Char-Broil Gas Grill Gets Too Hot?- 9 Quick Fixes!

Char-Broil Gas Grill Gets Too Hot
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Not all Char-Broil gas grills are created equal, and while having a grill that won’t heat up enough is a problem, you may find that your grill keeps getting too hot even on the lowest heat setting. No matter the issue, fluctuating temperatures on your grill will result in poorly cooked meat.

If you’re concerned with why your Char-Broil grill gets too hot, one of the most common issues is that your regulator or hose has some type of issue.

You can visually inspect it, but regulators and doses are cheap, so buying a new one regulator to resolve the problem is the easiest option.

What Is The Lowest Possible Temperature On A Char-Broil Gas Grill?

Often certain types of meat do better with a lower temperature and longer cooking time to get the best results; usually, this is with tougher cuts of meat or larger cuts of meat.

A low grilling temperature is considered to be between 200 – 250 degrees Celsius.

The lowest temperature on a Char-Broil gas grill is within this range, so you may be able to get 200 degrees Celsius on some models of Char-Broil grills.

If you have a four-burner grill, turn one burner on to the low setting, and then you can check the temperature.

The fewer burners you have and the smaller your grill, the harder it may be to get the very low temperature you want; four-burner large grills have the best chance of hitting 200 degrees Celsius.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for low temperatures, you should be checking out pellet grills or smoker options for your grill.

Some of the newer Char-Broil gas grills allow you to set specific temperatures rather than just giving you low, medium, and high.

However, these grills have a minimum temperature of 350 degrees Celsius.

Problems And Solutions For When Your Char-Broil Gas Grill Gets Too Hot

Your Gas Is High PSI

A Char-Broil grill gets too hot when you’re using a high PSI propane tank or gas source, which is going to be pumping a huge amount of gas into your grill.

This causes your grill to burn exceptionally hot and use up propane very quickly, so it’s going to also be costing you a lot of money.

Two potential solutions:

  1. Replace your high PSI propane tank with a regular propane tank.
  2. Install a high-pressure regulator on your tank to better regulate the flow of propane.

A high-pressure regulator is also a good option for any type of grill that has a high PSI gas delivery system that can’t be easily replaced.

All Burners Are Running

If you’ve opted for a larger grill with four burners, your Char-Broil grill gets too hot when you’re running all four burners on high.

To grill, you only need to turn on burners for the area that you plan to use, so if you’re only grilling over two of the burners, it’s recommended that you don’t turn on the other unused burners.

You’ve Purchased the Wrong Regulator

Gas grills come in two main types, natural gas grills and propane gas grills; if you’ve just purchased a new regulator for your gas tank or line or if this is the first time using your grill, you may have installed the wrong type of regulator, as natural gas and propane gas regulator are not interchangeable.

If you’ve installed a natural gas regulator on a propane tank, it won’t be able to regulate the flow of gas, and it will come out as fast as possible, and the main symptom is your Char-Broil grill gets too hot.

Double-check if you’ve got the right type of regulator for your gas, and if not, you should purchase a new regulator.

Your Regulator Has Become Damaged

Gas regulators can become damaged due to age, such as over ten years old, or misuse, such as tightening the regulator with a tool rather than just by hand.

If your regulator becomes damaged for whatever reason, it may have issues with controlling the flow of gas, which manifests as your Char-Broil grill gets too hot.

Regulators are exceptionally cheap, so the best option is to just buy a brand new regulator and throw the old one out.

This can be done every few years if you suspect any potential issues.

Your Gas Hose Is Not Suitable For Your Gas

Just like your regulator, the hose that carries the gas needs to be for the type of gas that you’re using; you can’t use a natural gas hose with propane gas as it’s a larger hose that allows more gas to travel through and that is another cause for when your Char-Broil grill gets too hot.

The easiest solution is to replace the hose; most regulators and hoses come as a single cheap package, so if you’re buying a new hose or a new regulator, pick the right type and buy them together rather than trying to save money by buying items individually.

Your Propane Tank Has Been Left In Direct Sunlight

If you’ve found your Char-Broil grill gets too hot and you’re in a hot environment or have a lot of direct sunlight hitting your propane tank, that may be the cause. If your propane tank is left in direct sunlight, the gas inside can expand and cause higher pressure output that makes your grill burn hotter.

A grill cover will keep your Char-Broil grill running better over the years as water and sun are not great for any type of grill and build up damage over the years.

Your Burners Are Clogged

If you’re not deep cleaning or even lightly cleaning your grill often, you may run into issues where your Char-Broil grill gets too hot due to clogged burners that aren’t allowing gas to flow out evenly between them all.

You can have two issues with clogged burners; either one burner is going to be fully open with a huge flame while others are blocked with no flame or a small flame.

You may also find that the temperature gauge can’t get an accurate reading due to hot spots or cold spots within the grill.

To resolve the issue, you can quickly poke out the clogged burner holes with a chopstick or screwdriver.

Your long-term solution will be to deep clean your entire grill and set up a schedule to perform regular light cleaning and seasonal deep cleaning on your grill.

Your Temperature Gauge Is Faulty

The temperature gauge on the lid of your grill lets you know how hot it is inside; if you’re having issues with a Char-Broil grill gets too hot all the time, it could be that your temperature gauge is faulty and needs replacing.

If you’ve checked everything else and even replaced parts and the temperature gauge still reads too hot, but your food cooks well, it may be that it’s reporting the wrong temperature.

  • Use a grill thermometer to determine the actual temperature inside your grill; you can also place it in different locations to see if you have any hot or cold spots on the grill.
  • Replace your temperature gauge as they’re cheap and easy to do.

Your Gas Tank Valve Is Not Fully Open

All recommendations say that your gas tank should be fully open for the valve and regulator to work correctly and form a proper seal for the gas to flow through.

By not fully opening the valve, you can have an irregular flow of gas, which could be too little or too much.

When your Char-Broil grill gets too hot, a quick and easy check is to see that your gas tank valve is fully opened.

The simple solution, if it’s not, is to slowly open it all the way so that you get a tight seal and gas can flow evenly.

You should also double-check that there is no damage to your propane tank, as that could also cause the valve to not get a proper seal.

If you find rust, dents, or other damage, it’s worth buying a new propane tank.

Related Questions

Why is my grill flame so high?

Sometimes you may notice that your gas grill flame is so high.

It simply happens due to fat or oil dripping from the food.

If you are cooking your food in windy areas on grill is another reason for occurring this issue.

You can prevent high flame on your gas grill by trimming the fat and burning the grease away.

If you are grilling in windy area, keep your gas grill away from wind and keep it clean regularly as well.

How do I control the heat on my char broil grill?

You can regulate the temperature or control the heat by adjusting the grill dampers.

If you’re not able to attain the temperature you required for cooking, check for any gaps in the damper.

If the damper of grill is bent or warped, it will not able to create an efficient seal.

So, buying a new grill damper is best option in this case.

How to fix Char Broil gas grill flame that blow out because of wind?

If your Char Broil gas grill flame blows because of wind, turn the front of your grill to face the wind.

You can also increase the grill flame height by turning gas valve to higher position.




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