Yoder Smoker Modifications for Better Grilling!

Yoder Smoker Modifications
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As one unveils their new Yoder smoker it will seem like a dream come true.

Using it makes you wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner.

The Yoder smoker comes in variations that offer longevity and expert grilling for all occasions.

Most modifications on the Yoder grill are easy to carry out because they require less effort.

It means there is no need to break up the grill to add new parts.

The same Yoder smoker boasts modifications to bring grilling sessions as close to perfect as possible.

If you seek a Yoder smoker modification, rest assured there are many.

These mods include shields, grates, griddles, jackets, and covers among a few.

With several modification options to choose from, one is spoilt for choice.

Here are ten mods worth checking out as you upgrade or secure grilling on your Yoder smoker.

Yoder Smoker Modifications

A majority of the mods and accessorizing options are affordable and can be done as DIY projects.

There is rarely any need to purchase or apply the use of tools like pliers, screwdrivers, or gaskets.


For those well-done burgers, scallops, and veggies, how about a reversible griddle that fits perfectly into the Yoder smoker?

It works well with hotter temperatures as it retains the heat.

It means you will not lose heat as you add stuff with each extra mouth to feed.

This YS Reversible Iron griddle is a quarter of an inch thick making it perfect for such heat.

There is also three hundred and twenty square inches of cooking area.

It is perfect for competitive grilling or large sessions at home.

YS Grease Shield

As you spend hours grilling for family members and judges at competitions, chances are the grill is getting messy.

With grease sputtering everywhere, a bit of dirt and the like it will get messy on and off the grill.

It is the grease shield that holds all the mess you’d spend hours cleaning up.

This includes messy grease on the floor that would need mopping and of course, oil on the smoker, which would need grease remover.

Thermal Jacket

In some countries and continents, the weather can be extreme.

In such instances, you need a cover of thermal nature to save on pellets.

Wintery conditions dictate some shields to protect your smoker.

The thermal jacket protects the smoker against the elements.

These include wind, snow, and rain of course.

This modification is available for the 480 and 640 models.

Grill Cover

Aside from grease shields and jackets, you can cover your smoker with an affordable cart cover.

This is the perfect mod or accessory to have.

Protecting the Yoder smoker during extreme weather conditions gives it longevity.

Source the custom grill cart cover from legit sources only.

It is easily available in online stores and possibly from your local Yoder smoker vendor.


A half-depth shelf is great for grilling stuff like burgers requiring you to check them often.

If you are cooking or grilling stuff directly, like burgers or veggies, this is the perfect add-on.

It works well placed nine inches deep.

This shelf offers adequate cooking space and can be used as a warming rack too.

There is no doubt this shelf offers a win-win situation.

Grill Mat

This handy accessory helps you modify the grilling experience.

As mentioned above, grilling can and will become messy at some point. This is where the grill mat comes in.

It offers you an efficient alternative for cleaning purposes.

You don’t need to worry about sweeping up pieces of chopped food or mopping up grease from the floor.

The grill mat is composed of recycled rubber.

It is also resistant to the hotness that a smoker will undoubtedly emit.


This thermometer works well to provide instant readings of temperatures within the smoker.

The gadget is part of the fireboard technology already in place in Yoder smokers.

This thermometer offers additional features too.

One can attach a probe for monitoring extended cooking parameters.

It also provides a display of every fireboard tech application that might be in use on your Yoder smoker.

Wood Oven

If the Yoder smoker was not good enough as it is, there had to be a wood oven in place too.

This add-on or insert brings out the baker, and searing enthusiast in all of us.

Picture having kids over and finding it hard to decide between offering them spare ribs, or fries.

The wood oven insert lets you prepare pizzas and casseroles too.

It is a wonderful and useful accessory to have particularly when the extended family and friends are in town.

Shelf Upgrades

Offering both function and aesthetics, the shelf upgrades are good to look at and work well.

These stainless steel accessories are easy to clean after some heavy grilling.

Additionally, they are stronger than the stock shelves offered by the smoker.

It means as you grill you can safely hold a bottle or two of your favorite drink.

Incidentally, you could comfortably chop up veggies and prepare additional food on the same shelf.

Cheyenne Charcoal basket

This basket is useful when firing up wood for those exciting heavy grilling sessions.

The basket is made of fabricated steel.

The manufacturers used sturdy steel designs and metal construction.

The basket fits perfectly into the firebox and works well in all temperatures.

This is a simple-to-use accessory and it modifies the smoker well, with no additional work required.

Also, after placing it into the firebox, no extra effort is needed.

Yoder Smoker Warranty

The Yoder smoker limited warranty coverage is as below:

The main cooking chamber of Yoder is warrantied against burn through for ten years from the manufacturing date of the Yoder Smoker, or from the original purchase date, with required proof of purchase.

The electronic control system which includes ACS controller, thermocouple, auger motor, and fans comes with warranty for three years from the manufacturing date of smoker or from the original purchase date.

The ceramic igniter has three years warranty from the manufactured date of the Yoder Smoker, or from the date of purchase.

All other components are warrantied for six months from the manufactured date, or from the original purchase date, with proof of purchase.

Any warranty replacement component comes with one year warranty from the date of shipment.

This can be any component that has been replaced after the original warranty period has finished.

Related Questions

Can you grill on a Yoder smoker?

Yes, you can grill on Yoder smoker.

How does the direct grill option work on Yoder smoker?

You can use direct grill option in two ways.

First way is to remove the original grate or both grates. Then install the Grillgrates over the diffuser.

You can make perfect wings, chicken Spedini, chicken breast with this ideal grilling environment that benefit from slightly less direct heat.

The second way is full direct method.

In this method you need to remove the heat diffuser and then replace the standard cooking grate or grates with the direct grill kit.

It is ideal for cooking burgers, steaks, thick chops and similar cuts of meat.

What is the lowest temperature for a Yoder smoker?

The temperature range for Yoder 480 or 640 pellet grill is from 150-degrees to 600-degrees.

The temperature range for the 1500 Yoder pellet grill is from 175-degrees to 500-degrees.

So, Lowest temperature for Yoder 480 or 640 pellet grill 150 degree and for Yoder 1500 is 175.

Bottom Line

The Yoder smoker comes in various models for different grilling alternatives.

While many owners take these grills to competitions, some still use them for friendly grilling at home.

The accessories and mods mentioned above work well regardless of circumstances.

They are also affordable meaning you don’t need to win a competition to pay off reinforcements made to your grill.

Step up your grilling game today with these Yoder smoker modifications and be the envy of many.


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