Nexgrill Burner Adjustments for Better Grilling!

Nexgrill Burner Adjustments
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Whether you need to adjust your Nexgrill burner for healthier, even grilling or they simply aren’t functioning right, you are at the right place.

Most Nexgrill units offer the perfect balance for grilling meats and even veggies if the need arises.

With time, some burners may move out of place due to maintenance and movement of the grill.

A Nexgrill burner adjustment requires expertise as it involves more than simple knob adjustments.

The process involves removing burners from the grill and making small adjustments better carried out by professionals.

Herein are a few professional steps to making Nexgrill burner adjustments.

Owners should seek help from a qualified technician.

What is the Proper Flame For Nexgrill?- Nexgrill Burner Flame Characteristics

Before using any gas grill, you should check for proper burner flame characteristics.

The gas grill burner flames should be blue.

It should be with no yellow tips, excessive noise, or lifting.

If you found any of these conditions, call Nexgrill customer service line.

Yellow flame indicates insufficient air.

Noisy flame or if flame tends to lift away from the burner, it means too much air.

You should note that each burner is adjusted prior to shipment of your grill.

Though, variations in the local gas supply may make minor adjustments if necessary.

How Do You Adjust a Nexgrill Burner?

Yellow flames signify low air flow and if the flames point away from the burner, there is another problem.

This is likely to be an issue of too much airflow.

Here are the steps to making a Nexgrill burner adjustment, with a professional.

Light burners

Light up your grill like you normally would, keeping in mind to check which burners are not lighting up properly.

This step should be carried out using instructions from the manual.

The idea is to light up your grill as you would during a normal, outdoor grilling session.

Observe flames

Once you have determined which burners need adjusting, turn off the grill and let it sit for a while.

This should be for a lengthy period; enough for the grill and burners to cool off completely.

Grills and tamers

Once your grill has cooled completely, and valves are completely shut off, you can proceed to remove grills and tamers.

This is an easy enough process that should not take too long.

Remove burners

There will be screws to unscrew and clips to unclip.

Pull off the cotter clip and screws holding the burners tightly in place.

Thereafter, you can easily pull out the burners from the grill.

Make adjustments

As mentioned above the flames might be yellow or too loud and flaming in the wrong direction.

If the flames are low, the adjustments should be made anti-clockwise.

On that note, if the flames are too loud adjustments are made clockwise.

The new settings or adjustments should range between 3.2 millimeters to 6.4 millimeters.

Replace burners

You can now proceed to put the burners back in the grill and light up the grill.

There is also a procedure for fixing low flame settings.

If the flames go out on their low setting, you can use pliers to adjust the settings on the knob.

Remove knobs from individual burners and grab hold of the valve stems.

Using the pliers you can adjust the flame settings by inserting a screwdriver into the piping.

Adjust the flame accordingly, turning the screwdriver clockwise.

How to Replace Burners on Nexgrill?

Grills and tamers

Remove grids and grills and set cooking grates someplace dry.

Carefully remove the tamers from their positions and place them aside with the grids and grates.


If you’ve never opened up your grill, the burners look like tubes.

They may also look slightly curved, like a question mark. These are held in place using clips or in some cases, screws.

Using pliers with small, pointed ends, pull off the cotter pins.

These, along with bolts that are attached to them will be used later in the installation process.


The ignition electrode is held in place using a screw.

Remove this screw and slide the electrode slightly to make way for the burners.

Pull the burner out slowly from the grill.


Grab your new burner and install it carefully where you removed the old one.

When installing, ensure that the front end of the burner fits perfectly around the nozzle.

This is also where the orifice is.

Reinstall the bolt and cotter clips at the back of the burner

Ignition bracket

Replace the bracket where the burner mount lies and ensure it is approximately one-eighth of an inch away from the burners.

Once done, repeat the above steps for all burners that need replacing.

How to Use Nexgrill Searing Burners?

The searing burners are meant to provide exceptionally fast cooking results when compared to other parts of the grill.

Turn on your searing burner and watch as the ceramic plates turn hot.

Once the plates are hot enough you can place meat on the grill for a few seconds.

Constantly flip the meat over but not too often.

Check the bottom of your steak every few seconds to ensure it is not already cooked.

You need to let the moisture, or water, come up from the bottom of the meat.

The searing burner is meant to cook stuff thoroughly in the shortest amount of time.

After turning the meat over every few seconds, the meat ought to be well done after a minute or two.

Turn your steak over and it should be cooked thoroughly on the bottom side.

Do not make adjustments to the heat be it reducing or adding heat.

This sear burner is awesome for pork, fajitas, chicken, and in some cases veggies as well.

Nexgrill Regulator Reset

This procedure is sometimes known as tripping the regulator.

Remove hoses

Turn off the gas for starters, at the point where the tank is connected.

Remove the pipe connecting the gas tank to the grill, at the tank’s connection.

Turn all your burners onto their highest setting.


After a few minutes, turn off the burners (that were not emitting any gas).

Connect your tank back to the pipes and thus back to the grill.

After following these steps your regulator should reset and you will be good to go.

If the procedure doesn’t work, you might need a new regulator.

Quick reset

A quicker reset involves turning off all knobs and disconnecting the hose from the propane tank.

Wait a few minutes then reconnect the hose to the tank.

Open and release gas to the grill slowly, lighting up a few burners to see if that did the trick.

The aforementioned methods should all work in resetting your gas regulator.

How to Match Light Nexgrill?

If the burner will not light with igniter after several tries, you can match lit the burner.

There is a match light extension rod is located on the inside panel of the grill door.

If you’ve already attempted to light the burner with the igniter, allow 5 minutes for any accumulated gas to dispel.

Always keep your face and hands as far away from the grill as possible while lighting it.

Insert a lit match that is attached to the lighting rod through the cooking grids to the burner.

Press the control knob of grill and rotate left to the HI/ON setting.

You should continue to press the knob until the burner ignites.

Now burner will light immediately.

If the burner does not light in few seconds like within 4 seconds turn off the knob.

You should wait for 5 minutes and try again.

How to Match Light Side Burner?

To match light side burner, you need to hold a lit extended match near the side burner ports.

Now turn the control knob counterclockwise to setting “IGNITE/HI”.

Once burner lit move your hand immediately.

Rotate the control knob to your desired setting for cooking.

In this way you can match light the side burner.

Bottom Line

Nexgrill barbeque grills are awesome for family and friends gatherings.

When burners and regulators start misbehaving, it can become a problem.

Be sure to practice the above-mentioned steps to enjoy your Nexgrill with family and friends without interruptions.




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