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Kamado Joe Accessory Storage
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 The Kamado Joe unit you have in your possession boasts features for classic cooking styles.

These styles are normally associated with charcoal, manual doors, or vents for air circulation among others.

The Kamado Joe is meant to bring the old and new together for fun, healthy and safe cooking.

As far as the Kamado Joe accessory storage is concerned, there are several ways to store over 10 different accessories.

These storage options are inbuilt while others are through modification and customizing of the Kamado Joe.

When deciding which Kamado Joe accessory storage options work best, be sure to consider safety and ease of use during implementation.

Best Way to Store Kamado Joe Additional Accessories

The Kamado Joe boasts several accessories for all grilling needs.

These accessories need other accessories to help with safe storage.

The most important consideration for accessory storage is the ease of use.

Accessories need to be easy to reach when needed and be kept in a manner that doesn’t present any safety issues.

Here are a few Kamado Joe accessory storage options worth considering.

Grate Rack

This Kamado Joe accessory storage option is easily accessible online at an affordable price.

It is placed primarily between two legs on the regular metal Kamado Joe stand.

Essentially, this piece of metal can be placed either on the front or the side legs of the stand.

It is perfect for holding soap stones and grates.

It is also easy to attach because it needs no manual.

Simply place it on two legs and it holds anywhere between two and three stones or grates.

It is also powder coated meaning it won’t pick up rust and works well under any form of high temperature.

Side Tables

If your Kamado Joe didn’t make it with side tables, you need to build some.

These are important in holding grates temporarily, but most importantly they have hooks.

The hooks are perfect for holding skewers, tongs, and other cooking utensils that need to be easily reachable.

Side tables can also be made longer and stronger to hold condiments and even plates while grilling.

These are all customizable based on one’s grilling needs.

Deck Box

When dealing with an outdoor grill there is plenty that goes into creating.

This includes charcoal, pizza pans, wood, deflectors, and other such accessories.

When these take up too much space alongside the grill, you need a storage den.

The most common is a deck box which holds these accessories easily and safely.

The idea is to store the wood and charcoal in a dry place.

Nothing is worse than preparing for an afternoon barbeque only to find everything is wet and unusable.

The deck box can be purchased in different sizes online or at your local hardware store.

One can also build it from scratch if one has the time and tools available.


For your grates, attach magnets and hang them from any metal part of the Kamado Joe.

If they don’t stick to anything they are not steel bits.

Original grates should be able to stick to metal parts of the Kamado Joe.

Additionally, you can add such metal pieces to the side tables for instance.

These can be used to hold the grates if you have no other storage options.

Magnets can be used to hold any other steel objects as well like utensils and the like.

Mobile Storage Table

These are perfect for holding plates; tool sets and of course brushes.

The beauty is that it can be wheeled around where and when it is needed.

It also doubles as storage for grates, if indeed it has a bottom shelf.

When making a storage table that is mobile focus on what activities you’d like to make easier.

For instance, chopping up veggies, sharpening knives, or simply putting stuff away are all things this table can facilitate.

It is also perfect because it stores stuff until it is necessary.

Kids and partners can wheel it to the indoor kitchen and use it to bring other accessories outside.


Many Kamado Joe owners use hangers either in a garage or somewhere indoors for stuff that needs to remain dry and rust-free.

This is especially true for accessories like the Joetisserie.

Hanging the ring bit on the hanger keeps it away from the water and the possibility of rust.

Also, these hangers can double as Kamado Joe accessory storage options for other small items.

These are particularly those items you’d rather not store in the main house and kitchen.  


These can be used to store any accessory one needs to put away, but they work perfectly for your motor.

The motor in this case is linked to the Joetisserie and needs to be away from moisture and indeed water.

It should always be stored away from any potential rain or chances of water flowing through it.

These drawers can be used to house small rods and grates too.

Additionally, a well-covered and insulated drawer ensures that accessories don’t age quickly.

In this case, the Kamado Joe and accessories will last longer than they would be stored out in the heat or cold weather.

Bench with Slots

When cooking you sometimes need rest or will have an audience that cannot wait indoors.

For several uses, a wooden bench comes to mind, for storage and sitting purposes.

Many Kamado Joe owners build benches with slots for storing plates.

Heat deflectors in particular are easy to store outdoors and the slots might work for non-metal stuff.

However, placing steel tongs and other metal stuff could lead to rusting.

Because the wooden bench might not be rolled indoors once grilling is complete, the chances of stuff getting wet are high.

Keep using said slots for heat deflectors and other such items.

Automatic Temperature Controller

When you need to hop in and out of the main house and remove yourself from the grill, a temperature controller is important.

This accessory is a favorite of many and like most things electronic, it requires proper storage.

With grilling, chances of leaving stuff lying around outdoors are high.

This includes grates, which end up rusting, and an electronic temperature controller that would be rendered useless if it got wet.

Store the temperature controller in a drawer, preferably away from the possibility of getting wet.

Simply storing it in an indoor drawer, in your garage, or anywhere in the main house is enough.

Wall Racks/hooks

The grate lifter tool handles grates and other racks when hot to eliminate chances of injury.

Because it handles places dealing with food, it needs to be coated using spray oil to further its lifespan.

Thereafter, it should be stored on hangers or any easily reachable storage area.

The hangers are easy to reach and it is easier to spot the lifter when the need arises.

Because a grate-lifter tool will be needed at some point during grilling, having these hooks and racks within arm’s reach is important.

Chimney Starter Box

The chimney starter helps start a fire in your Kamado Joe.

Because it centers on the use of charcoal, it is important to store it away from moisture.

This is especially true if it holds charcoal in it as part of storage.

Storing a chimney starter should be done in a metal box.

This can be a shed too, or something custom built specifically for something that needs to remain dry.

The starter might be hot while you store it away, hence the reason a metal box is better than a wooden one.

Related Questions

Can you leave Kamado Joe uncovered?

No, you can’t leave your Kamado Joe uncovered.

Mould can develop when you do not cover the grill with a cover or when the grill is left outside and unused for a long time.

Kamado Joe recommends to cover your Kamado Joe with a Durable Grill Cover when you stored it outside.

You should also cover your grill if it is left unused for longer periods of time.

Leave the grill vents open while storing it.

What accessories come with Kamado Joe?

Everything you need to start grilling or smoking come up with the Kamado Joe.

That accessory includes the cart, shelves, stainless steel cooking grates, and ceramic heat deflector.

It helps you to moderate the heat and create indirect heat zones.


Most accessories are used during different times and for different reasons.

Of importance when storing these tools is to know which accessory will suffer from rust.

Additionally, some will spoil indefinitely due to a lack of proper storage.

Either way, you should practice safe storage means to ensure the longevity of the grill and all accessories.





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