Is Your Camp Chef Pellet Grill Showing Prerr Error? Lets Find Out How To Deal With It!

camp chef prerr error
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Now we’re here to discuss an important topic: How do you fix the Camp Chef Error Prerr?

We have prepared a shortlist of why these errors occur and what you can do to fix them.

The following is important for you to go through to decide if you need to get your grill fixed or buy a new one.

What Does Prerr Mean On A Camp Chef Pellet Grill?

 Camp Chef doesn’t miss when it comes to giving you the best BBQ experience, but it seems like including technology where it usually isn’t included has caused some problems to occur.

We’re talking about the common camp chef grill problem known as the camp chef error prerr.

If you have just bought a camp chef grill, then you might be confused with this error signal, but don’t fret as it isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Like a computer, the camp chef grill will give you an error signal when there is an issue with a component or if you need to change a part.

The error prerr shows up when there is a problem with the meat probe, which means that the meat probe hasn’t been inserted probably.

If there are any further issues regarding the meat probe, all that is left to do is contact the camp chef helpline.

They might tell you how to fix the error code, and in the end, if all fails, you might have to opt for a new grill, but don’t worry as Camp Chef is fast with their service.

Why is My Camp Chef Showing Prerr Error?

Messed Up Wire

The most common cause for electrical devices to go haywire is a faulty wire, and the camp chef grill is no exception to this issue.

It might be because there is a loose wire connection which means that the flow of electricity cannot pass throughout your grill, which might lead to the error message showing up in the first place.

A misplaced wire could lead to other issues, such as the insides catching on fire.

The only burning smell you want to reach your nose is the smell of meat instead of the smell of a burning wire.

Error With The Fan

The fan in a grill is there to maintain airflow, but a faulty fan with a faulty connection can also cause the camp chef error prerr notification to show up on your screen.

This might be because the motor on your fan is not connected properly, which means it won’t be able to do what it was intended to do.

Another problem you might spot is that your fan is broken, which prevents the grill from functioning as it usually would.

The Circuit Board Is Fried

 The main component of any technological device is the circuit board which contains all the essential components that are fitted in.

If there is a circuit board problem, you might be experiencing the error message.

This mainly occurs when there is an issue with the power supply leading to the circuit board sparking out.

Solving this problem might be a bit of a doozy as the circuit board is the key component of your grill, so you might have to dish out a lot of money to get a new one installed.

Misplaced Probe

As mentioned above, the camp chef error prerr appearing on the digital screen might be a result of an issue with the probe.

It might be because the probe has not been installed properly, keeping it from working the right way.

Damage to the probe might be what is wrong with your grill.

How To Fix Camp Chef Error Prerr?

Replace the probe

If your meat probe is damaged, you can replace it with this new one.

This high temperature meat BBQ probe can be used with all types of meat.

It can monitor the meat temperature as well as ambient temperature.

Another reason for Prerr Error is the exposure to opn flame.

The exposure to open flames causes your probe to malfunction, so make sure it is as far away as possible from fire.

The meat probe temperature should tell you whether it is okay or not, so make sure you pay attention.

Maintain Grill Hygiene

A clean grill is the best grill because you don’t want to get all the leftover grease and ash from your last BBQ cookout on your food.

The accumulated dirt might seep into the components of your high-tech grill leading to the dreaded camp chef error prerr notification on your screen.

To make sure you don’t have to deal with this problem, play a preemptive strike by cleaning it out regularly whenever you can, and you should be suitable for any cookout.

A timely wash should also keep it looking fresh and acceptable to other visitors.

Wipe The Probe Regularly

 Your probe is there to pick up the temperature of the grill, which means it gets exposed to a lot of smoke and heat, which is bad for it.

All this smoke you get from cooking so much food leads to carbon emissions that stain your probe and turn it dark from all the smoke.

A simple rag is all you need to maintain the meat probe as a little bit of water, and a wipe will keep the probe as shiny as it was when you bought it the first time.

Fix Cracks In The Air Channel

We have talked about a broken fan causing the Camp chef error prerr message to show up on your screen, but now we’re here to tell you another way to fix it.

An air channel goes between the fan and the fire pot, and when there is a crack in that channel, the flame might get out.

When not in use, make sure you open up your grill and check for any spots that might lead to flames seeping out, and if you find one, make sure to call the mechanic.

If the air channel can’t be fixed, you might need a new grill.

Replace a fan

If your grill fan is damaged or broken, you will get Perr error on your Camp chef pellet grill.

In this case, you need to replace it soon.

You can replace your fan with this Hisencn combustion fan that perfectly fit to your Camp chef.

Its White nylon fan blade are durable enough that will last for years.

This fan is very easy to install. Though you are having trouble to fix it,

a simple call to the mechanic, and you can have a new fan installed in no time.

A Reserve Power System

Finally, the last thing to talk about is the power supply.

A sudden power shortage might cause damage to your circuit board, so make sure that you have something in reserve to keep it from running and not shutting off randomly.

This will prevent ups and downs in the electrical currents from harming the wiring and any other electrical component in your camp chef grill.

When the power goes out, just turn it back on and continue with cooking your meals.

In Incase of a power outage, then your best bet might be to get an IPS or generator connected to your grill.

You can try this PowerSmart generator with 1000 watts.

This outdoor generator is a workhorse that render continuous power to handle multiple jobs to powering high voltage appliances.

This gas generator comprises with 63cc, 2HP, 2-stroke gas powered engine, that provides 1000 surge watts and 900 rated watts.

The generator installed with 120V household outlets and 12V DC output are that provides clean power to sensitive devices, such as phones, laptops and other outdoor electronics.


Final Thoughts

The camp chef error prerr should not stop you from having fun at your BBQ, so as long as you maintain your grill, everything should be A-okay!

Make sure to contact the helpline of Camp Chef for further inquiries, and they’ll be right on the tail of your problem.





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