Yoder Smoker Not Lighting?- Unravel Causes and Fixes!

Yoder Smoker Not Lighting
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When your Yoder smoker exhibits ignition issues there could be a couple of issues at play.

For the most part, the smoker needs adequate setups and working components for ignition to take place.

Along with heating issues, a smoker failing to ignite can be quite infuriating.

To avoid grilling sessions ending up in frustration and disgruntled guests, there are a few noteworthy causes.

The causes of your Yoder smoker not lighting include a dirty smoker, compromised or burnt wires, low airflow, and a dead battery as well as a faulty igniter.

With that being the case, it is advisable to note that the above-mentioned causes mostly center on electrical issues.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to consult an expert in electrical appliances before opening the unit or installing new parts.

While the Yoder smoker not lighting may be due to some non-electrical issues, the components work together to ensure optimal performance.

Yoder Smoker Not Lighting? – Causes

Burnt wires

This is a common occurrence with every electrical appliance.

Wires might get burnt when they come in contact with each other.

When high currents pass through wires, the heat eventually burns anything the wires touch.

If wires aren’t separated properly, they will burn each other.

Factors like water seeping through and touching wires can cause short circuits too.

Burnt wires mean the current needed for electrodes and the igniter to work will malfunction.

Herein are some solutions for these issues.

Battery misplacement

The igniter has a battery that needs to be installed or placed correctly.

Similar to any other battery-operated device, an incorrectly placed battery causes mishaps within all appliances.

It may cause short circuits in some instances or the appliance simply won’t work.

All user manuals list the correct placement of components including batteries.

Also, there should be directions on the smoker showing which side is positive and negative.

Dead battery

Many Yoder smoker owners enjoy grilling so much they might forget to perform due diligence, or service.

Part of this service includes testing batteries.

There is a chance that your Yoder smoker not lighting is a simple issue.

If the battery hasn’t been replaced in a while, or never, there is a need to test it.

Chances are the battery is dead and the smoker is working perfectly.

The battery could be dead to usage or it might be rusted or corroded.

This occurs for several reasons, including water damage.


The hot rod igniter is responsible for all the fireworks within the grill.

It is was sets off a spark and makes it possible for pellets to fire up.

If the igniter is faulty there will be no ignition.

Incidentally, the igniter might be blocked for one reason or another.

Both these circumstances will hinder the ignition process and make it particularly annoying to light up your Yoder smoker.

Solutions to fixing the igniter are straightforward and they are listed below.

Air Flow

If there is no airflow or whatever flows through is less than optimal, the igniter won’t work.

This air helps the igniter once it sparks, to create the fire.

If the air is non-existent all the grill man receives or sees are sparks, if at all.

Airflow also helps with heating, once the Yoder smoker ignites.

It is important to have adequate airflow for the igniter and Yoder smoker to function optimally.

Yoder Smoker Not Lighting?- Fixes

Clean out the chambers

As mentioned earlier, a dirty smoker is a major reason for a non-igniting smoker.

To begin the cleaning process, ensure that the igniter and fire pots are thoroughly cleaned.

This might involve basic sweeping but water might help too.

However, using water requires you to let the smoker dry adequately.

Failure to do so means water flows to wires again, which could result in the same problem you are trying to fix.


Corroded wires need proper cleaning to ensure they will pass current optimally.

When wires are corroded current cannot flow through properly.

It means the corrosion acts like insulation rather than a conductor.

Cleaning electrodes and all wiring helps the owner learn of other wiring issues.

It could be that some wires were frayed and they need new insulation.

Be sure to use wiring or electrical tape to cover and insulate frayed or damaged wires.


As far as airflow is concerned, one needs to check the ventilation system.

Check the vents for proper ventilation and keep a keen eye on any obstructions.

These may be the reason for inadequate air flow or none at all, within the smoker.

A ventilation system could be obstructed by debris from external factors or internal ones.

Clean it thoroughly to avoid less airflow in the future.

Incidentally, low air flow and obstruction could also result in short circuits, especially where too much dust or dirt is involved.


This might require a professional to check for faultiness.

A faulty igniter will need fixing which only a professional can handle.

Any tasks that require electrical parts to be fixed or replaced need to be carried out professionally.

Be sure to source these replacement parts from legitimate vendors only.

When you source and receive the new igniter, follow the right installation procedures.

It could mean a difference between hazardous situations and a working ignition system.


If the battery is dead, you will soonest.

This can be tested to find out if any current is flowing through it.

A simple tester or multi-meter will do the trick.

If you are not well-versed or savvy in some matters, a local electrician can guide you.

This process of fixing a Yoder Smoker not lighting up issue is a DIY task.

It should not cause any damage to the unit if you test it properly.

Replace the battery immediately if it is indeed dead.

Lastly, clean out any corrosion on the terminals in case the battery had been dormant for a while.

This will ensure that the new battery works at maximum capacity.

Yoder Smoker Igniter Replacement- Step By Step Process

Things Required

  • 5/16” Socket
  • Small socket extension
  • Ratchet
  • Ceramic Igniter Assembly


1 Make sure that the power cord of the smoker is disconnected prior to starting this procedure!

BODILY INJURY could result from a failure to do so.

2.The cooking grates and diffusers must be removed. The burn grate must be removed.

3. To remove an igniter housing from the chamber wall, you can use a 5/16 inch socket and extension.

4. To expose the electrical connector, remove the wires from the opening at the bottom of the hopper. Remove the electrical connector for the igniter.

5. Install new ceramic igniter housing to chamber wall using 5/16 inch socket and extension.

6. Secure the ignition cable to the electrical connection.

Put the wire back inside the hopper away from the firepot.

7.You need to change the 1. 6 amp fuse to the 5 amp fuse that comes with the ceramic igniter.

If fuse is not replaced, it can blow during start up procedure.

8.Put the burn grate, heat diffuser plate (if you have one), and cooking grates in place.

9.Get the pit ready. The ignition will begin within 4 minutes.

Bottom Line

Fixing a Yoder smoker not lighting situation could be a weekend DIY task between you, your family, and the boys.

However, electrical issues usually come with warnings.

An appliance like the Yoder smoker uses enough current to cause issues if not handled properly.

If you feel that the smoker and its electrics might be too much work, a local electrician should be able to help.

Additionally, calling customer service is a well-advised alternative.

They will be able to source a professional for you or send one of their technicians to help out.

It is better to spend a little money on labor than risk electric shocks or worse.


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