Rec Tec Vs. Mak Pellet Grills: A Detailed Analysis!

Rec Tec vs. Mak Pellet Grill
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If you have decided to invest money in a good grilling machine, none has performed better than Mak and Rec Tec.

So, in a stand-down between Rec Tec vs. Mak, which one is the last grill standing?

The problem with this question is that answering would be too complicated since both have clearly shown an efficient mechanism of getting the work done.

So, if you are unsure about which one to buy between Rec Tec and Mak grills, we will be providing an overview on this topic so that you do not have to stress out over it.

Comparison Table For Rec Tec Grill Vs Mak Grill

Mak Grill

Rec Tec Grill

Hopper capacity

Smaller sized and a weight of 20 lbs.

Very large and bulky and a weight of 24 lbs

Temperature range

From 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit

Up to a maximum of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and a minimum of 300-400 depending on the flame temperature.


Smaller ones are between 2 to 3. Larger ones are between 5 to 6.

Smaller ones are between 2 to 3. Larger ones are between 5 to 6.

Energy source

Wood pellets and other charcoal.

Wood pellets

Grease bucket

Both channel and fan to guide the grease are present.

Only a grease guiding channel is present.


Very expensive

Relatively moderately priced for smaller ones. Larger ones are expensive.

About Rec Tec Pellet Grill

Rec Tec is still a pretty new grilling machine brand in the industry, so not many people know about it.

It was founded in 2009 by two friends who loved to barbecue in their garage after Traeger’s patent expired.

Soon it took over the mantle left behind by the Traeger grilling machine brand and made a name of its own.

The first machine they manufactured was sold in the garage that the friends hung out in.

They have come a long way from the starting point of their journey in the garage to opening a retail store in Georgia, United States.

They even ship their machines internationally even though the international market hasn’t been stabilized yet.

All the Rec Tec machine components and parts are manufactured and bought from China.

However, they are assembled in the machine factory in Georgia.

Even the computer that works with the grilling system is made in the US.

Currently, one of the most popular Rec Tec grills is the RT-700.

Other popular models include the Stampede RT-590, the Trailblazer RT-340, and the RT-B380 “Bullseye.”

About Mak Pellet Grill

Unlike Rec Tec, Mak grills have been in the business for a very long time.

This is a completely manufactured and assembled product in Oregon, United States.

The machine was first manufactured by a grill-loving family in Oregon who owned a barbeque restaurant in Dallas.

The grilling machines use a precision cooking technology to control the temperature and maintain it as low as 170°F and as high as 600°F.

Mak uses a well-famed engineering technology to manufacture its products which caused its name to soar high both in the local and international market.

After many experiments and testing, the final product we have today came out.

In fact, in an interview, it was revealed that it took about two years to develop the machine system before the first sellable Mak pellet grill was advertised in 2008.

It has come a long way since then, and now Mak grills are one of the best in the market.

One star General Pellet grill is one of the most popular and affordable grills sold in the markets.

Other popular ones include the two stars and three stars in the same General series and MAK GRILLS FlameZone.

Comparison Between Rec Tec Vs. Mak Pellet Grill

If you want to decide on which pellet grill could be the best choice for you, you need to understand the differences between them.

Only if the features included in the pellet grill match your preferences would you be able to narrow down on your choice correctly.

To give you a better overview of what you are dealing with, we have included a list of all the features you would need to understand before buying the product.

These features are as follows:

The Key Features of Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill

Very Large hopper

Most of the pellet grills come together with a hopper that is incredibly sturdy and reminds you of a smoking monster, right from a horror film.

Other than the huge statue and a weight of 24 lbs, they do their work proficiently and without showing many issues as long as they are well maintained.

Automatic pellet feeder

One of the greatest features that come together with the Rec Tec grill is that it comes together with an automatic pellet feeder.

All you need to do is store the pellets in the correct space.

Whenever you use the grill, the AI will transfer the pellets to the firebox and start burning them just as easily.

LED temperature display

With the temperature display, you will not have to worry about the amount of heat needed to keep the meat from turning into char.

You can read off the temperature from the LED display instead of trying to guess it based on instincts.

Cooking Space

While most people get turned off by the fact that Rec Tec grills are huge, it is because this is huge that you can get plenty of room to chop and dice other items while grilling massive amounts of meat at the same time.

Keep in mind that the complimentary grill that comes together with the grill is smaller than the entire grilling space.

You can buy a bigger one, but that is more expensive.

Temperature Range

While the maximum temperature attainable is 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the metal used to make the grill is a very good conductor of heat.

So, the temperature will further increase from the maximum temperature.

Of course, you can control it using the up and down arrow buttons on the machine.

Source of energy

Like most other modern pellet grills in the market, Rec Tec grills use wood pellets as an energy source.

However, if you are tired of the same flame source or want a charred and smoky taste, you can also use charcoal or other coal types to burn a flame.

Grease bucket

If you are worried about the oil and sauce from the meat staining the machine or its grills- you don’t need to be anymore.

This grill comes together with a special grease pathway leading to a bucket that can be cleaned later.

Wi-Fi connectivity

While the cheaper ones do not come together with a Wi-Fi connection, the higher-end premium ones do.

With a Wi-Fi connection, you could control the temperature of the flame and grill meat remotely.

The Key Features of the Mak Pellet Grill

Small hopper

The hopper in this machine is mid-sized and not big.

Since it does not have a large size, it cannot process many pellets as quickly as the Rec Tec.

The weight of the hopper is only around 20 lbs.

Cooking Space

Mak Pellets have a common cooking space of 429 square inches.

While this isn’t quite a lot of space, it is enough to grill a decent portion of meat at the same time.

Temperature control

The maximum temperature that can be acquired in the machine is 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, what sets Mak grills apart from other grills is that it has been engineered with a precision technology with which you can control the temperature to even further precisions, as low as 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Source of energy

While wood pellets are the main energy source, charcoal and similar coal archetypes can be used as an alternative.

Grease bucket

This grilling machine comes together with a special grease pathway leading to a bucket that can be cleaned later.

In addition, a small fan ensures quick drainage of the grease.


The grills come along with a side shelf compartment.

You can use it to store the wood pellets and any other materials that could be needed when grilling.


Different-sized grills have different warranties with them.

The large ones typically have a warranty of around 5-6 years.

The smaller has a warranty of around 2-3 years on average.

Remote control

All the machines come together with a remote control that you need to connect to your phone via a Bluetooth connection to control your grill remotely.

Related Questions

Can I sear on Mak grill?

Yes, you can sear on Mak grill with their FlameZone  direct heat system.

The funnel FlameZone system come up with standard on all MAK Grills.

You can get it as an accessory for MAK Two-Star General Grills prior to serial number 3191, and for MAK One-Star General Grills serial numbers 1093-1692.

The funnel FlameZone allows you to make perfectly seared steaks, chops, burgers, and vegetables.

You can also sear with Searing Grate accessory available for all current model MAK Grills.

Their searing grates are constructed of hard anodized aircraft aluminum which creates perfect steak-house sear marks that many folks love.

Can I use Mak grill in another country?

No, you cant use Mak grill in another country because the electrical system in the MAK is not compatible with countries outside of North America.

Can I use extension cord with Mak grill?

Yes, you can use extension cord with Mak grill however you should take care of small things.

They are like extension cord must be a grounded, 3-prong, outdoor cord, 12-gauge minimum. It is no longer than 25 feet.

Whether using an extension cord or not, plug in syour MAK Grill into a GFCI-protected outlet.

What if you need service on Mak grill?

Mak grills are in such a way that anyone can repair their MAK without being particularly handy or using uncommon equipment.

You can go through technical videos with step-by-step instructions that shows you how to repair your MAK grill.

You can call or sent email to their customer support.

Final Thoughts

Now that we are down with the comparison, the final choice will depend on which one among the two that you prefer.

As you might have read, they each serve their purposes.

So, pick your best bet, but stay ensures that none of them will disappoint you.


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