How To Set Temperature On A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

How To Set Temperature On A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker
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One of the most crucial aspects of smoking meat, cheese, and other foods is setting and controlling the temperature of your smoker.

It’s also important to know what the temperature should be for optimal results, and that will depend on what you’re smoking.

If you’re wondering how to set temp on Masterbuilt electric smokers, the easiest and first option will be to set the temperature from the digital controller on the smoker.

However, the temp set from your controller isn’t guaranteed due to other factors, so you need to ensure you’re measuring and controlling the temp through other methods for the best results with your Masterbuilt smoker.

How To Set Temp On Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

To set the temp on your Masterbuilt electric smoker is a fairly simple process, but you should follow the basic steps to ensure you get optimally smoked meat.

Once you’ve used and tested your smoker, you can create your own procedure that works best for you.

The basic steps to set temp on a Masterbuilt electric smoker are:

1.Ensure your Masterbuilt electric smoker is plugged in.

2. Turn your Masterbuilt electric smoker on from the built-in controller, remote, or mobile app.

3. Using the smoker controller, set the temp you want.

4. Using the smoker controller, set the time you want to smoke for.

5. Wait for around 45 minutes as your Masterbuilt electric smoker preheats.

6. Check the digital display on your smoker to see if it reached the temp you set.

7. Check your temp probes display to determine the actual smoker temperature.

8. If your temp probe shows an internal temperature too high or low, set the temp higher or lower on your controller to get the internal smoker temperature that you want.

9. Once you’ve confirmed the internal temp is set correctly, you can put your meat in and readjust the timer on your controller.

Why Can’t You Set Temp On Masterbuilt Electric Smoker And Walk Away?

When you set the temp on your Masterbuilt electric smoker, you can lose heat, or gain too much heat, and the default controller is not always accurate.

This temperature difference or issue is why you should be using a temperature probe or thermometer to confirm the actual internal temperature.

Before you put your meat into the smoker and you’re trying to set temp on your Masterbuilt electric smoker, you can put the temperature probe in the top of a potato or on something else so that the probe doesn’t register the temperature of the metal grates.

If you’ve purchased a portable or removable thermometer, then you should put it as close to the middle of the smoker to get an accurate reading on the internal temperature.

It’s a good idea to see how different the temp is from what you set, what the smoker temperature gauge says, and what your temperature probe or thermometer says the internal temperature is.

It’ll give you an idea of how close all of the devices read the temperature.

What Temp Should I Set My Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

Your Masterbuilt electric smoker will have a 100 – 275 Fahrenheit standard temperature range. For most meat and fish, the general temp to set is 225 Fahrenheit, and you should get reasonable results.

One critical thing to remember when you set the temp on your Masterbuilt electric smoker is that the final temperature of the meat is just as important to be checked through temperature probes, and those can be upgraded for better and more accurate temperatures.

If you’re looking for the optimal temp to set for different meats, some temperature options are listed below.

  • Beef
    • Set smoker temp to 225-240°F
    • Meat temp should be between 145-200°F
  • Pork
    • Set smoker temp to 225-240°F
    • Meat temp should be between 145-200°F
  • Chicken
    • Set smoker temp to 250-275°F
    • Meat temp should be between 165-175°F
  • Turkey
    • Set smoker temp to 240°F
    • Meat temp should be between 165-180°F
  • Fish & Seafood
    • Set smoker temp to 220°F
    • Meat temp should be 145°F

You can set the temp on your Masterbuilt electric smoker to anything reasonable for non-meat items you want to smoke, and it will just depend on your preferences, so test things out and see what temp works best for your tastes.

How Do I Control The Temp On My Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

One of the common issues that people face and why you may be asking how to set temp on Masterbuilt electric smokers is that setting the controller to a specific temperature doesn’t mean the internal temperature of your smoker will actually be that.

There are several things you can do to control the temp of your Masterbuilt electric smoker.

Upgrade Your Default Masterbuilt Smoker Thermometer

When you set the temp on your Masterbuilt electric smoker, you’re relying on the internal thermometer to tell you the temp.

Unfortunately, the standard thermometer is exceptionally cheap and doesn’t gauge temperature accurately.

Upgrade your thermometer to a better version that provides WIFI or Bluetooth control so that you can check the temperature without having to come back and forth.

It’s one of the best upgrades or enhancements you can use on your Masterbuilt smoker, and the prices can range, but almost anything will be better than the built-in one from Masterbuilt.

Upgrade The Standard Masterbuilt Smoker Controller

One of the issues you can face when you set the temp on your Masterbuilt electric smoker is that the temp will keep overshooting, so the heat will be dropped, but then it may go too low, so the heat comes back on.

So, you never truely get the right temperature that you want.

To work around the issue of changing temperatures, you can upgrade your smoker controller so that when you set temp on your Masterbuilt electric smoker, your upgraded PID controller works smarter to keep the temperature accurate.

Handle Outside Temperature Changes

The temperature outside your Masterbuilt electric smoker can impact how hot your smoker can or will get.

In extremely cold environments, you may struggle ever to reach higher temperatures, and in extremely hot environments, you may find the temperature surpasses the maximum of your smoker.

For both hot and cold environments, you can add a water pan that comes standard with your Masterbuilt electric smoker.

When outside is too hot, add cold water, and when it’s too cold, add hot water.

In cold environments, you can also purchase a smoker cover that will keep temperatures higher in your smoker and keep your smoker safer from environmental factors like rain or snow and direct sunshine that can damage your controller.

How Do You Preheat a Masterbuilt Smoker?

You can preheat the Masterbuilt smoker by following steps:

1. Before switching on your cold smoker, put in wood chips to it.

2. Preheat your smoker for 45 minutes before you adding food.

3. Add Half a cup of wood chips at one go.

4. Once you notice the first batch stops producing smoke add in the other half cup

6. Don’t add foil on the racks because it causes hinders heat circulation.

Final Thoughts

Controlling temperature is one of the most essential aspects of smoking your food precisely.

It is very essential to know what the temperature should be for best results.

Now, you know how to set the temperature on the Masterbuilt smoker.

So that you will get optimal smoking results with your smoker.


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