Kamado Joe Kontrol Tower Problems- 5 Problems and 5 Solutions!

Kamado Joe Kontrol Tower Problems
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 Anything involving control towers should be taken seriously, especially as it pertains to food.

Okay, so we are not guiding ships or planes to a safe landing.

However, the food needs to be optimally cooked before settling in our stomachs.

The control tower issues in this case are easy fixes even for amateurs.

All Kamado Joe kontrol tower problems occur due to long-running usage of the dome and are not necessarily a design flaw.

Some issues are directly linked to the dome while others are direct problems with the tower.

This grill is smaller than other large barbequing units and thus is easier to handle, meaning most problems have easy fixes.

Kamado Joe Kontrol Tower- Problems

Most Kamado Joe units are ceramic based, at least the dome is.

It requires safe handling as any attempt to remove the dome could lead to its destruction.

The Kamado Joe kontrol problems begin with aging and constant grilling.

Loose Tower

The kontrol tower can sometimes get loose due to the opening and closing of the dome.

This makes it trickier to open the dome without the tower coming completely loose and falling off.

It might also affect the temperature readings at some point, although this is not a usual occurrence.


Some owners complain of a non-fitting control tower.

Unlike the loose one mentioned above, this tends to be the original or replacement tower not tightening or closing at all.

This can happen immediately after buying a replacement part, or indeed after purchasing a new unit.

Stuck Tower

At times the control tower gets stuck.

Again, this could be due to long-running usage and not enough maintenance.

The stuck tower poses other problems like ventilation and temperatures within the dome.

A stuck tower is one of the easiest Kamado kontrol tower problems to fix.

Paint/Coating Issue

With time and regular use, the paint and coating on the control tower get sticky.

This happens when grease and dirt from the surroundings stick to the paint.

The reason for sticking is because of cooking grease.

It is more common than you think and again has quite an easy fix to it.

Immovable Tower

Aside from having a stuck tower due to grease, some Kamado Joe kontrol tower problems involve an immovable tower.

It means not only is it slightly stuck, the control tower might not move at all.

This can be a build issue and have nothing to do with grease or dirt keeping it locked.

Kamado Joe Kontrol Tower – Solutions

Solutions to the Kamado Joe kontrol tower problems are once-off.

Chances of the same problems recurring are low after learning how to prevent these problems.

Heat the Dome

To get the control tower unstuck begin with fire within the dome to introduce some heat.

This heat should run for a while to allow it to reach the vents of the control tower.

The heat should easily remove any grease that might be stuck on the tower.

It is the easiest way to get a control tower unstuck and can be done while cooking.

However, because this grease might have been present for longer periods, it needs to fall off and get cleaned off.

Rubber Mallet

This might not be the most practical or recommended method especially if you use a non-rubber mallet.

Slightly tapping the top of the vent is bound to get it loose.

Ensure that you tap in the direction the vent or cap needs to move, and not simply bang on it.

However, this method need only be applied when heating the dome doesn’t produce positive results.

It should also be tried using only a rubber mallet; not a hammer or wooden tool.


Using a degreaser, soap, and water to clean out the vent is guaranteed to keep it unstuck.

This should be performed carefully to avoid getting too much water into the dome itself.

You can also apply some heat while using a degreaser to quicken the process.

Considering the Kamado Joe uses coal and firewood, it is clear that water won’t be friendly to any grilling attempts.

Keep degreasing to the bare minimum using as little water as possible.

Rope Seal

A local hardware store or accredited online store will offer rope seals at adequate prices.

All ceramic towers come in standard sizes but the tower might be slightly larger.

It means you need to compensate for the space between the tower and the dome.

The rope seal simply covers this space, quickly fixing Kamado Joe kontrol problems linked to looseness.


Some owners claim to have received a faulty unit straight from the box.

Incidentally, the tower might be faulty from the get-go.

In this case, it is better to get a new unit and if under warranty, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Simply order a new one online if it is needed soonest, or contact your local supplier to replace the vent itself.

How To Clean Kamado joe Kontrol Tower?

Cleaning of Kamado joe Kontrol Tower is essential for proper working of grill.

As mentioned above, you can clean Kamado joe Kontrol Tower with degreaser.

You can also use oven cleaner to clean out the Kontrol tower of Kamado Joe.

Some Kamado Joe owners uses PBW ( powdered brewers wash) for cleaning Kontrol tower.

You just need to soak Kontrol tower in a tub of water and add some PBW.

You will get your Knotrol Tower good as new.

As being said, prevention is better than cure.

Little wiping down Kontrol tower after every cook makes your grilling journey easier.

So, try to wipe down it after each grilling session.


Be sure to buy Kamado Joe products from accredited suppliers and all replacement parts should be bought from the same.

Buying from credible suppliers means problems will be addressed fully and with immediacy.

Additionally, and of more importance is to avoid future Kamado Joe kontrol problems.

It means keeping the unit clean after every grilling section to avoid replacing or hammering any parts.






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