Convert Nexgrill to Natural Gas- Go Green or Go Home!

Convert Nexgrill to Natural Gas
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Going green always sounds better than saying whatever; the world will fix itself, right?

I mean who doesn’t like the idea of living a zero-emissions lifestyle?

Here’s the point; having a grill working with natural gas feels isn’t necessarily healthier than using propane gas.

Still, homeowners tend to prefer the change, perhaps due to cost issues.

Whatever the case, there are affordable ways to switch from propane to natural gas.

If you are hoping to convert a Nexgrill to natural gas, you are in luck.

The process is easy enough using a conversion kit, easy to purchase at your local home depot.

It requires the removal of certain components and replacing them with compatible parts for the natural gas fittings.

Ensure your unit meets the standards necessary for a propane-to-gas conversion.

Here are a few steps to switching from Nexgrill propane to natural gas.

Benefits of Switching Propane to Natural Gas

There are lot of benefits of switching propane o natural gas.

Natural gas is a cheaper fuel for your grill.

Natural gas equipment is easier to repair and maintain than propane.

It has lower maintenance costs too.

It costs about 1/3 as much as propane.

Natural gas is usually cheaper than propane, so over period of time you’ll save money on fuel costs by switching to natural gas.

Natural gas burns a little cleaner. It requires less oxygen for combustion.

It needs no refining, so it can be considered a better environmental choice.

Natural gas is a bit safer fuel as fumes rise rather than sink and collect along the floor.

You don’t need to move around unwieldy tanks with natural gas because they connect directly to house gas lines.

Usually, the natural gas supply is always on and “full”.

You don’t need to worry about filling your propane tank again!

Natural gas allows consistent back-up power even in the toughest of conditions.

Natural gas releases less greenhouse gas.

How to convert Nexgrill to Natural Gas? – Step by Step process

Ensure your grill has both options

Some grills have both options while others do not.

There will also be specific methods of removal and replacement of the necessary components, but much of the process remains the same.

Conversion kits

This you can acquire from credible online stores like Amazon, or the store where the grill was purchased.

Safety pins

Remove safety pins carefully and store them in case you need them in the future.

Reposition tubes

Move gas tubes aside for the moment as you need to remove other parts of the unit for the new fittings.


Using the L-tube provided with the conversion tube, remove no less than 5, yellow orifices and their screws.

These will be replaced with new ones, compatible with the natural gas tanks and fittings.

New orifices

Replace with the new orifices, 5 to be exact.

These should be fitted tightly so as not to cause future problems.

Gas tubing

Remove the gas tubing and remove the propane regulator tube.

Thereafter, insert the gas regulator tube instead.

There should be a yellow screw side burner orifice.

This should be removed and replaced with a natural gas orifice.

Burner and regulator

Insert the gas tubing and replace the side burners.

Tightly and carefully place the new gas regulator in place.

Screw the adapter onto the natural gas piping (mounted somewhere around your house).

The safety valve should be on at all times, and there should be no hissing sounds or smells which signify leakage.

Which Nexgrill Can be Converted to Natural Gas?

As mentioned earlier, not all Nexgrill units can be converted to natural gas.

It is thus important to note which unit you possess and if it qualifies, before procuring conversion kits.

Also, sourcing help may turn out fruitless.

The steps listed above were pertinent to the Nexgrill Evolution unit.

To find out if your grill can be converted to natural gas, it needs to be a dual-fuel type of grill.

The most commonly known Nexgrill units that convert to natural gas are the  Nexgrill Evolution 2B and Nexgrill 4B.

While some grills may still not be equipped to make the switch, the conversion kits available at home houseware and hardware stores work just fine.

Thus, most Nexgrill units are easily convertible to natural gas.

The issue is to know or ascertain that a unit has a dual fuel system.

According to experts, almost all Nexgrill units can be converted to natural gas from propane.

Nexgrill Natural Gas Conversion Instructions

1.Shut off the gas supply flowing to the grill.

2. Pull out the regulator and pipe from the grill.

3. Unscrew orifices from the burner.

4. Attach the appropriate orifice for natural gas onto the burner.

5. Re-insert the regulator and pipe to the grill.

6. Turn on the gas supply to the grill.

7. Observe for any leakages.

8. Enjoy making merry with your now naturally aspirated grill.

All the above should be carried with the valves turned off until the new regulator and adapters are safely in place.

Once you attach the new regulator, it is important to check for hissing sounds (of leaking gas) unnatural smells, and loose-fitting parts.

All these can cause serious health concerns if not handled from the get-go.

Is it Worth Converting Nexgrill Propane Grill to Natural Gas?

Yes, converting your propane gas grill to natural gas is a great way to make your outdoor cooking experience more convenient and cost-effective.

It enhances your overall cooking experience.

With a permanent gas line, you do not need to worry about running out of fuel in the middle of cooking again.

Just make sure you are following mentioned steps carefully and use caution when working with gas connections to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Bottom Line

Supposedly, it is not recommended to switch from propane to natural gas.

This is not necessarily because propane is considered environmentally friendly and thus, going green.

Rather, switching from propane to gas causes major changes in a unit most likely made to work with propane gas.

It means using conversion kits may render it not necessarily useless, but working at less than optimal levels.

Ensure that you working with the correct kits, and grills that have been tried and proven to work under the dual fuel system.




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