Why Is Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code EAA1 Ruining My Smoker Experience?

Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code EAA1
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If you’ve purchased a Masterbuilt Smoker and you’re now receiving the notorious Masterbuilt smoker error code EAA1, you’re not alone, so don’t worry, as we’re going to be reviewing the causes and fixes for this annoying error code so that you can get back on with enjoying your smoker experience.

The Masterbuilt smoker error code EAA1 indicates that your smoker is too cold.

The biggest problem is that people often get this error code almost instantly when the smoker is turned on, so it’s a little troubling to think the system needs instant heat, or it errors out and stops working.

Don’t panic as we’re going through some of the causes and fixes for the error code EAA1.

How Do I Fix Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code EAA1?

There are a few different reasons for the Masterbuilt smoker error code EAA1 problem that many people face with some simple solutions, which I’m listing below for you to try out.

It’s Too Cold Outside

One of the most common reasons for this error code is that it’s too cold where your smoker is sitting.

The temperature probe is designed to error out when it falls below a specific temperature, which is not specifically documented by Masterbuilt but has been found through trial and error by many people online.

So if your smoker is sitting outside and it’s very cold, then this could be your problem, and we’ve got a simple DIY fix to get you back up and running so that your meat gets smoked and not wasted due to poor design on Masterbuilt’s part.

If this is your first time using the smoker, then your area may just be generally too cold to effectively use it outside or in the location you have it, which is frustrating, especially if your area spends a lot of time in sub-freezing temperatures.

However, if it’s been working well for a while and just started erroring out now, then consider if the temperature has recently dropped or if it was particularly cold last night or right now.

If you’re sitting in subfreezing temperatures all of a sudden and your Masterbuilt smoker is throwing this error; then it’s simply too cold for it.

Fix 1: Heat Up The Temperature Probe

The temperature probe is not trying to determine the outside temperature and shouldn’t really care about that.

But because your Masterbuilt smoker isn’t on, then the only temperature it can detect is what’s happening outside at the moment, and because the temperature probe has determined it’s too cold there is no opportunity for the smoker to build the heat up to a level the probe is happy with.

You need to find a way to heat the temperature probe temporarily.

Most people suggest using a hairdryer to blow hot air on the temperature probe for 1-2 minutes so that it heats up to a reasonable temperature and then immediately turn the smoker on so that it can get the heat up before the temperature probe drops back below the minimum temperature requirements.

You’ll find the temperature probe inside and on the back wall of the smoker compartment. Otherwise, your temperature probe may be a digital display on the top of your smoker.

This is potentially the simplest option to try first, and while it’s not technical and doesn’t solve the overall problem, it gets you back on track to smoke your meat without having to deal with error codes while standing in subfreezing temperatures.

Fix 2: Move Your Masterbuilt Smoker

If you tried to heat the temperature probe and it did work, then you now know that it’s just too cold where you have your smoker.

You’ll need to consider if there are other better locations, such as behind a wall if there is a cold wind that could be causing the temperature probe to stay low, inside a garage which is certainly not ideal, or you could look to build a small structure around your temperature probe.

Adding a quick, cheap structure around your smoker with a little ventilation may be a reasonable option based on where your smoker is right now and your level of handyman skills to build the structure.

If you’re happy to keep blow drying the temperature probe during winter, then continue doing that as there are no real ill effects.

Fix 3: Install A PID

If using a hairdryer, moving your smoker, or building a small structure doesn’t sound like a good idea, then you can consider replacing your basic temperature controller with a more advanced PID controller.

A PID is a proportional, integral, derivative, and it’s basically an advanced temperature controller which will handle subfreezing temperatures and give you a more accurate temperature, as well as allow you to set the temperature that you want in your smoker.

The downside to this method is that it adds additional cost and complexity through installation, and you may not want to make changes to your smoker.

The upside is that you get more accurate readings, subfreezing temperatures are handled, depending on which PID you get.

You can control and check all PID readings and settings through an app on your phone while you’re sitting inside, which is ideal for subfreezing temperatures.

Your Masterbuilt Smoker Is Overloaded

If you’ve loaded your Masterbuilt smoker chock full of food and trays, or you’ve included tinfoil under some of the meat, then your smoker can have issues distributing heat evenly and cause a valid low heat warning in the smoker.

If your temperature sensor is working correctly and it’s simply that there is inadequate airflow, then your meat can also cook unevenly and may not be safe to eat, so it’s essential to fix the overloading of the smoker.

Fix: Don’t Overload Your Smoker

If you can clearly see your smoker is overloaded with too much meat, trays, and you’ve added tinfoil under the meat, then your only solution is to deload your smoker.

So that airflow can work correctly and your meat can cook evenly.

If you desperately want to cook that much meat, then you need to buy a bigger smoker.

 Your Masterbuilt Temperature Probe Wires Are Loose

If this is a new unit or you’ve recently moved, or for whatever reason, your smoker was bumped and moved around, it’s possible that the wires which connect the temperature probe reader to the actual probe have become loose, which means that your temperature probe never registers the correct temperature and always believes it’s too cold.

You can quickly test this out using the blow dryer method above.
However, if the temperature never changes after blasting it for 1-2 minutes, then there is something wrong with the probe that you’ll need to check out.

Fix: Reseat The Temperature Probe

Depending on which Masterbuilt smoker you have, you may simply be able to lift off the temperature probe and see where the wires are.

You can attempt to unplug and reattach the wires to see if that fixes the problem.

Check both ends if you can see that.

In some older Masterbuilt smokers, you will need to unbolt the temperature probe and follow the wiring, which will require additional disassembly of the part of the smoker.

So you can see both ends of the wire and ensure everything is attached correctly.

Your Masterbuilt Smoker Hasn’t Been Cleaned

A common issue for Masterbuilt smokers that have been used for some time can be that the smoker has not been cleaned.

As a result, over time, the heat and moisture inside the smoker have corroded or damaged the writing between the temperature probe display and the actual probe; this can cause a similar issue as mentioned in #2 above.

But the fix is more entailed than simply reattaching the wires.

If you remove the temperature probe display and check the wiring, you may see that it looks dirty and corroded.

You can test the temperature probe by using a hairdryer to see if it works at all.

If the temperature display does not work and your wiring looks corroded or is completely detached, then it’s time to look at fixes.

Fix 1: Clean Your Masterbuilt Smoker

If your Masterbuilt Smoker is filthy, then an easy fix and something you should be doing anyway are to give it a complete cleaning; you’ll want to take everything out you can, scrub all components and internal parts of the smoker.

Remove the temperature probe and sensor to see if those can be cleaned as well, be careful of getting water inside your temperature probe display; you may want to use some alcohol swabs to clean the sensor.

Put everything back in and reset your sensor using a hairdryer to see if it’s now registering correct temperatures.

Fix 2: Replace The Wiring

Find where the temperature sensor is connected to the back of the Masterbuilt smoker, which should be a small box.

Depending on the age, you can unclip the cover, or you’ll need to break it off or unscrew the bolts holding the cover in place.

Check the connector that is looking corroded and find a replacement at your local hardware store.

You’ll need to cut the old connector off and use a pair of wire crimpers to connect the new connector, and then put it back in place.

Screw back in or replace the cover, and then you can test the temperature sensor out again using a hairdryer.

Related Questions

Who makes Masterbuilt smoker?

Masterbuilt Manufacturing company is a leading designer of outdoor cooking appliances.

The company offers branded smokers, ceramic and traditional grills, fryers, charcoal, and other accessories.

The Masterbuilt smoker is made by Dominus Capital.

Can I line my Masterbuilt Gravity Series smoker racks/grates with foil?

Some of you might line your Masterbuilt smoker grates with foil.

But it is not advised by Masterbuilt as it adversely affects the optimal airflow and cooking results.

Can you cold smoke in a Masterbuilt smoker?

Yes, you can cold smoke in a Masterbuilt smoker.

If you have a Masterbuilt electric smoker, then a cold smoking kit is a great and easy option.

You can get continuous smoke for up to 6 hours, at a temperature of 100-120°F.

Final Thoughts

If your Masterbuilt Smoker acting up and throwing Eaa1 error code, don’t get panic.

Now you know how to deal with this issue.

There are some easy fixes that solve this error quickly.

Find the right reason behind the issue and fix it accordingly.

Happy Smoking!!!






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