Nexgrill Igniter Not Clicking?: 5 Reasons & 5 Easy Solutions!

Nexgrill Igniter Not Clicking
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Upon purchasing a Nexgrill barbeque grill there should be nothing but merry-making and fun times.

These fun times with family and friends can sometimes take longer to start when meat isn’t on the grill.

With the Nexgrill igniters, there should be no issues with clicking or the actual sparking.

However, when this occurs, there are reasonable and explainable reasons for the occurrence.

Some of the causes of this technical issue center on usage, cleanliness and of course integrity.

Thus, with a Nexgrill igniter not clicking, there could be several reasons.

However, most Nexgrill owners prefer not to take on the alternative, which involves using matches to ignite the burners.

Nexgrill Igniter Not Clicking – Reasons

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Here are a few reasons your Nexgrill igniter may not be working according to specifications.

The good news is that all reasons or causes have easy-to-do fixes; most of which do not require professional assistance.


With time and of course some heavy grilling, the igniter will come across excessive gunk.

This includes cooking oil that either drips off the top panels, or which has been sputtering off pans and pots for a while now.

This grease undoubtedly causes the Nexgrill igniter not clicking problem.

Eventually, the igniter will not turn at all or when it does, it performs the act too slowly.

This slower than normal movement means it will create the clicking sound, let alone igniting.


Every part of a component wears out with usage.

The Nexgrill barbeque is no exception.

Time has a way of wearing-and-tearing most components and the igniter should be first to go.

Every barbeque requires turning the igniter, sometimes more than a dozen times during one grilling session.

It should come as no surprise that your igniter has become almost useless and you need to make use of matchsticks.

Although these are not anyone’s favorite mode of lighting up burners, they have been known to work just as well.


All household components get moved from time to time.

Sometimes, this moving involves relocation to other parts of the home, or another location.

Parts are likely to slide out of place during such relocations.

Interestingly enough, when moving such appliances amateur movers grab hold of any part on the grill.

Sometimes, this involves the dials on the front, a handlebar or when hoping to grab anything, a hand might grab hold of an igniter.

Sounds a little extreme but many owners know the damage that occurs to several parts of a unit during moving.


In some cases, the module might be battery operated.

In this case, the battery might have run low on power or be completely dead.

Checking the battery for continuity requires a meter and can sometimes be tricky, if you are not as tech-savvy.

Thus, if you are experiencing a Nexgrill igniter not clicking problem, be sure to check the battery along with the aforementioned causes.


Cleaning your grill is all dandy until too much water gets into the igniter parts.

Incidentally, the igniter module has several pieces making the full unit.

Water sipping slowly through these parts can make all bits and pieces get corroded.

This rust makes it almost impossible for the parts to move seamlessly as they should.

Nexgrill Igniter Not Clicking – Solutions


Removing gunk is important.

This however, requires one to be economical in the water department.

Cleaning with too much water can cause further damage to other parts of the grill.

Cleaning the Nexgrill igniter should involve removing said igniter and running it through some water.

This should be carried out preferably with warm water and a soft towel as opposed to scrubbing the components.

Cleaning these parts of the grill should be carried out often and not only when problems arise.


Replace parts as soon as they become worn out, especially igniters.

If the igniter has failed more than once, chances are it will fail again.

Most igniters are not hard or expensive to replace.

However, it might be a better idea to source them earlier and do some research.

There are credible online sources offering these replacement parts and delivery too.

It is well-advised to source OEM parts to avoid going back and forth with retailers.

Professional movers

When there is a need to relocate, be sure to use the right movers.

Also, when moving the unit within the home, perhaps for cleaning (mopping) or other purposes, be careful.

Moving the unit should involve holding on to specific parts of the grill.

Failure to do so means pulling on dials, side panels and igniters not meant to carry the weight of a moving grill.

Additionally, professional movers are less likely to drop the unit, lift it with the wrong side up and such like behaviors.

All of these are likely reasons for your igniter not clicking.


If your igniter module uses a battery, it might be time for a replacement.

Checking the battery for continuity is easy but for quicker and more professional results, you should seek professional guidance.

The same technicians should be able to guide you on where to purchase a new battery, be it locally or over the internet.

Clean corrosion

Get some of the oil you use on your truck or muscle car and rub it along the igniter and its parts.

Using WD40, you can lube up the igniter and its pieces and have the parts moving smoothly again.

This is an easy enough fix and a simple DIY project.

Getting rid of corrosion on any movable parts further eliminates damage to other moving, or stable parts of the unit.

It also cuts down future repair costs.

Why is My Nexgrill Igniter Clicking but Not Lighting?

The igniter may click and not light based on electrode issues.

These electrodes and wiring therein get filled with gunk and the like.

There is no possibility of electrodes firing up with oil and grease around them.

A simple cleaning will do the trick.

Using rubbing alcohol and basic cotton swabs clean the tiny electrodes and let them dry completely before attempting to fire up the ol’ grill again.

Also, you might want to check any wiring that might have come loose, or become worn out with aging.

Carbon building up around the electrodes is a common cause of igniters not lighting up.

These are easy to fix problems that do not require expensive or comprehensive repairs.

A better approach is to carry out regular scheduled maintenance on your unit to avoid such inconveniences.

When To Replace Igniter Parts?

You should replace igniter parts in following situations:

1.You have replaced the batteries in the spark generator and though it doesn’t work.

2. You have already cleaned the electrodes and it doesn’t create a spark.

3. If any of the wires or electrodes are corroded, or oxidized.

How to Replace Nexgrill Igniter? – Step by Step Process

Shop for a new igniter where you purchased the grill.

Buying a new igniter should happen only after testing the igniter with a new battery – and verifying that it is indeed dead.

After buying a new igniter:

1.Remove the front part of the igniter and battery that is inside. This is done simply by turning the knob anti-clockwise.

2. Next, remove the nut holding the igniter in place. This should be what’s left on the front panel, after removing the knob and the battery therein.

3. Once the nut is off, simply pull the igniter from the unit from the inside of the grill; back side of the front panel.

4. Pull out the wires from the igniter noting which wire goes where; incidentally, there might not be an exact science as to which wires go where. It means it is a simple DIY task.

5. Connect the new igniter to the wiring module and put it back into its housing, on the front panel of the grill.

Be sure to fit in the new battery and lastly, screw in the switch or knob itself, turning it clockwise. Your new igniter is ready to use.

How to Replace Nexgrill Igniter Battery?

If you found that your Nexgrill igniter stopped sparkling, you may need to change the igniter battery.

You can replace Nexgrill igniter battery by following simple steps mentioned below:

1.You need to unscrew Nexgrill igniter button cap clockwise to remove.

2. Now remove old battery from battery compartment.

3. Replace the old battery with a new alkaline “AA” size battery. While installing battery, make sure you are installing battery with negative end first.

4. Screw up igniter button cap clockwise right into its place again.

Related Questions

Where to find model number on Nexgrill?

Every Nexgrill model has a sticker featuring the model number or the “manufacturer number” and serial number, among other things.

You can find that sticker in different places on grill that depends on your grill specific model.

1.If your Nexgrill has cabinet doors, you can find sticker on the inside panel of one of your doors.

2. If your grill does not have cabinet doors, the sticker can probably found on the frame by the propane tank.

3. If you have a built-in island Nexgrill, the sticker mentioning model number can most likely be found on one of the side flanges.

4. You can find sticker on legs of the grill if you have a tabletop grill.

5. The grill’s model number is also mentioned on the cover of your product manual.

What kind of battery does a Nexgrill igniter take?

Nexgrill igniter needs ‘AA’ battery.

Bottom Line

Regular maintenance of your Nexgrill barbeque grill is important to avoid spending unnecessarily in the future.

Maintenance costs lead to expensive repairs if not handled properly.

Spend less today to enjoy more affordable grilling with friends and family in the future.


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