Is Your Camp Chef Pellet Grill Not Getting Hot Enough? 5 Proven Ways to Fix It!

camp chef not getting hot enough
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Camp Chef is a leading brand in the pellet industry for over 20 years. They manufacture almost all outdoor cooking equipment.

The vision of Camp Chef is to provide the community with every essential equipment for a better outdoor cooking experience.

Most of Camp Chef pellet grills typically reach over 500°F. Most of the Camp Chef grills reach higher than this temperature.

But some Camp Chef owners face the issue that their Camp Chef pellet grill not getting hot enough.

After doing a lot of research, we got to know that the bad pellets are the culprits for not getting your grill hot.

So first check the pellet you are using for your grill.

You should also check the RTD probe, whether it is clean and in working condition.

Another reason for the Camp Chef not holding the right temperature and not getting hot enough would be a bad controller.

You also need to inspect the ash pot. A lot of ash accumulation in the fire pot causes your grill not to get hot.

Discard the ash so that the grill holds the right temperature.  

Keep reading more about the Camp Chef pellet grill temperature issue and itsfixes.


About Camp Chef Pellet Grills

As I mentioned above, Camp Chef manufacturing and supplying premium quality outdoor cooking appliances for over 20 years.

Camp Chef understand the people are struggling to find the right outdoor cooking equipment.

So, they offer a wide range of grills and smokers.

The Camp Chef divided their grills and smokers into two:

Smoke pro and Wood wind.

Both the series come up with different amazing features and durability.

The Camp Chef pellet grills offer a good balance between price and space. Additionally, you will get a lot of helpful features that make grilling a breeze.


Why Does the Camp Chef Pellet Grill Not Get Hot Enough?

There are myriad reasons for your Camp Chef not getting hot enough.

The pellets are one of the reasons for your pellet grill not getting hot.

If you are taking care of your pellets, pellets will take care of your grill.

So, it is an important factor that which brand pellets you are using? How you are storing it? etc.

Another cause would be the RTD probe. Here RTD stands for Resistance Temperature Detector.

RTD probes are generally based on the same principle in which it is using a piece of fine wire.

RTD probes are very fragile. They can work many years in pellet stoves but may not last long in pellet grills.

Grills are generally moved around and it is important how gently you move the grill.

If the RTD sensor is warm the fine wire of the grill may break.

RTD probe may give inaccurate or false temperature if you don’t take care of it.

The bad controller also causes your Camp Chef not to get hot.

So, you also need to check the controller if it is working properly or not.

Accumulation of lots of ash may cause the not getting enough temperature on your grill. You should clean out the burn cup if there is lots of ash get accumulated.


How to Fix My Camp Chef Pellet Grill That is Not Getting Hot Enough?

Though there are myriad reasons to not getting your Camp hot enough, still there are different ways to fix it.

Here we go!

Using right Pellets

If you are using Camp Chef pellets for your Camp Chef grill and still your grill is not getting hot enough, then give a try to other brand’s pellets.

Some Camp Chef pellet grill owners have been using other brand’s pellets successfully and attaining the right set temperature.

So, you can try other brand’s pellets to get the grill hot enough.


Don’t use moist pellets

Another reason for the grill not getting hot is using moist or wet pellets. You should change the pellets after every grill use.

Some folks don’t change the pellets and leave the pellets in the grill hopper.

But it is not advisable as it leads to pellets get moist due to external environmental elements.

Keeping the pellets in the hopper too long will deteriorate the pellets and it causes pellets don’t burn so well.

If the pellets get moist, you need to make them dry in the oven. Then you can use it in your grill.


Clean RTD probe

 If your Camp Chef is not getting hot enough, then check the RTD probe located inside the grill.

Sometimes there is carbon gets accumulated over the period of time on the RTD probe.

If the RTD probe is not clean it won’t able to show accurate temperature inside the grill.

The build-up of RTD probe causes lower temperature readings. The RTD can go a bit wild if it’s got a bit of gunk on it.

RTD probe should be clean and should not bend and touching the side of the grill.

If your RTD probe gets really dirty, clean it with vinegar.

But don’t forget to give a basic wipe after each cook to the RTD probe. So that it maintains the probe in good condition for longer.


Install a new Controller

The bad controller is one more reason for the Camp Chef not getting hot enough.

For this, you need to check the controller of your grill. If it is not working precisely. Install anew controller.

Different models of Camp Chef pellet grill come with different controllers. There are three different controllers.

  1. Gen 2 standard controller
  2. Gen 2 Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth controller
  3. Woodwind Wi-Fi controller

All the Camp Chef controller comes with PID technology and smoke control.

Check which type of controller your Camp Chef has and install it accordingly.


Clean out ash

The Camp Chef may not be getting hot due to ash accumulated in the ash pot.

So, you need to clean out the ash pot after each cook.

Generally, in the case of other grills, you need to open the lid of the grill and take out the all inside stuff like greasy grill grates, drip tray, heat diffusion plates, etc.

You have to deal with all this greasy mess to take out the stuff and clean the ash pot.

But don’t worry!

Camp Chef come up with a unique feature ash clean out system.

You just need to pull the lever. It gets all the ash dump in the burn cup and you can discard it.

Install the burn cup and you are ready to cook once again.

Isn’t it easy?

Now you can cook more efficiently and get better heat control over your grill.

Camp Chef Ash Clean Out Stuck? Here’s the fix!

Maintenance Tips to Avoid the Issues

You can apply the easy maintenance tips to avoid grill issues. These are such little things but gives you the most desirable outcomes in long run.

  1. Replace wood pellets for every other cook.
  2. Don’t leave pellets in the grill hopper.
  3. Wipe out all grease and ashes regularly
  4. Clean the RTD probe after every cook

I know these are obvious things but it leads to avoiding the issues in long run. You don’t need to struggle with your grill issues frequently.


Final Thoughts

Camp Chef is just a machine, so over a period of time, it may have issues like other grills.

If your Camp Chef grill is not getting hot enough and not reach to right set temperature, don’t get afraid.

Now you know how to deal with this issue.

If you are not able to fix the issue with the above-mentioned fixes, contact Camp Chef customer support.

Camp Chef has great customer support.





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