Z Grill Er2 Code?: Why It Happens & How to Fix It?

Z Grill Er2 Code
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If you turned on your Z grill and encountered the Z Grill Er2 code, then it means you have tried to start the grill without following the proper instructions.

So, when does the Z Grill Er2 code appear?

It appears when the temperature control dial isn’t set to the right setting.

This means if the grill is turned on when the temperature dial is not on Shut Down Cycle. 

There are quite a few reasons behind this issue but don’t worry because, in this article, we will break down everything you need to know regarding the Z Grill Er2 code and how you can fix it.

So, let’s dive into the details without further ado, shall we?

What Does Er2 Mean On Z Grill?

Z Grill Er2 code is an error code of pellet grill smoker, which refers to the failure of not reaching the required temperature settings for the grill.

It shows error 2 because you turn on the grill and you don’t set the temperature dial to the Shut Down Cycle.

Every Z grill smoker comes with a dial controller.

When the grill dial controller is not set to on Shut Down Cycle or Smoke, that’s when Z Grill Er2 code occurs.

If you see the Er2 stop code on your display, this means your grill’s failing to read the proper temperature from the sensor connected inside the grill wall.

So, in general, the Er2 error code means that the grill’s dial-up controller is facing some sort of problem and cannot set the temperature right in the first place.

If this happens, your grill will shut down with an error code of Er2.

This occurs in almost all the popular Z grills variants like the 10002E, the 700D3, the 7002B, and the 7002F2. 1000 series users seem to face this issue more compared to others.

Z Grill Er2 Error Code – Causes

Before you dive into the solutions for the Z Grill Er2 error code, we should look at the causes behind the Z Grill Er2 code.

This way, you will better understand the problem and take steps to prevent the issue from happening again.

If you have an error code that shows Er2 on the screen, your controller isn’t responding correctly.

There are a handful of reasons that can cause a dial-up controller to malfunction. These reasons are:

Controller Set to A Temperature Setting

Most of the time, this is the main issue for having Z Grill Er2 code on your Z grill’s display.

If you encounter Z Grill Er2 code when turning on your grill, take a look at the controller because it might have been set to a temperature setting from your previous use, you just forgot to turn it back to shut down cycle.

Loose Controller Connection

Sometimes, loose wiring or connection can be responsible for a controller failure.

A wire connects between the controller and the sensor, and if that is loose, you might end up facing an Er2 error even if you have set everything properly.

Lack of proper maintenance can be the reason for this.

You might also end up creating a loose connection while cleaning the grill, but this is a very rare issue.

A Cold Weather

If you are craving for your favorite smoked meat even in cold weather, you could not resist you to cook on your Z grill even in cold weather.

You might not believe this at first, but if you have very cold weather or if the atmosphere around your Z Grill is extremely cold, then you might find the Z Grill Er2 code on display.

Damaged or Defective Controller

Now, you can end up facing the Z Grill Er2 code if your Z grill’s controller is damaged or have some internal defects.

Er2 mainly refers to controller error.

Having a defective or damaged controller will bring up the Er2 code when you power up your Z Grill.

There are many possible ways you can end up damaging your controller.

So, if you find yourself in a position where the fixes aren’t working on your Z grill, then it is highly likely that you have a faulty or damaged dial controller.

These are the common possible problems that cause your Z grill to show an error code of Er2 on your display.

Now that you know about the issues let’s find some solution to fix the problem.

Z Grill Er2 Error Code – Fixes

Now, you have an idea about the Z Grill Er2 code and the possible reasons that cause the error to happen.

Here are the common fixes for the Er2 error code.

Reset the Controller Dial

When you see an error code, you first need to reset the dial.

The process is quite simple.

First, turn down the power by turning off the power switch of your Z grill.

Next, put the dial to ‘Shut Down Cycle’ and turn the power back on.

Afterward, set the dial to smoke and proceed with your grilling process.

Check the Cables

If you have followed the previous step and still have the stop code, you may have a problem with the cable.

There’s no easy way to define whether the line is okay or not, but you can try replacing the connection cable and check whether it works or not.

But be extremely cautious.

Check the Surrounding Temperature

While it is quite rare, extreme cold temperatures can lead to facing Z Grill Er2 code on your Z grill.

So, if you think your grill is in very cold weather, try to bring up the temperature and then check the grill again to find out whether or not you are having the Er2 error code on your Z Grill’s display.

Just bringing the grill inside your house from the outside will raise the temperature around the Z Grill.

Replace the Controller

Now, if you have followed all the instructions above and still have the Z Grill Er2 code error, it’s most likely that you have a defective controller.

Then you don’t have many options but to change the controller with a new one.

We suggest that you get professional help before replacing the controller.

This is just to be safe because there might be some internal issues which can prevent you from making an extra purchase for yourself.

How Do I Reset My Z Grill?

If there is error 2 displayed on your z grill, you need to reset the grill.

You can reset the controller by following these steps:

Step1- Switch OFF the Grill.

Step 2 – Turn to the dial Shut Down Cycle position

Step 3 – Switch the Grill back ON and then turn to SMOKE to begins normal operation.

So, if you need to reset the grill, in any case follow above steps.

Final Thoughts

Now, if you have come this far and can follow the fixes mentioned in this article, you should be able to solve the Z Grill Er2 code without any issues.

Make sure to be very careful when you are handling the cables.

But if you still face the error message in your grills display, contact support.








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