Camp Chef ZG Vs Camp Chef SG: Battle of the Pellet Grill!

Camp chef ZG vs SG pellet grill
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The question arises- ‘Which pellet grill to choose between the Camp Chef ZG and SG?’

Well, pellet grills are a one-time investment and there’s no better options in the market than the Camp Chef pellet grills.

However, it might be tough to choose between the several models that rule the market currently.

While other pellet grills perform well, the SG and ZG have made their own space in the community.

Before purchasing any of the pellet grills, it’s essential to know details about the characteristics of the two.

To differentiate between the two, here’s a Camp Chef ZG Vs Camp Chef SG comparison for those who wish to invest in their ideal pellet grill!

So, lets dive into it.

Comparison Table Of Camp Chef ZG Vs SG


Camp Chef ZG

Camp Chef SG




Upper Rack Area

347 sq. in.

573 sq. in.

Lower Rack Area

429 sq. in.

663 sq. in.

Total Rack Surface

776 sq. in.

1236 sq. in.

Side Shelf

16 in. x 12 in.

16 in. x 12 in.

Chamber Capacity

3,778 cubic in.

7000 cubic in.

Hopper Capacity

18 lbs. of pellets

18 lbs. of pellets


About Camp Chef ZG

The Camp Chef ZG  is a ‘Slide & Grill’ technology pellet grill, that helps you create deliciousness seamlessly.

With two flavor profiles, the ZG enables you to get both indirect and direct flame modes.

Moreover, the ash cleanout system helps keep your pellet grill functioning while serving you the exquisite wood-fired flavor.

It comes with electronic auto start ignition technology that makes ignition of your grill very much quick and easy.

The dual LED temperature readout shows internal cooking temperature and internal food temperature on the screen.

So, you don’t need to open grill lid frequently to check the temperature which also affects the consistency of the temperature.

It has automatic auger dispenses pellet system which enhances the efficiency of your smoker.

It’s simple temperature selection system allows for ease in controlling and using the grill.

This grill comes with a large-capacity hopper, two meat probes, a warming rack.

About Camp Chef SG

The Camp Chef SG is a wi-fi controlled, PID technology, and smoke-controlled pellet grill.

The SG comes with greater features and outlook, taking your cooking to the next level.

Whether you’re a novice or a master chef- the SG shall be your best partner in cooking magic.

In addition to these, the SG comes with additional rack space for those who wish to occupy more space!

The most remarkable thing about this grill is the smoking performance.

It is the degree of control the grill provides over the smoking process.

For smoke control, you can set a custom smoke level anywhere from one to ten.

Then you don’t need to worry about it, the grill does the rest job.

It produces the appropriate amount of smoke.

If you are fan of low and slow smoking, the SG24 is a best option as it can go as low as 160F and it has a huge 22 lbs. Pellet hopper capacity.

You can keep food warm for extended periods of time at such a low temperature.

The digital controller of the grill is very easy to use, even you operate the grill in direct sunlight.

Its large digital display of the grill is easy to read from the distance.

The control scheme of the grill is very much simple to use.

Pellet Grill Comparison Between Camp Chef ZG and SG

There might not be much difference between the two models at first glance.

But diving inside the features shall help you map out the Camp Chef ZG Vs SG comparison.

Wi-fi Controlled

The Chef Camp SG happens to come with a wi-fi controlled system, for your ease.

The wi-fi controls are used to choose the settings you wish to grill the meat on.

Moreover, the wi-fi controller prevents you from walking to the pellet every time you want to alter the settings.

However, the wi-fi controller might be complex for a number of individuals; the Camp Chef ZG does not come with a wi-fi controlled system.

Thus, it saves you the hassle of connecting your wi-fi to set the changes.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose either ZG or SG; wi-fi or no wi-fi- make your pick!

Sear Box

A sear box is basically a propane burner that diffuses heat through plates designed to vaporize any grease dipping.

With the camp chef SG, you get a sear box on the side that is attached to the pellet grill.

As a result, you do not need to go through the trouble of buying a sear box in case you don’t absolutely require it.

With a Camp Chef ZG however, you have the option of attaching a sear box later on.

It might occur that you did not need a sear box initially, but you can always attach it when you need.

Therefore, contemplate about your requirement for a sear box before investing in either of these pellet grills.

2-in-1: Pellet and Gas Grill

The Camp chef SG is basically a pellet grill and a gas grill all in one.

For the chefs out there, who wish to have all functions ready at one place, the SG might be a great option.

While a pellet grill helps you cook your favorite ribs with the use of charcoal smokers, a gas grill uses gas to cook the ribs.

Both of these methods produce outstanding results; if you prefer using a pellet grill while your loved one prefers a gas grill- the camp chef SG is an ideal match.

With that being said, having both a pellet grill and a gas grill might be too much for some individuals, especially if they are the only ones who shall be using the grill in the first place.

In times like these, the camp chef ZG seems like a better option than the bulky SG- keeping it concise and simple.


The height of the Camp chef SG is taller than that of the ZG model.

The height difference might not matter to most, but some people might be looking for a pellet grill to fit perfectly into their yard.

In addition to that, managing a bulky pellet grill might not exactly be what you want.

If your yard has adequate space, the SG shall be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer a pellet grill that occupies less space, go for the Camp Chef ZG.


Now that we have mentioned the height, it’s time for the space.

The Camp chef SG is a more spacious pellet grill than the ZG.

With a larger height and width, the SG provides you more area to cook in.

As a result, you would be done with your cooking faster; you can put more ribs into one batch in SG than on ZG.

Furthermore, the bigger space results in better cooking as your ingredients shall not be clumped up.

On the other hand, if you do not have that much food to cook all the time- the ZG is perfect.

A bigger pellet grill shall just be a waste of space if it’s doing the same job as a smaller one.

Cooking two ribs for yourself shall ultimately have the same results in both pellets, then why invest in the bigger one?

Price Comparison

A Camp Chef ZG Vs SG comparison would have been incomplete without a price comparison, right?

Camp Chef offers discounts and sales throughout the year, for which the price of the two pellet grills fluctuates.

However, it is for sure that the Camp Chef SG costs more than the Camp Chef ZG.

Due to the higher number of features and bigger size capacity, the SG has more dynamics evidently.

With that being said, if you are looking for something personal that is not required to be entirely professional, the ZG is definitely a better choice.

Keep in mind the features before settling on the price comparison- pick according to your preferences.

Pellet Window

Both the Camp Chef SG and ZG have a pellet window.

The pellet window helps watch the level of pellets through a glass bottle.

This way, you would know when to refill and when to clean.

Moreover, the pellet window is located right next to the controls, making it easier for you to check while you are cooking.

Easy Change of Pellets

Pellet changing might be an arduous task, especially when you are under pressure and the pellets need to be changed.

The Camp Chef SG arrives with an easy change of pellets technology that helps you get the pellets out and replace them with as less time as possible.

Warming Rack

The Camp Chef SG has a warming rack as well, enabling you to keep your ribs warm even after you are done cooking.

There shall be no more stone-cold steaks at parties if your guests are a bit late.

The Camp chef ZG does not have this feature and once again, if you are a tiny family cooking just for yourselves- why waste the space and money?

Meat Probes

The Camp Chef ZG and SG both provide you two meat probes.

This helps you measure the temperature of your delicious food accurately before progressing further into the recipe.

Grease and Cord management

The Camp Chef SG comes with a grease and cord management system, that the ZG does not offer.

The grease and cord management system helps keep your pellet grill clean and prevent any grease buildups; we all know, that’s a pain.

However, the Camp Chef ZG is relatively easier to clean due to the size and simplicity of the pellet grill.

 Simple Temperature Selection

The two pellet grills come with a simple temperature selection feature where you can input the preferred temperature without much hassle.


Final Thoughts

With all the comparisons being stated, the Camp Chef SG seems to have better features since the model is comparatively newer out of the two.

However, there were plenty of points where the SG might seem unnecessary to come individuals; the ZG is a more personal choice for the ones who prefer keeping it customized as per their choice.

In scenarios like these, the Camp Chef ZG proves to be better out of the two.

Thus, it all comes down to the level you wish to have with your pellet grill and how you shall be using it.

Spread this article with your fellow enthusiasts, and help them choose the best one for them!




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