Fixing A Green Mountain Grill That Keeps Shutting Off

Green Mountain Grill Keeps Shutting Off
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If your Green Mountain grill keeps shutting off, it can be a frustrating problem, especially if you can’t figure out why and it only intermittently happens to you.

Not being able to trust your grill to cook your meat effectively makes you want to replace the grill or just stop using it.

Before you replace or throw out your Green Mountain grill, consider going through some of the most common reasons that a Green Mountain grill keeps shutting off, such as a dirty grill, faulty components that need replacing, or your pellets are bad.

Reasons Why A Green Mountain Grill Keeps Shutting Off

Green Mountain Grill Software is Corrupted

A possible issue if your Green Mountain grill keeps shutting off is that the software on the grill has become corrupted or is too old, or there is a mismatch between the grill firmware and the mobile app version that you’re using.

This is typically more of an issue for older grills as the software gets older over time and has an opportunity to have problems, or you keep updating your mobile app but not the grill firmware.

Power Connections Are Loose On Your Green Mountain Grill

Loose power connections or other loose cables can result in a Green Mountain Grill that keeps shutting off.

This could be any of the power cables from the wall plug all the way through to the components inside the grill.

A temporary loss of power can result in your grill powering off and not just flickering for a second.

Your DC/AC Adapter Is Faulty

A DC/AC adapter can become faulty, especially if it’s left out in the elements, is moved often, or simply fails due to age.

Any type of power failure or loss can result in a Green Mountain grill that keeps shutting off.

A faulty DC/AC adapter is more likely with older grills or grills that are being moved or exposed to the elements such as sun or rain for long periods of time.

Your Control Board Is Faulty

A faulty control board or controller can result in where your Green Mountian grill keeps shutting off.

This can be due to a power issue from loose cables, elemental damage from rain, or direct sun; it can also be the result of an old controller that has just failed.

If you’re noticing brightness issues or the controller display blinking out during cooks, there’s a high chance that this is your reason for the grill to keep shutting off.

Your Pellets Aren’t Loading Or Burning

Your pellets are a reason that your Green Mountain Grill keeps shutting off; in the most simple situation, you’re not filling your auger up enough, and you’re running out of pellets to burn.

You may also find that your pellets have become wet from the elements, so they’ve either grown too large to come out of the auger well, or they’re too wet to burn.

In all these situations, you’re just not burning your pellets, and your Green Mountain Grill will keep shutting off as it determines there is nothing to burn.

Your Green Mountain Grill Is Dirty

A major issue that will cause a Green Mountain Grill to keep shutting off is a dirty grill that isn’t being cleaned.

Often people complain of as little as six uses of their grill before it starts having issues with shutting off due to being dirty.

Either your temperature probe has too much grease covering it, and it can’t determine the correct temperature, or your burn chamber is too full of ash, and that stops new pellets from lighting and bringing the temperature off.

Fixing A Green Mountain Grill That Keeps Shutting Off

Update Your Green Mountain Grill Software

There are two steps in updating your Green Mountain grill software if your grill keeps shutting off.

First, you need to update the grill firmware, and second, you need to update the mobile app on your Android or iPhone.

Update Your Green Mountain Grill Firmware

  1. Connect to the GMG Wifi network.
  2. Open the Green Mountain Grill mobile app.
  3. Tap the “Connect” button in the top corner.
  4. Go to Settings.
  5. Tap “Update Grill”.
  6. Input your network name and password to get Internet connectivity.
  7. Input your grill preferences and model.
  8. Wait for the grill to say Upd, and then it will count from 0 – 99.
  9. Once it reaches 99, unplug the grill from power and plug it back in.
  10. Wait for the grill to go from 0 – 99 again, and then your firmware is updated.

 Update Your Mobile App Software

  1. Go to your phone’s app store.
  2. Search for the Green Mountain Grill app
  3. If available, select Update

Check Power Connections On Your Green Mountain Grill

Check all power connections on your Green Mountain grill to ensure there are no loose wires, especially around the primary power cord or cigarette lighter plug.

You can unplug and plug everything back in.

You can also try to twist your power connections into different positions or wrap the connections in electrical tape so that they can’t become loose while you’re moving around the device.

Replace Your DC/AC Adapter

Bypass the DC/AC adapter by plugging your grill directly into your car or another device that provides DC power.

If this stops the Green Mountain grill from shutting off then it’s most likely a faulty adapter, and you can leave your grill plugged directly into the DC power source.

Alternatively, you can purchase a new DC/AC adapter to replace the older version.

If you’re purchasing from Amazon, you’ll have 30 days to test and ensure that was the problem, and if the problem persists, you can return the adapter without costing you anything.

Replace Your Green Mountain Grill Control Board

You can buy replacement Green Mountain grill control boards from Green Mountain, or if you’re under warranty, they will replace it for free.

You can also buy replacement Green Mountain controllers from Amazon for faster delivery.

  1. Unplug your grill from the power.
  2. Remove two screws holding the controller in place.
  3. Pull out the controller to expose all plugs and connections.
  4. Unplug everything and plug in the new controller.
  5. Put everything back in place and screw the controller in place.

It’s impossible to plug things into the wrong areas, and all the plugs are different and won’t plug into the wrong area, so don’t worry about that.

Cover Up Your Green Mountain Grill From The Elements

Multiple issues are caused by your green mountain grill being exposed to the elements, whether it’s sun or rain.

The simplest option is to buy a heavy-duty Green Mountain grill cover and always keep your grill covered up and safe when not in use.

A good cover should indicate that it protects your grill from sun or UV light, as well as wind and rain.

Alternatively, most Green Mountain grills have wheels, so you can bring your grill inside when not in use so that it’s fully protected in a dry environment.

Buy Green Mountain Grill Pellets Only

If you’ve determined that pellets are an issue for you, your primary option should be to buy Green Mountain grill pellets only.

You should always ensure that your auger is filled up to the maximum before each grill so that you don’t run out during the process.

Alternatively, you can look for other brands that are similar in size to the Green Mountain grill pellets.

Either of these options should ensure that poor-quality pellets aren’t causing your grill to keep shutting off due to pellet problems.

Clean Your Green Mountain Grill

It’s recommended that you perform some type of cleaning after every use of your Green Mountain grill, this can stop the issues seen of a grill that keeps shutting off.

  1. Use a shop vac to suck out any ash in the burn pot.
  2. Clean off the RTD sensor probe so that it’s not covered in grease. Use grill cleaner and paper towels so that you don’t damage the probe.

Generally keeping the Green Mountain grill clean inside with grill cleaner and your shop vac will ensure that your flame doesn’t go out and your grill operates to its best for its lifetime.




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