Kamado Joe Kontrol Tower vs. Smokeware – Which is Better?

Kamado Joe Kontrol Tower vs. Smokeware
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 The Kamado Joe Kontrol tower houses what essentially helps with temperature regulation.

Unlike the bottom vents, which simply allow or restrict oxygen flow into the grill, the Kontrol tower is where the magic begins.

This along with Smokeware both increase the efficiency of the Kamado Joe, controlling airflow.

When putting the Kamado Joe Kontrol tower vs. Smokeware, there are slight differences in the latter.

The main difference is the material used to produce the two, plus how well they function in varying circumstances.

Their main function doesn’t change regardless of which option you decide to go with.

However, one might provide better functionality depending again on cooking conditions.

About Kamado Joe Kontrol Tower

In simplest terms, this unit does precisely what its name suggests.

The Kontrol tower keeps things in check by using different vent settings to restrict or allow more airflow.

This airflow is what determines the effectiveness of the grill.

Without proper oxygen control, anything placed on the Kamado Joe grill might as well be thrown away.

The Kamado Joe Kontrol tower is also removable and can be cleaned and placed onto the dome repeatedly.

It can also be replaced with other towers made from various materials such as Smokeware products.

Due to its material being cast iron aluminum, it sometimes gets too hot which is why some might prefer having an aftermarket Kontrol tower constructed from heat-resistant materials.

It is a perfect working contraption that needs a little getting used to finer grilling.

Vents can be adjusted to let in as little or as much air as possible.

This Kontrol tower also houses a daisy wheel.

When the lid is shut, the daisy wheel can be adjusted accordingly, allowing lesser heat to flow through several wheels.

More about the Kontrol can be learned during usage as that is where the most satisfaction is attained.

About Smokeware

Smokeware and its founder are responsible for creating chimney caps for the Kamado Joe grills.

These were primarily made for the Kamado Joe brand of grills.

The chimney cap is meant to be innovative and supposedly offers an enhanced grilling experience.

After receiving a Kamado Joe grill as a gift, the founder of said company Matthew decided to create a better cap.

It is with this need to create something better than the Smokeware brand came alive.

The Smokeware chimney cap uses innovative production methods, including allowing cooking in the rain.

Many had complained about water seeping through the vents on the original Kamado Joe Kontrol tower.

Other features that make Smokeware a choice among many include the sturdiness of the Smokeware chimney cap.

Most of the problems associated with the original tower centered on build issues.

The Smokeware became a better choice for many who needed something that would not need replacing anytime soon.

The Smokeware brand and the replacement tower are innovative parts offering as much if not more functionality than the Kontrol tower.

In 2017, Kamado Joe introduced a new Kontrol tower matching the specifications and features of Smokeware.

However, anyone seeking replacement parts for the Kontrol tower seems to lean toward Smokeware.

Kamado Joe Kontrol Tower Vs. Smokeware

These two Kamado Joe accessories offer the best grilling experience possible.

Even the novice grill man will agree that they better the cooking experience.

Let’s take a look at the main differences between the Kamado Joe Kontrol tower and Smokeware.

Build Quality

The Smokeware chimney cap is offered with a non-rusting material.

Essentially, this eliminates one problem many had with the original Kontrol tower.

The original tower sometimes picked up rust, though it was coated.

The Smokeware cap also allows one to cook in the rain.

Any form of weather including the snow will not stop grilling from happening.

The Smokeware alternative maintains good temperatures whether the grill is opened or closed.

The original Kontrol tower boasts a daisy wheel.

This would sometimes allow rainwater to enter the drum of the grill.

When the dome temperatures are compromised food never cooks too.

Also, the Smokeware quality makes it dishwasher safe and friendly.


One problem many Kamado owners had with their top vent was stability.

When establishing quality between Kamado Joe Kontrol tower vs. Smokeware, the design comes to mind.

The Smokeware brand offers a sturdier design helping it to stay in place.

Many who owned the original Kontrol tower said it would fall off when the dome was opened.

The Smokeware chimney cap boasts a gasket between the drum and the cap.

This prevents it from falling off the dome when one opens and shuts the grill.

This falling off of the Kontrol tower would get extremely annoying when trying to cook and maintain healthy temperatures.

The Smokeware chimney cap eliminates such problems.


The Smokeware chimney cap replaces other porcelain products, including cast iron aluminum.

The chimney cap is made of 304-stainless steel.

This is a better material for several reasons, including being rust-free.

The main advantage is of course being heat-resistant.

Some Kamado Joe owners have managed to reach temperatures upward of 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are tough temperatures to resist with plastic, porcelain, or aluminum products.

When such parts fall off during maintenance and cleaning, it is easy to see how an aluminum or porcelain piece can break.

Thus, the Smokeware chimney cap and its steel build also last longer.

Ease of use

The original Kontrol tower however turns out to be better or easier to use.

When it comes to cleaning for starters, the Smokeware brand gets sticky due to grease and other cooking oil.

This makes it harder to remove when it is cold too.

The Kontrol tower, being a little looser than the latter is easy to remove and clean.

Additionally, the Kontrol tower can be opened up completely by opening the slider while the daisy wheel is closed.

This is a huge plus compared to the Smokeware brand which needs to be pulled off entirely for a full burn.

Limited usability

The Smokeware brand finds it difficult to put out fires as you would with porcelain products.

Also, the heat protector can get lost and will burn you if using it without gloves.

It is a good-looking product but can be limited in functionality.

Although many still prefer getting replacement parts at some point, issues of voided warranties might present themselves.

It becomes imperative to use the original parts (OEM) or risk losing out when the dome experiences problems.

When using original parts it is easier to get the most out of your grill.

This is because every part of the Kontrol tower is made with the user in mind, and the specifications of the Kamado Joe at heart.

It means the Smokeware brand might look and feel good, but it was never designed with the Kamado Joe features at heart.

It is simply made to replace the Kontrol tower with something cooler and easier to clean.


When purchasing a Kamado Joe, be sure to accessorize fully to enjoy the benefits of the grill.

Eventually, a need to replace parts might arise, forcing you to buy aftermarket products.

Be sure to purchase parts that function as well as they look to avoid wasting money and possibly creating problems with the grill.

It is better to have quality over anything else to enjoy better cooking standards too.








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