How Do I Fix Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code 2?: (5 Main Reasons & 7 Easy Solutions)

Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code 2
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Masterbuilt smoker error code 2 is one of four main error codes that you’ll get with your Masterbuilt smoker; it’s frustrating and stops you from getting your meat smoking done; luckily, it’s a common issue, which means you can get it fixed quickly.

Masterbuilt Smoker Error code 2 indicates there is a problem with your meat probe, and the standard advice from Masterbuilt is to contact them to get a replacement.

This indicates it’s most likely a common malfunction with their meat probes that they’re willing to just send replacements.

Detailed below are the most common issues and fixes for Mastebuilt smoker error code 2 if you don’t want to contact Masterbuilt straight away.

Primary Reasons for Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code 2

Masterbuilt Smoker Meat Probe Is Not Installed

If you’ve just received your Masterbuilt smoker and you instantly get the error code 2 popping up on your display, it could indicate that you failed to install the meat probe or that it’s simply not plugged in.

If you take the meat probe inside during the winter, you may also find that you forgot to bring it back out, which provides an easy fix for the error code 2 that you’re getting.

Masterbuilt Smoker Meat Probe Is Defective

Just like everything else on the Masterbuilt smoker, it’s possible that you’ve got a defective or broken component, and error code 2 indicates that it’s your meat probe that needs to be checked and potentially replaced.

You may have physically damaged the meat probe, or improper use of the smoker may have caused some damage during use.

Masterbuilt Smoker Heating Element Is Defective

If you find that you set the temperature and the temperature increases to a certain point and then drops right back down and throws this error, it could indicate a problem with the heating element or the wiring that connects everything together.

While your meat probe may be fine, the wiring between everything may have been compromised, or the heating element itself may have issues that require attention.

This type of issue is more likely to happen with heavily used and often uncleaned smokers; you may also find charcoal smokers that go through a lot of charcoal can lead to overheating which causes damage to many of the components in the Masterbuilt smoker.

It’s Too Cold For The Masterbuilt Meat Probe

One of the most common issues with Masterbuilt smokers is usage in sub-freezing temperatures outside.

Many people have found that the controller and even the meat probe fail to work correctly when it’s too cold outside.

If it’s sub-freezing or extremely cold and your Masterbuilt meat probe has been sitting outside, you may find that the cold stops the meat probe and other components from working correctly until they’re heated up.

Masterbuilt Smoker Controller Is Malfunctioning

The brains behind your Masterbuilt smoker are all incorporated into your controller, this is ultimately what controls and allows your smoker to run at specific temperatures and for certain lengths of time.

It’s also in charge of displaying errors and stopping your smoker from running when it finds problems.

If your Masterbuilt smoker controller is malfunctioning, it can throw a variety of errors and either stop or hinder the operation of your smoker.

Fixes For Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code 2

Install The Meat Probe

As simple as it sounds, if you’ve removed, never installed, or just purchased your Masterbuilt smoker, then ensure you have installed meat probe into the smoker; otherwise, you’re getting a valid error that’s telling you exactly what’s wrong.

Another simple option is to simply disconnect the meat probe, check the connections on both ends are clear, and plug the meat probe back in.

You may also want to clean the connections with a cloth or use some compressed air to flow any dirt away.

Don’t use an extremely wet cloth or try to use soapy water as this could cause more problems than you want.

Once installed, you can check to see if the Masterbuilt smoker error code 2 has disappeared.

Reset Your Masterbuilt Smoker

Before replacing components of your Masterbuilt smoker or trying to take things apart, it’s a good idea to start fresh and reset your Masterbuilt smoker.

  • Unplug your controller that is displaying error code 2
  • Unplug the Masterbuilt smoker from the wall
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Plug everything back in as it was before
  • Push the clear button on the controller for 5 seconds

You should now have a reset Masterbuilt smoker, and your controller should be reset to factory defaults as well.

This means any strange settings or odd malfunctions that have been introduced to your controller should now be gone.

Check to see if the Masterbuilt smoker error code 2 has disappeared and your smoker now works as expected.

Repair Wiring

Visually inspect your smoker and all wiring; this includes the wires from your meat probe, heating element, and even your controller. If you find burnt or otherwise broken wiring, you will need to get it repaired or attempt to replace the wiring yourself.

If it’s only the end of the wiring that appears burnt, you can cut the wire and connector and take it to a local hardware store for a replacement connector.

It may only cost you $0.10 for the connector, but you’ll also need a crimper to reattach the connector to the wire.

If you’ve got the crimper, attach the wire and crimp the connector back on, plug everything back in, and see whether the error has disappeared.

Replace Meat Probe

Replacing the meat probe only requires that you buy a new meat probe; you can get one from Masterbuilt, or you can buy a third-party one from Amazon that provides better features than the basic options provided by default.

Replacing the meat probe is simple, and you just need to disconnect the old meat probe and attach the new meat probe.

It should be a simple click connector on both ends and doesn’t require any wiring or specialty knowledge, aside from how to plug and unplug things.

Some of the third-party meat probes provide either an alternative display from the main controller or allow you to connect to the meat probe via a Bluetooth connection. This means you can check the meat temperature from inside without having to keep going outside, which can be a huge benefit in the colder months.

Replace Heating Element

To replace your heating element, you will need to contact Masterbuilt for a replacement part, or you can buy new heating element for faster delivery, and they’re reasonably cheap.

The heating element is not screwed in, and you can simply lift it up slightly and then pull it out. You’ll need to reverse the process when installing the new heating element, simply slight it in on an upward angle and then drop the rest on the slots.

You only need to ensure that there is a connection with the grounding wire, but if you install it normally and aren’t moving the wire around, it should just automatically connect.

Remove And Store Masterbuilt Smoker Components Inside

Disconnect your Masterbuilt smoker controller and meat probe during cold winter months and bring them for storage inside.

This will stop them from getting too cold to function.

If you have this problem right now and need to resolve it without waiting, then you can use a hairdryer to heat up the meat probe for 60 seconds and then take it back out to connect and get the smoker going again.

The benefit of taking these components inside is that they’re safe, warm, and less likely to get water damage while outside.

Replace Masterbuilt Smoker Controller

A Masterbuilt smoker controller that continuously throws errors will likely need to be replaced. You can contact Masterbuilt for the exact replacement part, or you can upgrade with a new controller that provides enhanced functionality and faster delivery.

The installation is simple; you can unscrew and unclip the old controller, the wire should be attached with a standard connector.

Attach the new controller to the connector and screw it into place on the Masterbuilt smoker.

Depending on how much you spend, you can get Bluetooth or wifi-enabled controllers and even a combination pack of controller and meat probes that are fully integrated and allow you to control and check everything from your phone.

Related Questions

Can pellets be used in place of wood chips in Masterbuilt electric smokers?

No, you cant use pellets in Masterbuilt electric smoker.

The smoke and form of heating won’t work with pellets. For best smoke, you need to make sure to use chips, not wood chunks.

Can Masterbuilt smoker get rained on?

No, Masterbuilt smoker cannot be rained on.

Masterbuilt manual says that “After cleaning, store smoker in a covered and dry area.”

It smoker stays in rain, it will rust.  It will also ruin the control unit.

What does MP1 mean on Masterbuilt smoker?

MP1 mean on Masterbuilt smoker is Meat Probe.

You can set the meat probe by pressing button and turn knob to select meat probe (MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4).



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