Camp Chef Wi-Fi Issues?: Here’s A Fix!

Camp Chef WiFi Issues
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Camp Chef is a team of gourmet specialists dedicated to providing five-star cuisine to food lovers utilizing flexible tools that can withstand the requirements of every kind of diner.

There grills and smokers have great reviews.

The pellet Woodwind grills feature Wi-Fi, making Camp Chef different from other options.

So, is it okay to have Camp Chef Wi-Fi issues?

Yes, it is are a pretty common problem among Camp Chef users.

Suppose you are a regular user of different social media forums for grill users.

In that case, you might have seen many users asking questions about their Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity.

What are the WI-FI Problems on Camp Chef?

On many social media and review platforms, several Camp Chef Wi-Fi issues have been mentioned and discussed.

We have tried to put them together in this article for your convenience.

Connecting App to the Grill

The first and one of the most discussed Camp Chef Wi-Fi issues is connecting the app to the grill.

Most of the time, the app cannot find anything out there and behaves like there is nothing in this world.

Whereas the grill thinks it is connected to the app.

But that does not mean the grill stops working. Users mentioned they could use the manual control ideally.

Wi-Fi Getting Disconnected Continuously

Even though the setting up goes smooth, many people mentioned that the Wi-Fi keeps getting disconnected.

Sometimes it reconnects and gets disconnected, and sometimes nothing happens.

We all know how it goes when you are working with bad Wi-Fi.

But when you know you have a great Wi-Fi connection, it gets connected, but it gets connected and reconnecting every few minutes, which takes a toll on our patience level.

Bad Antenna

On the grill, the antenna is quite poor. The network is visible.

However, there are zero networks on the grill, although your phone, laptop, iPad, and a Wi-Fi strength test everything showing a good network strength.

You may consider taking the network and rebooting the device. However, the device will simply end up losing the internet connection, and you will be back to step one.

Learn Here How To Connect to Camp Chef Connect App?

Camp Chef Wi-Fi Issues- Causes

We have tried to find out what might be responsible for creating issues in Camp Chef Wi-Fis.

For your convenience, we have listed them below:

Auger Pin

One of the reasons that might be responsible for your Camp Chef Wi-Fi issues is the faulty auger pin.

Although the engine and fan are working properly, the auger pin may not be operating.

The motor may be sluggish and unreliable due to this.

Which in the process creates the connectivity issue.

If you find your auger pin faulty, check this auger pinout to fix the issue.


The Wi-Fi issue might arise from the controller as well.

On several occasions, users mentioned the controller was bad, and when they contacted Camp Chef customer services, they sent them a new one.

But the new equipment also did not work properly.

So, there might be some inherent design or manufacturing issues within the controller.

Positioning of the Antenna

Camp Chef placed the antenna inside the hopper wall, fully encircled by metal.

No antenna can be used to its full potential when surrounded by things, be it paper or metal.

Therefore, the structure of the equipment also makes it difficult for the network to connect.

As a result, connectivity issues are arising.

Camp Chef Wi-Fi Issues- Fixes

There are some handy fixes to the connectivity issues which you can easily try before contacting an expert.

We have discussed them below and hope they will be enough to sort things out for you.

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

First, make sure your working connection is working properly.

Run a network test if possible.

This will let you know the strength of your network and how stably you can use it with your Camp Chef.

Also, make sure the griller is not way too far from your Wi-Fi.

Reset the Controller

You can reset the controller to fix your Camp Chef Wi-Fi issues.

First, switch to the grill controller’s setup, then reboot the controller before turning it down over the grill.

If viable, browse the app’s list of devices, then remove the linked grill by swiping it to its left. Exit the application.

Check to see whether it is quietly operating in the background or completely shut off.

Uninstall the app from your device. Turn off the grill, then click the Bluetooth preferences.

Turn your phone off and on again. Reinstall the program and sign in again.

Take two minutes after turning the controller on.

Restart the app, then give it another go.

Replace the controller

Though your grill working fine using manual control but there is Wifi connectivity issue.

If you are facing such issue of connecting the grill with WiFi, then the culprit is controller of your grill.

If this is the case, you should replace the controller of your grill to resolve the issue.

Contact Customer Service

The grill has pretty good reviews, but what makes Camp Chef different is its Wi-Fi connection.

But there is not much you can do about it if the mentioned fixes do not work.

You have to be patient and talk to their customer services.

In most case scenarios, they have sent a second controller so that you can replace it.

What to do If the Initial WiFi Connection Times Out?

If your initial WiFi connection times out, you can follow the below simple steps to fix this.

1.Don’t close the app or move to a different screen yet.

2.Turn off your grill, count to 5 slowly, turn it back again.

3.Tap the button “SKIP FOR NOW” in the app.

It may be hidden beneath your on-screen keyboard.

4. After a few moments the WiFi icon on the grill should either turn black if you have color screen models or light up fully if you have blue LCD models.

What Does it Mean If You Get the Message “Lost Communication?” How to Fix It?

Sometimes you will get the message “Lost Communication”.

This could mean a few things. You should fix them accordingly:

1.Your Bluetooth is out of range, so you need to check that your Bluetooth whether it is in range or is out of range.

2. Your grill may be lost its WIFI signal. You should check the WIFI signal to fix the issue.

3. It also means that your phone is no longer connected to the internet. So, check if your device is connected properly to the internet.

Camp Chef Bluetooth Not Working? – Fixes

Apart from the Wi-Fi connectivity issue, the other annoying problem among the users is the Bluetooth connectivity issue.

First, try to turn on and off the Bluetooth to solve this issue.

If this does not work, then plug and unplug the grill.

The power button seems to cut off rather than disrupt electricity to the control center.

Unplugging is required for a genuine reboot.

Take 10 seconds before plugging it in before turning it on.

Related Questions

Do all Camp Chef pellet grills have WIFI?

No, not all Camp Chef pellet grills have WIFI.

You can buy their Retro Fit controllers which are available for purchase.

But you have to go through their fitment requirements to ensure the Retro Fit will work with your Camp Chef pellet grill.

 Where can you download the Camp Chef Connect App?

If you have an iOS device, you can download Camp Chef Connect App from the App store.

If you have an android device, you can download it from Google Play Store.

 Can you add multiple Camp Chef grills to the app?

Yes, you can add multiple Camp Chef grills to the app.

You have to set them up within your Camp Chef account.

So that you can easily switch between grills within the app and operate multiple grills.

Can you run one grill with multiple mobile devices?

Yes, you can run one grill with multiple devices.

Each and every grill you set up will be connected to your Camp Chef Connect user account.

You can operate a grill on any device that is logged in to your account.

Do you need to sign in to your Camp Chef Connect account on the app before using the pellet grill?

No. you don’t need to sign in to your Camp Chef Connect account on the app before using pellet grill.

Your login will bypass Bluetooth and you are connecting to the grill via Bluetooth only.

But Bluetooth allows you for limited app functionality.

By doing this you are not able to store information like temperatures, cook history, graphs, etc. in the cloud.

You cannot access your grill from a remote location.

Final Words

Camp Chef produces some excellent grills and smokers, but their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues seem to be a headache among the users.

We hope our attempt to help you out with your Camp Chef Wi-Fi issues was useful and accommodating.

If you cannot solve the problem with the abovementioned techniques, simply give a call to their customer service, they will provide you with adequate information according to your requirements.




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