Z Grill Error Code Er1: 5 Main Reasons and 5 Easy Solutions!

Z Grill Error Code Er1
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You recently purchase a Z grill and you are excited to smoke the first brisket on your favorite grill.

But you suddenly find Er1 appearing in your Z Grill for the first time.

You might be wondering, what the Z Grill error code Er1 is?

This error occurs when your grill’s temperature sensor fails to signal the grill.

It also occurs when there is a failure of the temperature sensor.

There are multiple reasons behind this issue, but don’t worry.

This article will look into all the possible causes and provide solutions to fix the Z Grill error code Er1 issue permanently.

What Does Mean Er1 Error Code on Z Grill?

Z grill error code Er1 is an error code of pellet grill smoker, which refers to the failure of the temperature sensor.

Every pellet grill smoker comes with some connected sensors to its controller.

When the grill controller detects any malfunction, it displays the error code of its following problem.

If you see the Er1 error code on your display, this means your grill is failing to read the proper temperature from the sensor connected inside the grill wall.

There are several reasons responsible for this problem.

The temperature sensor and the controller are the most essential things in a Z grill.

As you know, the Z grill error code Er1 occurs when the temperature sensor fails to define the grill’s internal temperature.

The temperature sensor helps the controller to be aware of the grill’s internal temperature, and then the controller decides whether the grill needs more temperature or not.

When you fire your grill, it will start consuming pellets and raise its temperature.

But if the sensor doesn’t send any information about the temperature, it will cause failure to the controller.

As a result, your grill will shut down with an error code of Er1.

But don’t worry, every problem has its solution.

This occurs in almost all the popular Z grill variants like the 10002E.

Other models with similar issues are the 700D3, the 7002B, and the 7002F2.

Reasons for Z Grill Er1 Error

Before finding the solutions for the problem, you should know why the Z grill error code Er1 is.

In that way, you will be aware of the causes and prevent them.

If you have an error code that shows Er1 on the screen, your sensor fails to respond correctly.

Several reasons can cause a sensor to malfunction.

These reasons are:

Loose Sensor Connection

Sometimes, loose wiring or connection can be responsible for the sensor failure.

There is a wire that connects between the controller and the sensor.

Lack of proper maintenance can interrupt the connection.

Besides, while cleaning the grill, you could accidentally loosen or disconnect the wire between the grill and the sensor, which can also cause the Z grill error code Er1.

Corrupt Sensor Plug

There is a possibility that a corrupt sensor plug could cause this problem, and a sensor plug fails to work correctly when it gets dirty.

Sometimes, electricity issues can cause damage to the sensor plug.

In that case, the connection between the sensor and the controller will be interrupted.

As a result, you may face the Er1 error code on your display.

Damaged Cable

Suppose neither the loose connection nor the sensor plug but the damaged connection cable itself could cause this error.

Electric wires are pretty vulnerable.

They are not made for lasting years after years, and they can quickly get damaged.

There are no exceptions in this case.

Sometimes, the cable fails to maintain the sensor and controller connection, leading to the Z grill error code Er1 error.

Defective Sensor

Imagine you have Z grill error code Er1.

You checked the connection and everything seems fine to you.

Then there is a possibility that your sensor is damaged or broken.

Once your sensor is broken, you will no longer have any temperature reading from your sensor.

You may take several steps to fix the problem, but you will continuously face the error code.

Lack of Maintenance

Sometimes, there are no technical difficulties, but lack of maintenance could cause a problem for your grill.

Grills are very likely to get dirty, and continued use of a grill attracts a lot of grease, grime, smoke, dust, and ash.

Lack of maintenance will allow the grease and dust to be hardened inside the cooking chamber.

As a result, your sensors and cables could quickly get damaged.

This way, the next time you fire up your grill, you may face an error code for this reason and will not be able to use your grill to prepare your delicious food.

These are the common possible problems that cause your Z grill to show an error code of Er1 on your display.

Now that you know about the issues let’s find some solution to fix the problem.

Solutions for Z grill Er1 Error

As you have been through this far, you have an idea about the Z grill error code Er1 and the possible reasons that cause the error to happen.

When you see the error code, you first need to identify the exact problem.

It’s not an easy task to do, but don’t worry.

We will guide you with some steps to help you fix your grill.

A Quick Cleaning

When you see an error code, the first thing you need to do is clean your grill.

By cleaning your grill, you can be assured that dust or grease is not causing the problem for your grill.

So, first, you need to unplug your grill and let it chill for a while at an average temperature.

Then get some water and vinegar and mix those with the proportion of 1:1.

Then use the solution to clean the internal part of the grill as best as possible.

Now try firing up the grill by connecting the power cable and checking whether you have the error code.

Check the Plug

If you still have an error code, try checking the sensor cable.

Find a cable (usually white) that connects the grill and hopper and check whether it is connected properly or not.

If the connection is loose, you should try unplugging and plugging it again.

In that way, your grill should work perfectly as before.

But if not, then you should follow the next step.

Check Wirings

Now, if plugging the cable couldn’t put an end to this problem, your controller connection is a must to check.

You should find the connection of the back of the controller.

Grab a Phillips head screwdriver and unplug two screws of the controller.

Then you will see a small green or blue block that holds two thin wires.

Make sure both of the cables are correctly connected.

To make sure, you can unplug those wires and plug them in again.

Check the Cables

If you have followed the previous step and still have the stop code, you may have a problem with the cable.

There’s no easy way to define whether the line is okay or not, but you can try replacing the connection cable and check whether it works or not.

Replace the Sensor

Now, if you have followed all the instructions above and still the Z grill error code Er1 error, it’s most likely because of the defective sensor.

The final possible solution for the Er1 error code is to replace your sensor with new one, and you can also contract the Z Grills customer service for a replacement or spare parts.

These are the steps you can follow once the error code occurs.

But it’s always recommended to use carefully and clean it to have the best performance of your grill.

Try cleaning your grill once a month while your grill is in use.

If you plan to keep the grill inactive for a while, it is recommended to clean up before storing.

It would be best if you tried to keep your grill away from dust so that a grill cover would be a suitable choice for you.

Final Thoughts

Now, if you have come this far, you should solve the Z grill error code Er1 without any issues.

But you must keep in mind that these are the steps that you can follow by yourself.

Even after you follow the guidelines and the error message appears before you, you’re advised to call the Z grill support center for help.





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