How to Connect Masterbuilt Bluetooth App to Your Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker?

How to connect Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker to App
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Available in iOS and android, the Masterbuilt Bluetooth app lets you cook in your Masterbuilt Smoker just by sitting idle anywhere.

This app has made charcoal grilling and smoking easier now, so if you plan for a BBQ session, you just have to tap on your phone.

You can control grilling and smoke with this new Masterbuilt app, set temperature and time, and monitor your cooking just from your portable device.

Do you know how to connect Masterbuilt smoker Bluetooth?

First, you just need to download the app on your phone, and second, read the article for the basic instructions.

What is the Masterbuilt Smoker Bluetooth App?

Masterbuilt Smoker Bluetooth app is software that connects to your mobile device and helps you monitor your cook.

Of course, to use the app, you need to have a Masterbuilt engraved electric smoker with a Bluetooth feature.

The app has numerous features and guidelines that will help you understand the concept of this app and how to connect Masterbuilt smoker Bluetooth.

It has options that will guide you to connect to your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker and choose the type of cook you want your smoker to do.

You can find many options of different food on the app that you can cook on your smoker.

For example, smoked mac and cheese, smoked rib, smoked eggs, and many more.

When you choose a specific recipe to cook for your smoker, the app will list the number of ingredients and the instructions for that particular recipe.

The app also shows how long each recipe will take to get cooked.

You can also manually set the timer and the temperature and monitor the smoker.

The innovative features of the Masterbuilt smoker Bluetooth app not only helps you with your cooking but also guide you to be an excellent cook.

How to Connect Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker to App?

Since you already know about the Masterbuilt Smoker app, let’s focus on how to connect Masterbuilt Smoker Bluetooth.

At first, things might look a bit difficult while installing the app, but not to worry, this article will help you get rid of the dilemma.

To use the app, first, follow the instructions on how to connect Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker.

They are minimal, so you should be able to connect to the app easily.

1.Get the Masterbuilt App for your phone, laptop, or tablet.

2. If you’re using iOS, you can get the app from the App Store, and if you’re using Android, you can get it from Google Play.

3. After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to pair it with your device using Bluetooth.

4. You must first connect the grill to an electrical outlet before you can use the app. Don’t switch it on just yet.

Then, follow these instructions:

1. Select “GET STARTED” from the menu.

2. Enter the secure password for your WIFI network after selecting it.

3. Connect via Bluetooth by turning on the grill and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in the system preferences.

4. Wait for the grill to connect after you click “Connect Your Grill.” You’ll be brought to the next screen to connect via Wi-Fi after you’ve connected.

5. Follow the instructions on the app and then turn on your smoker.

6. Press the “ON/OFF” button on the Smoker Control Panel to turn it on.

7. Press and hold the “SET TEMP” button on the Smoker Control Panel until you can hear a beep sound.

8. On your app, “CONNECT” is a button to press.

This is how your Masterbuilt smoker and your smart device will work together.

You won’t need to bother with the settings after the software is connected and working properly.

9. Tap “DONE” on the app after you’ve typed in a name for your smoker.

10.Wait for the Connected Icon to appear on the app and then tap on the Smoker Image.

11. On your app, for the smoker, tap “SET TEMP” then “SET TIME.”

Set up Wi-Fi on the grill with a good signal.

It is not advisable to use temporary hot spots.

Changes to the modem/router settings may result in the grill losing its Wi-Fi connection, necessitating a new configuration.

On the grill’s controller, is the connection icon blinking Smoker Tips:

Make sure that the Airplane and Power Saving modes are both turned off.

Make sure that your mobile device is fully charged.

Clear the cache files or reinstall the app to remove any saved settings on your phone.

Check to see whether the smoker is connected to any other devices.

Turn your device off for 20-30 seconds.

After you’ve completed the above instructions, start pairing your smartphone with your smoker.

If you’re still having trouble pairing your device with the smoker after completing the steps above, please contact the customer support department.

Why Won’t My Bluetooth Connect to My Masterbuilt Smoker?

Even though the performance of this app is top tier, it can cause problems at times.

Internet connection and the condition of your mobile device are two of the factors that might affect your Masterbuilt smoker app.

If you can find yourself in a situation where your Bluetooth app won’t connect to your Masterbuilt smoker, then there are some things that you need to consider.

1.The Wi-Fi network should be strong.

2. Make sure the setting of the router has not been changed, otherwise you need to repeat the setup.

3. Use the latest version of the app.

4. Clear app cache.

5. Restart your mobile device.

6. Uninstall the app and then reinstall it again.

7. Check if any other devices are connected to the app.

8. Restart the electric smoker.

9. Turn off power saving mode.

10. Turn off aeroplane mode.

Take these factors into your consideration once you start using the app.

There can be a glitch sometimes, but once you refresh the app and the entire setup, you might spot the changes.

If you don’t find a solution after this, try to contact the customer service department.

It is better to stick to the latest versions of the Masterbuilt Bluetooth app since the old features might not work on the smoker.

Why is the Masterbuilt Bluetooth app Not Working?

Some factors might sabotage the Bluetooth connection and it won’t allow your electric smoker to pair with the Masterbuilt Bluetooth app.

One of the major reasons that your Masterbuilt Bluetooth app is not working is maybe because you are using the old version of the app.

Another reason is your slow internet.

There are problems which are solely related to your mobile device.

It is better if you turn off your power-saving mode and aeroplane mode before you connect the Masterbuilt Bluetooth app with your Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker.

You can turn your phone off and restart your device to remove the glitch and try connecting to the app again.

You can also uninstall the Masterbuilt Bluetooth app and reinstall it again.

If your device is full of unnecessary cache, remove them as well.

It’s not always the mobile device which creates problems with the app.

Sometimes you need to check on the Bluetooth smoker too.

You have to make sure that not any other device is connected to the app except for the smoker itself.

You also have to make sure that the Masterbuilt Bluetooth app is only connecting to the Masterbuilt Bluetooth product.

You can also switch your smoker off and turn it on again to check if it connects to the app.

If the smoker itself is faulty, you need to change the machine, and if the app is creating any problem, you need to upgrade it or contact the Masterbuilt customer service department.

Related Questions

Can Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker used without Bluetooth? 

Yes, you can use Maasterbuilt Bluetooth smoker without Bluetooth.

It’s not necessary to use Bluetooth every time.

you can do everything you need to do without using Bluetooth

Does the Bluetooth app for this alert you when the meat has reached the temperature you are desire?

Yes, the Bluetooth app does give you an alert when the probe reaches the pre-set temperature.

Is there a way to power off the Bluetooth on the smoker?

No, on masterbuilt models there is not way to disable Bluetooth feature.

How to reset a masterbuilt smoker?

You can use the reset function by pushing the clear button on the Masterbuilt control panel for around 5 seconds.

You can reset your Masterbuilt smoker in any instance when it is required.

This will return your Masterbuilt smoker to its factory settings.

 Final Thoughts

I have listed down all the information about the Masterbuilt Bluetooth app and how to connect Masterbuilt smoker Bluetooth app to the Masterbuilt Bluetooth electric smoker.

So, if you are new to Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker and don’t know how to connect to Bluetooth this guide will help you.

If you have encountered any issue while pairing your device to Bluetooth, we mentioned some easy fixes.

However, if you are not able to the issue fix yourself contact customer support of Masterbuilt.




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