Yoder Smoker Making Fan Noise?- Easy Solutions to Keep It Quiet!

Yoder Smoker Fan Making Noise
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When a home appliance makes irregular noises there is usually a problem.

Many times, the issue is easy to fix.

However, noises from appliances could lead to the destruction of the unit completely.

For instance, when a Yoder smoker fan makes noise, there could be several reasons.

With your Yoder smoker fan making noise it might be due to coldness or looseness.

There could also be obstructions and these should be easy enough to spot.

The Yoder smoker is a favorite grill among many and when such problems arise, there are common easy fix solutions too.

Let’s examine a few reasons your Yoda smoker fan might be making noise, and how to fix the problem.

Yoder Fan Making Noise? -Reasons


Once your Yoder fan is making noise, it could simply be related to loose connections.

The fan has its housing and connections that need tightening with time.

As the fan rotates with regular use it is bound to come loose at some point.

If the noise is a tiny squealing sound check the bearings or screws.

Do not let these tiny noises ruin a perfectly good weekend.


As temperatures decrease, bearings get harder to twist and turn.

This causes the fan to make noise as it struggles to oscillate.

With cooler temperatures bearings get smaller, or shrink slightly, causing irregular noises.

Avoid this becoming a major problem and try out the solutions below.


Every appliance exhibits unpleasant noises with time. This includes the Yoder smoker.

With your Yoder smoker fan making noises, it could simply be that the unit is old.

However, do not rush to replace an entire Yoder.

Check with service technicians to confirm that you indeed need a new fan or smoker.


This is a very unlikely reason but it has happened before, with different types of grills too.

Some units need a pallet underneath them to stabilize.

If the Yoder smoker fan is making noises, attempt to stabilize the unit.

This means the smoker should not be in an inclined position, no matter how acute the angle.

Any time a unit with moving parts is unstable there will be irregular and unpleasant noises.

With that being said, fixing Yoder smoker fan issues should be a breeze.

Rarely will you need to source expert opinions or service technicians to fix problems.

It is important to remember to buy OEM parts only from legitimate sources.

Yoder Fan Making Noise? – Solutions

As mentioned earlier, most solutions to the Yoder fan making noise are DIY fixes.

It means you can fix them alone, with a friend, or even a family member.

They don’t require service techs to come in.

Warm it up

When bearings get cold, they shrink or simply underperform.

This causes squealing noises as mentioned above.

The quickest solution is to let the smoker run for a few minutes.

Some owners allow the Yoder smoker to operate for approximately ten minutes.

This is however in extremely cold temperatures.

Most times, the warming-up process should take less than five minutes.


Place the Yoder smoker on a pallet for even distribution of weight.

This also prevents parts from working less than optimally, like the fan.

It could be the fan is pointing upward more than it should.

Either way, ensure the smoker is on flat ground and steady.

This might solve the Yoder smoker fan making noises and allow you to enjoy grilling again.


This is the easiest fix if it happens to be the problem.

Upon turning off the smoker and unplugging it, you can navigate your way to the fan and its screws.

Tighten all screws to ensure that the smoker will now run properly.  

Check other parts of the fan including bearings and connections for any loose fittings.

If there are none, you can reconnect the fan and try firing up the smoker again.


If the issue arises while smoking a couple of ham, you can try tapping as a temporary.

This works wonders for many grillmen and at times may stop the noise.

It, however, will not fix the problem any longer.

It is a simple fix to help you finish the current grilling session.


The bushings of the auger motor sometimes get cranky during cold weather.

Aside from warming up the unit, you might need to replace the fan.

Also, the noise could be from the inner or outer fan.

Whichever part refuses to stop misbehaving might need replacing.

Yoder Fan Replacement- Step by Step Process

1.Pull out eleven screws holding the hopper sides.

2. Disconnect the external fan.

3. Pull out the diffuser from the external fan.

4. Unscrew four screws from the external hopper sides and pull out the fan.

5. Both fans have arrows showing their direction.

This should be the same when you install the new parts.

6. Replace the new fan on the external hopper end using the screws removed earlier.

7. Put back the fan diffuser in place using the same nuts and screws.

8. Remove the inner fan from its housing.

There are wires to be disconnected before this can be done safely.

9. Once the inner fan is back in place, replace the housing and silicone.

10. Reconnect the wiring for the external fan. The two wires should be colored green and white.

The same colors should be present on the wiring for the inner fan.

Upon completion, simply replace the side panel into place using the screws from step one.

What Does H1,H2, H3 Mean on a Yoder Smoker?

When Yoder smoker popping up H1, H2, or H3, then don’t worry.

Its completely normal while start up procedure of Yoder smoker

While starting your Yoder Smoker, at the 8-minute mark after pushing the START button.

You need to push and hold the START button until the current “H” mode is displayed.

You can see following are absolutes, and completely normal, given the displayed “H” mode:

Here H means heat up mode.

H1 means the cooker will go into maintenance mode before the set temperature.

H2 means the cooker will go into maintenance mode at the set temperature.

You can see up to a 75 degree +/- overshoot of the set temperature.

H3 means the cooker will go into maintenance mode at the set temperature.

It can be up to a 150 degree +/- overshoot of the set temperature.

The “H1, H2, H3” mode can only be used during heat up mode.

The controller will switch to the different values automatically as needed. You don’t need to manually set this.

If you want to access the “heat up” modes once the Yoder is running, press and hold the start button until the current heat up mode is displayed.

Use the increase/decrease buttons to toggle between H1, H2 or H3.

You can also select Heat up Mode manually.

Begin the startup procedure by pressing the start button.

Now you need to select desired cooking temperature.

When you press the start button, the display will flash H1.

Use the increase/decrease buttons to choose H2 or H3.

Once the new mode is selected, the smoker controller will automatically run the selected mode.

Bottom Line

Checking for fan issues and finding lasting solutions is important to have a long-lasting smoker.

The fact that these units are not inexpensive means they should last way longer.

Inconveniences like a noisy fan may not be avoidable but they are easy to fix.

Also, remember to disconnect all fan wires when uninstalling and installing new fans.

All electrical work should be left to professionals or carried out with utmost keenness and precision.






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