failure within the appliance to prevent any further damage.

A malfunctioning thermostat is another issue you will have to look into when trying to figure out why your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on.

There might be semi-solid material stuck in your thermostat that needs immediate attention, or the thermostat has reached its peak age and requires a new one.

Temperature Settings

Temperature is an important setting when it comes to getting your smoker to work properly.

If the temperature in your Masterbuilt smoker is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then it won’t turn on.

The issue usually lies in the temperature control panel.

When your smoker fails to get the right amount of heat or receives too much, it isn’t triggered to turn on.

Damage in Extension Cord

Extension cords regulate the voltage supplied to your smoker.

A damaged extension cord is another reason why your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on, which can spark a fire.

Masterbuilt smoker’s extension cord usually gets damaged due to prolonged use or when excessive current passes through it.

Perhaps, your smoker’s extension cord is aged, resulting in an outdated cord that can’t collect adequate current.

Faulty Controller

The controller is an important part of the Masterbuilt smoker.

If your smoker controller fails, your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on.

The controller failure occurs due to a blank or locked display, the controller without the primary AC power, the controller failing to recognize the module, the sensor failing to shut down the controller, smoker display flashing any error code, etc.

 Defective Power Light

When the power light of your Masterbuilt smoker doesn’t turn on, it produces an interruption in turning on the smoker.

There is a defect in power light that occurs due to inappropriate plugging of smoker power light into the wall, tripping of house fuse.

It also happens because the controller wire connector and smoker are not connected properly.

Fixes of Masterbuilt Smoker Not Turning On

After figuring out the issue, it’s easy to fix the problem.

While some can be resolved with simple cleaning and reconnecting, others might need a replacement.

Let’s take a look at the solutions to the problems.

Clean Your Main Circuit

Mostly, it’s the grease that disrupts the electricity of your main circuit.

To clean it off, take off the board and let it run under hot water for about 20 minutes until you get the majority of grease out.

Let it sit for a while, and then gently heat your circuit before attaching it back in.

Replace The Controller

If your Masterbuilt smoker is not turning on, you need to inspect the controller carefully.

If you are not able to do this, hire a technician to solve the problem of your controller’s defects.

If there is a fault in the controller, you need to replace the controller with a new one and your smoker will turn on smoothly.

Fix The Heating Element

You should ensure right from the beginning that you are in possession of a high-quality heating element.

Make sure to regularly clean the debris and grease residue to prevent any corrosion or breaks in the heating element.

The connector is located in the electric compartment at the back, so you can easily take a look at any corrosion.

You can get a new connector with less than a dollar, but make sure it complements well with your heating element.

To replace the connector, heat the copper connection between the connector and the heating element using a propane torch to replace the connector.

It should be hot enough to be easily pulled off by the plier.

Following that, use a rotary tool to clean off the excess.

By combining male and female 14-16 AWG connectors, replace all connections that are in bad condition.

After that, you can screw the cover plates back up, and you have your heating element fixed.

Clean or Replace The Thermostat

Your smoker will smoothly run if you first and foremost change an aged thermostat.

They refuse to supply enough current.

If that’s not the case, then you have to clean the slurry residue causing hindrance to your thermostat.

You should make sure to timely use your Masterbuilt smoker; not too frequently with short cycles or too long by continuously running it.

While smoking, make sure the smoker doesn’t overheat too much because this puts pressure on the thermostat, which will need to be repaired.

Right Temperature Settings

You need to make sure that the Masterbuilt smoker’s temperature is at least above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to allow enough energy to heat the smoker.

As mentioned previously, Masterbuilt smoker’s cooking temperature ranges from 210 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

In case of an overheating smoker or any temperature control issues, you should contact a professional to take care of it because it is risky to handle anything without the right tools.

Replace The Extension Cord

If a damaged extension cord is the reason your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on, it is high time to replace it with a new one.

Another solution you should consider is using the extension cord sparingly.

We are all aware that overuse of any appliance lessens its expected lifespan.

Ensure that the wire’s current flow is regulated because too much or too little can damage your extension cord and your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on.

Warm Up the Temperature Probe

If the temperature is below 40 degrees F, your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on.

For this, you can apply a simple and quick trick.

All you need to do is warm up the temperature probe to 40F and it would work just fine.

You can use a handheld hair dryer or a warmed-up shop vac to warm the temperature probe up.

Fix The Power Light

If you find that there is a faulty power light that causes the problem in turning on the smoker, then you should fix the power light.

You can fix the power light by checking the household fuse or inspecting the connections.

Important Facts About Using Masterbuilt Smoker

1. Wood chip loader and wood chip holder should be in place when using a smoker.

This eliminates the chance of wood flare-ups.

Wood chips should be used in order to produce smoke and create the smoky flavored food.

2. Check grease tray often during cooking sessions. If you find the grease tray full, make it empty.

3. Do not open the smoker door frequently. Opening the smoker door leads to heat escaping and may cause wood to flare up.

4. Do not leave old wood ashes in the wood tray for long. Once ashes get cold, empty the tray.

You should clean the tray prior to and after each use which helps to prevent ash buildup.

Final Thoughts

The causes mentioned above are some of the common reasons why your Masterbuilt smoker won’t turn on.

The solutions to the problems should help you with getting your smoker to work again.

If the problems persist, you should contact their help center for further instructions and professional help.




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