Camp Chef Auger Jam? Here’s How to Fix It!

Camp Chef Auger Jam
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Camp Chef has come a long way since its inception.

The pellet grills feature accurate PID controllers and a multitude of useful equipment.

Every electronic item- good or bad- often faces hitches.

Even your Camp Chef Pellet Grill will develop problems.

A key indicator of a system failure is when the grill doesn’t heat up.

What could be a possible indicator?

Well, there could be a multitude of problems.

Your pellets could be misplaced, or you might have a bad hot rod igniter.

However, the most common problem is a Camp Chef auger jam.

So, how can you solve this?

Well, that’s why you’re here.

There are various reasons for Camp Chef auger jam such as temperature knob set at too low.

Due to moisture into the auger and pellets swelled up and clog the auger.

There are other reasons such as pellets sits in the hopper too long, missing motor part, faulty auger motor and rust on auger.

Read this article to find out all there is to know in detail about the causes and fixes of your auger jam.

Is Your Camp Chef Auger Jammed? Here Are The Potential Causes!

Anyone who owns a Camp Chef Pellet Grill is familiar with an auger jam.

There’s no easy way out of this.

However, there are some easy solutions to this problem.

You won’t know what to do without detecting the symptom first.

Here’s what possibly caused the Camp Chef auger jam.

The pellets were in the hopper for too long

An auger controls the pellet grill’s temperature by delivering the pellets in small amounts.

They know the right quantity of pellets.

It’s impressive because there’s a lot of speculation involved. These pellets can stir trouble, though.

The auger jam is often caused when the pellets are left in the hopper.

Some users will leave the pellets there for weeks. This is problematic.

The pellets in the hopper will get moisturized from sitting there for too long.
This causes the jam.

As more pellets are fed through the auger, the old and the new pellets get mushed together.

If improperly mixed, the auger will be jammed.

Other technical issues might arise from this problem too.

The temperature knob is set at too low

Well, there’s also a possibility that everything is working perfectly with your auger.

If your temperature knob is too low, your auger might just be turning slowly.

This means the wood pellets are being fed into the firepot at a snail’s space.

This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the auger.

All you have to do is crank up the heat.

Once the temperature knob is at a high position, the auger will turn more quickly.

The pellets will move at a faster rate.

Moisture got in the auger

Have you accidentally left your Camp Chef Pellet Grill uncovered in the rain?

Is your auger not working? There’s likely chance water got in.

Does this mean you have to change your grill? No, not really.

However, you need to learn how to unclog it.

One of the common reasons why a pellet grill auger becomes jammed is because water gets into the auger.

The remaining pellets absorb the moisture.

The moisture affects the wood pellets causing them to swell up. Hence, the auger gets clogged.

There are certain parts of your Camp Chef Pellet Grill that you need to save.

One of them is the hopper where the wood pellets reside.

The other is, of course, the electrical components.

This is why you need to keep your grill in a closed area.

There are missing motor pieces

Your pellet grill could be missing a motor piece.

If your auger doesn’t have all the shear pins or bolts, it won’t turn.

Let’s say your pin got sheared, the auger will immediately stop working properly.

It will turn, but it won’t get the job done.

You might ask how important the auger is.

Well, the auger is in charge of feeding the wood pellets to the firepot.

Imagine if that operation isn’t running.

Nothing is bringing the wood pellets from the hopper. So, the entire cooking process is stilted.

You have a faulty auger motor

If you have a defective auger motor, then the auger won’t turn.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about this.

You have to get the motor replaced pronto!

How can you tell if the motor is the problem?

Well, it’s quite simple. Check for obstructions. Fiddle around with your grill.

Are there any lodged wood pellets in the hopper?

Is there a lot of grime accumulated? Clean them up.

If the auger isn’t turning still, the motor is the problem.

Rusty auger

Sometime rust on auger also causes to jam it. It refrains the auger from turning smoothly.

The rust may develop on auger due to water gets into it.

It possibly occurs because other environmental factors such as rain.

Quick Fixes to Your Camp Chef Auger Jam!

Now that you know what’s causing the auger jam, take a look at how you can sort out the issue.

Clean the hopper thoroughly

You’ve already seen how pellets cause the Camp Chef auger jam.

Pellets, big or small, might be exposed to moisture and can get stuck in the hopper.

The only solution for this is thoroughly cleaning the hopper after every use.

Once you’re done using your grill, let it cool down.

Now remove all the pellets from the hopper. Clean the hopper thoroughly.

Make sure the interior is completely dry. This will prevent a Camp Chef auger jam.

Replace the missing pieces

Customer service is the way to go when it comes to replacing missing pieces.

Only an expert can tell you what’s going to make the perfect fit.

They will help you pinpoint the right products and get rid of the auger issue.

Take the hopper out and clean the Camp Chef auger jam

First, unplug your grill. Then, empty hopper.

If you have a temperature controller attached to it, remove it too.

Set the hopper side after unscrewing it from the grill.

Unscrew the shear pin that holds the auger motor to the shaft.

You’ll notice a nut there. Unscrew the pin and pull the motor away.

Remove the bushing with a screwdriver and pull the auger from the shaft.

If you see it’s stuck, you need to crank it out using a wrench.

Now it’s time to get to the intense cleaning.

Use a wooden stick or handle to clear out the pellets. Scrape the lodge pellets.

Use a vacuum to get rid of all the sawdust and ash.

Once this is clear, reassemble the entire thing.

Use a cover to protect the grill from moisture

The best way to take care of your grill is to cover it.

This will not only keep it clean but will also safeguard it from the harsh weather.

The Pellet Grill Cover by Patio King gets the job done perfectly.

This is especially useful if you live in a humid area.

Moisture tends to seep in often. This will prevent it.

Moreover, moisture leads to rust. If your grill is covered, there is no scope for that happening.

Utilize better quality pellets

Low-quality pellets will undoubtedly lead to a clogged auger.

Wet pellets lead to sawdust and the auger can’t break it apart.

Your auger will be jammed and making odd noises. This is easy to overcome.

Just use better quality wood pellets.

Make sure the pellets are dry and fresh.

Also, don’t leave the pellets in the hopper. Remove it or clean it.

Store them in a dry place for later use.

Eliminate rust on auger

Another reason for auger jam on your Camp Chef pellet grill would be rust on your auger.

Primarily you may not notice rust on auger because of a pretty good layer of wood pellet dust.

Your auger may rust as water gets into the auger due to rain.

You can try out loading up auger with wd 40 spray.

Run the auger for a good long while as you’ll be getting the oil on the pellets for a while and it’s probably not good to have that smoke onto your food.

So, you will need to clean it off well before cooking again, but it would help to run auger smoothly.

How to Empty Pellets from Camp Chef Pellet Grill?

How to Get a Camp Chef Auger Replacement?

Sometimes, you have to remove your jammed auger to get it cleaned.

How about you check if it works before putting it back together? Is the auger in peak condition?

Is it corroding or rusting? Are there other deficiencies?

If your auger is damaged for any reason, you need to get it replaced.

A blocked auger can lead to motor failure too.

So, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Get it sorted beforehand.

However, purchasing the auger replacement can be tricky.

Sometimes, it’s the fuse on the control panel that blows and causes system failure.

Check if the fan is spinning. The auger motor will spin too.

If it’s not, then it’s time to change the auger.

Measure the length of your old auger. Larger models use a longer auger.

So, it’s important to get the correct length before making a replacement.

Otherwise, you will face a potential motor failure.

The GasSaf Auger Motor is a common replacement.

Now that you have the replacement, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Remove the cover from the bottom.
  2. Keep the controller aside.
  3. Disconnect the wires.
  4. Get the motor replaced.
  5. Align the motor.
  6. Remove the old fan.
  7. Reconnect the wires.
  8. Put the controller back in.
  9. Place the lid.

Now you’ll no longer face a Camp Chef auger jam!

Final Thoughts

Camp Chef has positioned itself as a brand for outdoor enthusiasts.

Each of their pellet grills targets this particular market.

Camp Chef Pellet Grills are robust and sturdy. They certainly have a looming presence.

A faulty motor often stems from a jammed auger.

However, cleaning out the pellets or swapping a new fuse will help you get it sorted.

Don’t buy a new auger motor unless you have to.

The large cooking chamber comes with a multitude of benefits.

However, Camp Chef auger jams are quite common.

Make sure you clean your grill regularly and get rid of the remaining pellets.

Keep your hopper dry and clean and you’re good to go!




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