What is the Slide and Grill Technology on Camp Chef Pellet Grill?

Camp Chef Slide and Grill Technology
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 We have used fire to cook our food ever since the cavemen.

Camp Chef makes sure that you get to enjoy that experience to the fullest.

Cooking outside has never been better, especially with the new technology that Camp Chef has introduced.

So how does the Slide and Grill technology on their pellet grills work?

A short and simple answer would be that it makes the use of a knob that allows you to switch between modes.

By pulling on that knob, you will be able to turn on direct flame grilling.

If you just want to switch back your regular slow and low smoking method, you can do that just by sliding the knob back in as it was.

By simply utilizing the lever- sliding lever action, you can open up the firebox that allows you to experience grilling directly on the flame.

Camp Chef developed the Slide and Grill technology with feedback from their customers.

Here’s what makes this technology so special.

Do Pellet Grills Produce Flames?

Pellet grills uses wood pellets as a main source of fuel.

These pellets grills are using an auger system that can be directly controlled by the user.

The pellets are feed at a certain speed into the fire pot, set to a specified temperature.

The process is bit complicated but it is much user friendly and economical.

It actually allows for a more consistent flow of heat.

It means you can typically cook larger amounts of meat with less human intervention.

However, that doesn’t mean there are no flames involved.

The wood pellets are burned by a fire at a slower and steadier rate.

So, pellet grills technically produce flames.

But they are not producing direct flames and in a way of unpredictable format of traditional grills.

What is Camp Chef Slide and Grill Technology? How Does It Work?

One of the leading innovators introduced slide and grill technology when it comes to gears for outdoor cooking.

With this technology, you can properly enjoy the experience of grilling outdoors.

If you look at the anatomy of your regular wood pellet grill or even smoker, you will notice that it starts with a firepot at its base.

When you look on top of that, you will notice a deflector plate, then a drip tray, and then lastly comes in the grill grates on top of which your food sits.

But the pellet grills that come with the Camp Chef Slide and Grill technology have something a bit different.

With pellet grills like these, you get a mobile deflector plate.

This lets you customize the experience of your grilling.

When you look at the pellet grill, you will see a knob on the left side of the grill.

If you just pull on that knob, you will be able to turn on direct flame grilling.

If you just want to switch back your regular slow and low smoking method, you can also do that just by sliding the knob back in as it was.

By simply utilizing the lever sliding lever action, you can open up the firebox that allows you to experience grilling directly on the flame.

This is the reason why with this model of Camp Chef grills, not only do you get everything that you love about pellet grills but you are also given the convenience and the fun of direct flame grilling.

You get a flavor that is unique as well as delicious when your food is infused with smoke.

This flavor is something that is entirely its own.

The Camp Chef Slide and Grill technology also brings sturdier designs for the legs.

You also get an increase in the chamber volume and a large pellet hopper with a capacity of 2 lbs.

This new model equipped with this technology from Camp Chef also comes with a LED digital control unit.

This digital control unit gives you dual meat probes with Smart Smoke Technology built into them.

With this, you can get a lot more consistent with the temperature range, from 160 F to 500 F.

Just so your grill is always giving you the max performance that you should be getting, you are also given an easy Ash Clean-out System, which just discards the ash, and your grill is always on max performance.

Is Camp Chef’s Slide and Grill Technology Useful?

If you want to elevate their experience of cooking or grilling outdoors, then this Camp Chef Slide and Grill technology are definitely what you are looking for.

The ability to have access to the firebox and do direct flame grilling is something that everyone should experience.

While it is true that you get a unique and quite delicious flavor in your food when you infuse it with smoke, however, being able to have the ability and, of course, the versatility to be able to use an open flame broil is surely unlike anything that you might have ever seen before, especially not on the market.

You have the option to bring versatility to your dinner table by either slowly cooking the rack of ribs that you have, or you could even bring up the temperature just by sliding over the deflector plate and going on ahead to cooking burgers for your whole family.

Do I Need the Camp Chef Slide and Grill Technology?

The Camp Chef Slide and Grill Technology bring more to the outdoor grilling and cooking experience with your family.

As long as you are looking to make this experience more enjoyable, not just for you, but for the whole family, with some delicious food, of course, this is definitely what you want.

Moreover, with the pellet grills from Camp Chef, not only do you get all of the benefits of using a pellet grill, but you also get the Slide and Grill technology from them.

It is like a bonus addition to the already great outdoor cooking experience that you are given from the pellet grills made by Camp Chef.

While many people might also think that you end up with a lot more grease and meat in the firepot, which might also foul up your igniter, it still does not change the fact that this is an experience that is quite fun.

Being able to grill in a smoker just by the pull of a knob does sound quite versatile and useful.

If you think that you need this versatility on their family dinner table, then Camp Chef makes sure that you get it.

Which Camp Chef Pellet Grills Come with Slide and Grill Technology?

If you are looking for pellet grills from Camp Chef that come with Slide and Grill technology, we have a list of a few of them.

 Camp Chef Woodwind SG 24 Pellet Grill with Sear Box

Just as you would expect from Camp Chef, this Woodwind SG24 pellet grill goes a long way to make grilling a lot easier for you while making sure that your food tastes a lot more delicious.

Not only do you get smoke control with this grill, but you also have WiFi and PID controllers.

By using Camp Chef Connect app is you can use the WIFI capabilities of the unit.

With four meat probes, you are sure to have a great time making your food on this.

 Camp Chef SG 24 Pellet Grill – Bronze

This SG 24 Pellet Grill Bronze is a product by Chef Camp that they replaced with a newer version, the Gen 2 version.

Now with this pellet grill, you have the WiFi capabilities, PID technology, and of course Smoke Control as well.

You also get dual LED temperature readouts and dual meat probes on this.

It comes with patented Pellet Hopper Clean-out system.

You might have heard horror stories about ash.

But you don’t need to worry about it using this Camp Chef grill.

Camp Chef’s patented ash clean-out system turns vacuum out the ash into a little cup for you.

You just have to twist off and dump that ash into the trash and you’re up and running again your grill!

SG 24 Pellet Grill – Black

This Cap Chef SG 24 Black model of the Camp Chef Slide and Grill technology pellet grill is just the same as the previous one.

The only difference is that they are two different colors.

Since they are the same, of course, you are getting the same features from both of them, and depending on your color of choice, you can easily enhance the experience of your backyard patio cookout with either of the options.

The 24 in their name stands for 24 inches of size on the cooking surface.

All of the pellet grills mentioned above come equipped with the Camp Chef Slide and Grill technology.

The Camp Chef SG 24-inch pellet grills are also available in 36-inch sizes.

Related Questions

Will Slide and Grill Technology be Possible to Retrofit an older Model with a Slide and Grill Kit?

Suppose you already have an older model of a Camp Chef pellet grill, and the new Camp Chef Slide and Grill technology are appealing to you.

In that case, you, unfortunately, need to buy yourself a newer pellet grill that is already equipped with this technology.

You cannot retrofit an older model with a slide and grill kit.

Will this Slide and Grill technology be available for the Camp Chef smoke pro LUX?

No, this is not available in the Camp chef SmokePro LUX.

Which the biggest Camp Chef smoker/grill with the sear box and the slide technology?

Can you bake pizza with Camp Chef Slide and Grill technology?

Yes, you can bake pizza with Slide and Grill technology on Camp Chef grill.

You need to place your pizza stone on the top shelf.

Preheating the pizza stone prior is essential step.

Final Words

The Camp Chef Slide and Grill Technology is something that can bring about the excitement to your traditional outdoor cooking routine.

You can convert your grilling experience into fun with this Slide and Grill technology.

We hope this helps you understand how this technology works and if you need or want it!

Happy Grilling!!!






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