Char-Broil Gas Grill Flame Shooting Out?- 6 Primary Reasons and 7 Easy Solutions!

Char-Broil Gas Grill Flame Shooting Out
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Having a Char-Grill flame shooting out can be a big surprise to anybody grilling; it’s dangerous and can impact the taste of your food and the actual cooking.

It’s important to diagnose and resolve issues when dealing with flames shooting out, as it could also mean a larger issue with your grill setup.

One of the simplest solutions is ensuring that you clean your Char-Broil grill often and perform deep cleaning at the start and end of your grilling season.

Proper cleaning should stop any flame shooting out issues and extend the life of your grill.

Causes Of A Char-Broil Grill Flame Shooting Out

Gas Is Leaking Due To Damaged Components

If you’re having a Char-Broil grill flame shooting out, one of the first potential causes is that there is a gas leak somewhere between your propane tank and the regulator.

Visually inspect the regulator, hose, valve, and propane tank for obvious signs of damage or wear and tear.

If you smell gas when you turn your propane tank valve on, it’s a high possibility that this is the cause of your grill flame shooting out.

Don’t use your grill until you’ve found and fixed the issue, as a gas leak can be dangerous.

Grill Burners Are Clogged

If you’ve heavily used your grill and there is a lot of soot, grease, and other debris inside, you may find that your burners are clogged, which can cause issues like the Char-Broil grill flame shooting out.

Visually inspect the inside of your grill to see how dirty everything is; you can also see whether some burners have larger flames or no flames at all, as this is a big sign of clogged burners.

Spiders Have Nested In Your Venturi Tube or Burners

If you’ve left your grill in storage for some time or just over the winter season, a potential problem is that spiders and other insects may have gone inside parts of your venturi assembly and burners to create nests that can block or modify the flow of gas.

Often the gas will build-up, and then you get your Char-Broil grill flame shooting out issues that may not be apparent if you cleaned your grill before putting it away, as the outside may not indicate there are clogged pipes or burners.

Your Burner Control Valve Is Faulty

The burner control valve on your grill is what controls the flow of gas from the grill’s pipes and into the burners.

If you’re experiencing the Char-Broil grill flame shooting out and have performed most of the checks above, it’s possible that your control valve is faulty.

This will often be more common with older grills or grills that get moved often or left out in the elements and could be damaged by rain.

You may also find that the burner control valve isn’t faulty but has been greased up, and the valve is now blocked with grease.

If you’re not performing regular cleanings of your grill, this is a big possibility.

Too Much Fat Or Drippings On Your Grill Trough

There is a barrier or trough between your grill grates and the burners; this is used to stop drippings or fat from dropping onto the burners as this can cause a Char-Broil grill flame shooting out if anything comes into contact with your burners.

If your trough or barrier is overflowing or may be damaged, the fat drippings can make their way onto the burners and cause the flames to shoot out that you’re experiencing, or the flames could reach the drippings and catch on fire.

It’s a relatively simple check to see whether the trough really is too full.

Your Propane Tank Pressure Is Too High

The pressure in your propane tank should remain constant; however, exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time can increase the pressure of the gas in your propane tank.

As pressure increases, you can have a number of issues during your grilling, this can include temperatures becoming too high, or you may see your Char-Broil grill flame shooting out due to increased or inconsistent pressure.

Solutions For a Char-Broil Grill Flame Shooting Out

Replace Your Regulator And Hose

Mix a solution of dish soap and water, spray your gas valve, hose, and regulator so that they all become soapy, and turn the gas valve on.

If you see any large bubbles appear, that is the component that needs replacing.

In most cases, you easily replace the regulator and hose as they come in a single cheap package.

This is a good thing to do at least every ten years as they start to fail as time goes on and get used more.

If it’s the propane valve or propane tank are showing signs of a gas leak, then you’ll need to replace those separately; only the propane tank is slightly expensive.

Clear Out Your Dirty Burners

Your burners should be removed and cleaned, along with your venturi assembly.

Check with your owner’s manual on how to remove the burners, as it can be different for each CHar-Broil grill.

  1. Turn off the gas valves and disconnect the propane tank.
  2. Remove the burners as per your instruction manual.
  3. Use a burner cleaning rod to clean out the inside of the burners.
  4. Use a thin wire to poke out the holes in your burners to clear debris.
  5. Reinstall your burners.

You can also perform the same steps on your venturi tube with the burner cleaning rod.

This should be a standard task each time you bring out your grill for the summer grilling season, whether you think the burners are dirty or not.

Replace Your Burners

If the blockage or filth on your burners and nearby components is just too much to clear out, it’s possible to get a Char-Broil burner repair kit that will include brand-new burners and heat shields.

Ensure that you check your model number and match that against the appropriate burner repair kit, but using this solution can stop the Char-Broil grill flame shooting out and extend the life of your grill.

Replace Your Grill Control Valve

Replacing your grill control valve can save you money from a brand new grill, but it takes some effort and disassembly of the grill to make the replacement.

  1. Turn off and disconnect the gas.
  2. Remove the grill grates.
  3. Remove the burners.
  4. Remove ignitor electrodes.
  5. Remove the lower door.
  6. Remove the heat-shield.
  7. Remove the front support piece.
  8. Remove the knobs from the front of the grill.
  9. Unscrew the valves that are held on with screws under the knobs.
  10. Remove the hose assembly from behind the knobs inside the grill.
  11. Unscrew the old control valve.
  12. Screw in the new control valves.

Reverse your steps to put everything back together.

You may need to review your owner’s manual to get the exact steps for your model of the Char-Broil gas grill.

Clean Your Grill Trough

Regular cleaning of your grill trough will keep the drippings away from the burners.

It’s a stainless steel plate that can be removed and washed in warm water and dish soap. Ensure that it’s thoroughly dried with a soft cloth before returning it to the grill.

If the barrier or trough is heavily loaded with grease and debris, you should first scrape it all out into a garbage bin and not into your sink, as it could clog your drains.

If your barrier is older or has become damaged, it may be worthwhile to get a replacement trough, some of which may even be larger if you find it filling up too fast.

Just make sure that you purchase the correct trough for your model of Char-Broil grill.

Replace Your Propane Tank

If your propane tank has been left in direct sunlight and you’re seeing the Char-Broil grill flame shooting out, it’s time to replac your propane tank as it’s been damaged too much.

Buy a new tank and have it filled up; otherwise, many big box stores like Home Depot will swap empty propane tanks for new filled propane tanks.

You should also consider getting a propane tank cover or a heavy-duty grill cover and keeping your propane tank under that so that it’s not left outside in direct sunlight or with rain pouring down on it throughout the year.

Maintain Your Grill And Keep It Clean

You need to be performing regular cleaning of your grill after each grilling session and performing a deep cleaning at the end and start of your grilling season.

  • Clean your grill trough after each use; you can also line it with tinfoil and remove the tinfoil for easier cleanup.
  • Use a grill scrubbing brush to clean grates and the inside of your grill, and let everything fall onto your grill trough for easy removal.
  • Remove and clean any components that may be getting too dirty, such as the burners or heat shields. This may only need to be done at the start and end of your grilling season.

Anything dirty or clogged should be removed and washed in warm dish soap water, thoroughly dry with a soft cloth, and reinstall the component.

Dirt, grime, and not performing regular cleanings is the biggest issue for your Char-Broil grill flame shooting out the front or flashback issues.




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