Green Mountain Grill Blown Fuse? 5 Causes and 5 Fixes

Green Mountain Grill Blown Fuse
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With a grill readily available for family and friends gatherings, it becomes particularly frustrating when breakers begin tripping.

A blown fuse can cause nuisances as you constantly try to reset and figure out where the problem is.

Even with the best grill available, in this case, a Green Mountain grill, blown fuses are not an unlikely occurrence.

A Green Mountain grill blown fuse can be a result of faulty house wiring, perhaps the combustion fan having issues or the igniter may cause the same too.

The fixes are not that hard to accomplish and may not necessarily require expert techs to handle the problem.

Here are a few known causes of the Green Mountain Grill fuse blowing.

Green Mountain Grill Blown Fuse – Causes

Power Source

If you are experiencing power source issues, you will at some point have blown fuses.

This fault in the power source could be overly high wattages or shorted wires.

It could also mean wires that are connected incorrectly and are heating up.

If the amp load is too high, this could cause your Green Mountain Grill fuse to blow too.

Most owners have circuit breakers and power surge protectors for such incidents.

If the surge protectors are non-existent or are working improperly, there is the likelihood of blown fuses or damaged units.

Combustion Fan

The connections on the combustion fan might be loose or compromised.

This fan is normally located at the back of your Green Mountain Grill.

Finding out if that’s the problem requires checking the fan’s wires for shorted wires or soon-to-be overheated wiring.

This might not require too many tools but it does require some caution as you inspect the wiring.

Be sure to check if the combustion fan is compromised only after switching off and disconnecting the igniter.

During startup, the grill might draw in more power than the draft fan can handle – which is usually about 120v.


The igniter draws in about 240 volts during startup.

This occurs while the fuse and the rest of the unit are meant to handle no more than 120 volts.

If this happens, fuses will blow along with some wiring becoming shorted.

While the igniter may not be adjustable to suit lower wattage, it can be easily tested for faults.

The testing methods are listed in detail below.

Faulty wiring

This occurs during relocation of the grill, or even while cleaning.

It can also be a part of shoddy work from technicians.

If you recently had maintenance work done to the grill, it might be time to check your wiring.

Any loose wires could be causing a short circuit, while other wires may have shorted already, causing the grill to trip the circuit breaker.

Maintenance and cleaning

Most homeowners tend to love cleaning appliances.

Firing up a grill after it has been washed with soap and water might not be the best idea.

Our wives might mean well, and our kids too, but when a grill is filled with water in the wrong places, blown and shorted wires are bound to arise.

With water in the wrong parts, it is easy to experience shorting and electrocution.

This will undoubtedly cause blown fuses.

Green Mountain Grill Blown Fuse – Fixes

Check Power Source

Check the home’s main power supply for any inconsistencies in the power supply.

Some homes have different breakers for different outlets.

It may mean that your grill is connected to a source required to put a limited supply of power.

Additionally, it could mean that there are faults in your home’s electricity supply.

This can only be established using a professional electrician.

When amp loads become too much, they may trip internal fuses, and home fuses along with circuit breakers.

Replacing circuit breakers with stronger ones, in terms of amp loads, is important.

It can save you serious repairs in the future.


This step doesn’t need professional technicians.

Simply disconnect the igniter wiring and process to hot start the grill.

If the fuses and breakers recently tripped, reset the breakers before proceeding.

Locate the two red wires connected to the igniter and disconnect them.

This step requires twisting the red wires off, with no additional tools.

Turn the grill on and press the UP button. This helps you jump through temperatures.

If the fuse doesn’t blow or rather if your breakers don’t trip this time around, it is indeed the igniter that is faulty.

Replacing blown fuses is easy enough after purchasing the right ones from credible stores.

Also, a new igniter might be in order, especially if you can get one with a lower startup voltage.

Rewire or Replace Combustion Fan

If the combustion fan is the problem, it requires testing first.

Disconnect your grill from the power source and using pliers, disconnect or cut off the zip ties holding the wires together.

These would be the wires connecting the fan to the power source.

Attempt the same startup procedure as above.

If the problem persists then we are assured the problem lies with the combustion fan.

This might need rewiring or replacing combustion fan.

Ensure that you source OEM parts only from credible local or online stores.

The best approach would be to seek consultation from a known local technician.

Cleaning practices

Let grills sit for a while after cleaning to air dry even after wiping them down with a dry cloth.

Additionally, it is better to practice safe cleaning practices, like not dowsing the grill with excessive soap.

This all needs to be a shiny grill that won’t shine at all if covered in ashes after a disastrous fire.


Check the entire unit for shorted wires and especially for loose ones too.

Any evidence of shorted wires should prompt you to replace them with new ones.

Loose wires should be tightened as well.

All these activities should be carried out with the grill completely turned off.

Why Does My Green Mountain Grill Say Fail?

This error code is usually associated with a faulty igniter.

When this code appears, it means your igniter failed its job.

Essentially, it failed to ignite.

Some of the reasons associated with this error or fault could be obvious, which is a failing or dying igniter.

Other causes include too much ash or pellets within the firebox.

Fixing this problem is easy: simply clean out the burn pot or fix the igniter problem.

This may require replacing the said unit.

Fixing Green Mountain Grill Error Code E01, E02, E04

If your Green Mountain Grill popping up error E01, E02, E04 then it indicates a power overload.

It occurs when the grill is hooked up to an unstable power supply.

It may also happen due to the circuit which shared by a unit that turns on and off intermittently.

But why are there different error messages for the same problem?

The readout is subject to whether the problem originated with the igniter, fan motor, or auger motor.

The grill shows E01  if a fan motor is overloaded.

E02 error occurs due to an auger motor overload.

The E04 code pop up when an igniter is overloaded.

Bottom Line

Handle such situations in good time before they handle you and your livelihood.

Keeping in mind this is an electrical issue, it is important to seek professional help when in doubt.

Adhere to keep water away from any wiring too and your Green Mountain grill will keep on giving.


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