Rec Tec 700 vs Rec Tec 1250: Upgrade Your Grilling Thrill!

Rec Tec 700 vs Rec Tec 1250
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Grilling is good for a few steaks or patties, but a pellet grill is the way to go if you really want to get more of it.

Rec Tec with a massive assortment of pellet grills are instantly identifiable by their bull horn styled grips, thanks to their emphasis on premium materials and exceptional engineering.

So why Rec Tec 700 or Rec Tec 1250 pellet grills?

The RT-700 wood pellet grill is the benchmark in pellet grilling, and with their RT-1250, their very best has just gotten stronger and hotter!

We’ll compare Rec Tec 700 vs. 1250 so you can determine which is superior.

Comparison Table For Rec Tec 700 Vs Rec Tec 1250


Rec Tec RT-700

Rec Tec RT-1250


304 stainless steel grates, fire pot, heat deflector, and drip pan.

304 stainless steel grates, fire pot, and drip pan, along with a heavy-duty cast iron heat deflector.

Cooking space

1054 square inches

1250 square inches

Interior space

Only a standard revised front foldable shelf

Standard revised front foldable shelf with the incorporated retractable second rack

Temperature range

180°-500°+ F


Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi enabled PID controller system

Dual-band Wi-Fi controller

Additional features

● Insulated cold weather cover

●  Smokebox for safe and easy cold smoking

● It consists of all RT-700 features

●  Protective conduit installed

●  Grease diverter

Rec Tec App

The app is limited in functionality

Better functionality with more recipes


Where are Rec Tec Grills Manufactured?

Rec Tec is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality pellet grills.

The grills are composed of heavy-duty metal components that are renowned to last a long period.

They are also producers who recognize the need to include the most up-to-date technological elements into their goods.

The emphasis is on simplicity of use and convenience, but not at the expense of culinary efficiency and diversity.

Rec Tec pellet grills continue to excel in heat preservation and temperature management.

The grill comes with extensive assurances, demonstrating the manufacturer’s confidence in their products.

Although Rec Tec is one of the firms that manufactures and sources materials in China, the core processor and control system are made in the United States.

The primary metal pieces’ assembly process, quality inspection, and glossy coating are also completed regionally at their main facility in Augusta, Georgia (USA).

This helps them to stay on top of manufacturing issues and produce consistent rugged, long-lasting, and elevated products.

Rec Tec has just undergone a comprehensive rebranding phase, changing its name from Rec Tec to Rec Teq.

Rec Tec chose to modify the brand and drop the word “grills” in order to focus on lifestyle items.

They’ve also opted to utilize all lowercase letters, now termed “Rec Teq.”

About Rec Tec RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill

If there’s any pellet smoker that makes us thrilled, this is it.

Rec Tec’s most renowned grill, the RT-700, often nicknamed the Bull, has a lot of buzz.

To learn more about Rec Tec RT-700 available at your disposal, click here.



The grilling unit, built resembling a tank, grates, fire pot, stainless heat deflectors, smoke cap, hardware, and drip pans, are all equipped with stainless steel, even with their characteristic micro-polished bull horn handles, included in the Rec Tec RT-700.

The ceramic ignition system is certified for over 1 million igniting sessions and is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Rec Tec 700 is one of the sturdy pellet grills that will last with you longer than any other competitor grills in the market.


There are 702 square inches of grilling surface with an additional second rack.

It lies above the primary grilling grate and adds 352 square inches, increasing to 1,054 square inches.

Rec Tec 700 grill holds either 8 whole chickens, 8 baby back ribs, 110 chicken wings, 25 bone-in pork chops and the list is endless!

The hopper of the Rec Tec RT-700 can hold a 40 pounds of pellets at one go.

So, it allows for more than 40 hours of continuous cook time.

But, if you are going to do short cooks, you can fill it less.

Smoking Performance

The Rec Tec RT-700 includes its Wi-Fi-enabled PID-style Smart Grill TechnologyTM Controller.

This PID controller renders consistent results each and every time.

The PID algorithm of Rec tec grill uses the temperature and fuel rate data to decide exactly how many pellets are required to maintain or reach your set temperature.

Temperatures range from 180°F to 500°F+.

As it comes closer to set temperature, it will start slowing down the pellet consumption.

so, it doesn’t exceed your target temperature.

If you open the lid, it will start adding more pellets directly.

So, you’ll reach that set temperature sooner after you shut the lid.

Whatever’s going on inside your grill or outside the weather, RT-700 stays within about +/-5°F of your set temperature.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

You may use your smartphone to operate the RT-700.

You may adjust the temperature, assess the existing heat, examine the present meat sensor readings, and switch it off via the application.

Additions Included

Stainless steel hoppers cover that act as a heater, tool hangers, and detachable internal light are all included with the RT-700.

Power and fuel source

Rec Tec 700 operates with 110 Volt AC GFCI Outlet.

Pellets are made entirely of natural hardwood that gives terrific flavor and texture, burns neatly, and generates a small amount of ash.

Cleaning the RT-700

They include an incredible automated, self-cleaning shutdown format, implying users just have to wash the fire pot after 3-5 meals.

You should also clean out ash inside the grill every 100-120 pounds of pellets which is quite easy.

The stainless steel compartment and grates, on the other hand, are simple to clean.

Pros of the Rec Tec RT-700

  • Premium materials are used in the construction of this product.
  • The large pellet feeder allows users to grill constantly for 40 hours.
  • The ceramic ignition mechanism is expected to survive over 300 years of smoking and grilling.
  • The greatest PID-style temperature controller on the market will retain heat around +/-5°F.
  • WiFi allows the user to control the entire machine from afar.
  • Dual meat sensors provide precise information on how the cookers are doing.
  • The fire pot’s self-cleaning shutoff option eliminates the necessity to wash it.
  • Six years all-inclusive guarantee.

Cons of the Rec Tec RT-700

  • Some users may be bothered by the lack of a pellet hopper cleanout door.
  • There will be no cooking over an open flame.

About Rec Tec RT-1250 wood pellet grill

The Rec Tec RT-1250 is an upgraded version of RT- 700.

The RT-1250 wood pellet grill, with 1250 sq. inches of cooking space, can handle whatever roast you put at it, whether that’s low and slow at 180°F or searing and quick at 700°F.

Click here to know more about the Rec Tec RT-1250 and its purchase.



Rec Tec 1250 has 304 stainless steel interior components with 2 1/4″ grill grates, fire pot, and drip pan.

Rec Tec 1250 also comes with a heavily loaded cast iron heat deflector.

The ceramic ignition system is certified for over 1 million igniting sessions and is rust and corrosion-resistant.

The barrel and fittings are made entirely of stainless steel.


There are 702 square inches of grilling surface with the removal of the sliding second shelf.

With an integrated retractable second rack, it has 1250 square inches of standard cooking area.

Smoking performance

It can withstand temperatures as low as 180°F and as high as 700°F.

With a 40-pound hopper capacity, you may cook for up to 40 hours straight.

Wi-Fi connectivity

It has an integrated dual-band Wi-Fi controller with PID controls that are both efficient and precise.

RT-1250 consists of a protective conduit for external wires coming from the grille to the computer to prevent messed-up wires.

Power and fuel source

110 Volt AC GFCI Outlet. 100% natural hardwood pellets.

It gives great flavor, burns neatly, and generates minimum ash.

Cleaning the RT-1250

The heavy-duty, high-temperature powder-coated lid is simple to wash and keeps its vivid, fresh look.

Pros of the Rec Tec RT-1250

  • It consists of all features of RT-700.
  • The RT-1250 features a heavy-duty cast iron heat deflector.
  • High-quality materials with excellent construction, electronics are great and easy to use
  • Exceeds a temperature of 700°
  • A detachable second shelf is included with each grill, providing 200 to 300 square inches of cooking space.
  • New added grease diverter to prevent the development of grease
  • Integrated dual-band Wi-Fi controller with PID controls
  • It heats up to 400° when grilling in less than 10minutes
  • Convenient one-piece grates and sliding additional shelf
  • 6 years all-inclusive warranty

Cons of the Rec Tec RT-1250

  • Powder-coated steel is also rust-resistant, although rust might develop if the coating begins to flake off.
  • More expensive

Differences Between Rec Tec 700 vs. Rec Tec 1250

REC TEC has always placed a premium on cutting-edge innovation and elevated materials to make grilling and smoke simpler for years to come.

Having the same technologies and materials, a few differences to point out are:

Cooking space

Rec Tec RT-1250 has 1250 square inches of cooking area, a sliding front folding shelf, and an integrated 2nd rack.

Rec Tec RT-700, however, has a lesser space of 1054 square inches of cooking area.


Both these products are equipped with heavy-duty 304 stainless steel interior components,

Whereas the RT-1250 upgraded by featuring 304 stainless steel grates, fire pot, and drip pan, along with a heavy-duty cast iron heat deflector.

Temperature range

The temperature of RT-700 ranges from 180°F to 500°+ F, whereas RT-1250 fires up to a maximum of 700°+, with lows as low as 180°.

Although both the grills heat up in a little time with effortless temperature control, RT-1250 provides better and wider cooking options.

Wi-Fi connectivity

A Wi-Fi-enabled PID control system is present in both these products.

But RT-1250 has an integrated dual-band Wi-Fi controller, which users can hook up to the 2.4 or 5.0 Gigahertz signal that the router is omitting.

Additional features

The RT-1250 has a built-in grease diverter to prevent grease and ease clean up, which is not installed in the RT-700.

Other additional features of RT 1250 missing in RT 700 would be the presence of heavy-duty conduit, D-ring anchor points, and all other features that RT 700 already has.

Final Thoughts

Is there a perfect choice after all of this evaluation?

You are the only one who can determine whether Rec Tec 700 or Rec Tec 1250 is the best pellet grill for you.

Even someone with no prior grilling expertise may become a pro for its user-friendly characteristics.




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